Biocorneum Scar Treatment, Darker Skin Complexion

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*Treatment results may vary

*I purchased this product with MY OWN MONEY* As...

*I purchased this product with MY OWN MONEY* As such, this reveiw will be completely unbiased...
I was cleared by my PS to start using biocorneum on my scars and tissue wounds. I am very curious as to how this gel will effect my scars and skin so look forward to documenting and photographing the progress or potential lack of. Started the treatment today and these photos are my scars as of yesterday.

Maybe I'm dreaming?

I might be crazy but I think this stuff is actually working and FAST. The tissue spots seem to be 80% healed over and the raised (attempting to keliod)spots around my areolas and my under incisions have started to flatten and no longer sting or feel irritated. Ill update again in 1 week to see if this is actually progress.

Loving it!

This stuff is working for me. All of my scars have closed up and have started to flatten out, including the edges of my areolas. I see my PS again on the 12th and I'm hoping because ive been using biocorneum to close up everything, I'll be able to start using embrace.

Definitely worth it for me.

Today is my last day using biocorneum. I saw the P.S. for my one month followup today, I'm almost 6 weeks post today. I used my last drop of biocorneum today so the Dr. said to discontinue use of it and let my under areola scabs fall off and heal up. The steroid in biocorneum could cause my scars to stretch if I kept using it. Good to know!
Overall I loved this serum, it really helped close my irritated spots quickly, the edges of my areolas are tottaly flat now and the thick, irritated, keloid spot I had is soo much smaller and will more than likely disappear largely due to early treatment with biocorneum. Awesome!