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My vision before procedure was -2.75 I decided to...

My vision before procedure was -2.75
I decided to get corrective surgery due to problems with contacts and not liking glasses. I was told that my surgeon did not want to perform LASIK on me due to the thickness of my cornea or something like that. When I asked about PRK and how long it would take before I could go back to my day to day activities such as driving, watching tv, tanning, exercise, etc they told me I would be fine by the third day. When I asked how my vision would be after the procedure they said it would be better than it was before but not clear until like the next day or so. Let me just say, they lied to m... severely.

day one: I had my surgery in the morning and afterwards had to pick up my prescriptions. immediately after the surgery I did not have much pain due to the numbing eye drops they gave me. I was at the store with my eyes closed to the whole time, my boyfriend was guiding me, because my eyes just felt sensitive. I was really hungry so we stopped at a Mexican restaurant right next door. Soon after getting there, I noticed that my eyes started getting really sore. we ordered the food and like 5 minutes later the pain was much worse, we asked for the food to go and I was crying the entire way home.

day 2-3: The pain is horrible, so bad that all I can do is roll around on the floor crying and moaning. the only thing that helps is putting a cold washcloth over my eyes and applying pressure to the sides of my head. my eyes are continually watering and they burn so bad. they are sore and feel like someone is rubbing an onion all over them and forcing my eyes open for hours pouring lime juice in them. I am not exaggerating, this is one of the worst experiences I've ever had.

day4: I finally open my eyes for the first time today, but only for a second or two. they still hurt really bad but not in the extreme way they did the past 3 days. it is more manageable if I lie really still and relax. I have to make sure I take 2 Percocet every 4 hours or the pain gets more aggressive.

day 5: My eyes have been open several times today, but not for long. Something I WAS NOT expecting AT ALL, my up close vision is horrible, even worse than my far away vision. They never once told me my up close vision would be affected... this sucks. A lot.

days 6-7: the bandage lenses I am wearing are really bothering me, like I am super aware that they are in my eyes. my vision has not improved at all. I cant look at my cell phone screen or my eyes start to burn and water profusely. I am getting bandage kens removed tomorrow. I notice that my right eye is more clear than my left/

day 8: I am supposed to get the bandage kens removed today but doc says they are not ready to come out yet, that I am healing slower than normal. this makes no sense to me because for the first 3-4 days I kept my eyes shut completely, I take tons of vitamins always have, and I have been taking care of my eyes. they tell me my right eye is about 20/30 and my left eye is about 20/45. but, I feel like my vision is worse than that. I keep my eyes closed the entire drive there and back, eyes are very light sensitive.

day 9: today my right eye is pretty clear, it excites me. but my left eye is still SO blurry, it makes me mad. up close things are still really hard to read and this annoys me so much, I have never had this problem in my life=[ I'm really regretting getting PRK at this point. even if my eyes are super clear in the end, it would never be worse this in a million years. If only they had informed me of the truth...

day 10: for some reason today both of my eyes are more blurry than they were yesterday. I still have not been able to drive or do anything for myself outside of my house. I am really angry sad and bored.

day 11: my vision cleared up a tiny bit from yesterday, id say my vision is about 20/35 in right eye and 20/50 in left. Still having trouble seeing up close. I am losing hope and really regretting this....

2 weeks in. Not much better than day 11.

2 weeks: this morning when I first woke up I could actually see pretty clear, but that only lasted about 20 minutes. Now my vision is more like day 11 only a little bit better in my left eye finally. Ugh. This slow progression is really getting old.
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