28 Year Old Girl ... Depression Sucks

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My story is a little different but it's one I'm...

My story is a little different but it's one I'm going to share ....with hopes that maybe someone can benefit as I have wished so many times to have a rewind button. Since I've been young I have really struggled with OCD/anxiety wanting everything to be perfect and symmetrical, I had always liked my teeth but for some reason I always thought they could be better.....it began with bonding a tooth with a gap....at the time I thought it looked OK but as time went on the tooth kept looking disfigured and like a flat square instead of a tooth. The dentist was really mean and not understanding. I told him the bonding didn't have any grooves like my other teeth had. I kept trying to make an appointment to adjust it just became more rude after that ....
Then I did something I should've never done... I took an enamel bored and started doing the grooves myself.... To make a long story short five months later I found myself filing at all my teeth until they became disformed and I didn't recognize them....
I noticed I wasn't smiling anymore and I was trying to hide my teeth all the time I hated never smiling as I'm was usually the one who smiles all the time

after a lot of research I found Dr. Greenhalgh ....I could not see anything I dislike from any of his work which is rare.....so I drive 7 hours round trip to see him for veneers....
I will post a photo of my teeth now and some of preliminary wax ups ... I feel really confident in the doctor that he will bring me back the joy I have taken from myself God bless everyone and will keep you guys updated

My teeth before I messed with them

This is my teeth before I messed with them it's like when you look at something for so long it looks dis formed... That's what happened to me now I would do anything to get back to what I was before teeth wise.... I'm hoping these Veneers will do just that

Temporaries on

Yesterday I had my temporaries put on. Dr greenhalgh was so extremely patient and considered everything I said .... It was a long day but we successfully got my teeth prepared and got temporaries on. In about 2 weeks I will have a meeting with the doctors cermanist and discuss what we want in the final veneers . I am hopeful we will get a great outcome... Thanks for reading !

What I would like

I found a pic of the teeth I would love! Let me know what you Guys think.

Ugh temporaries !!!! Thank god they are temporary

I hate the temps !!! One already broke :( I am Lloyd Christmas . I am set to get it fixed next week . God I need patience this is such a long process

Another set back.....

Well guys I'm not going to lie... This has been an emotional and long roller coaster so far. Thank God for dr greenhalghs bed side manner or I may have gone crazy! Yesterday I got the temps repaired and today they broke again :( it sucks because I really liked the length of the top 2 that he did.... But since my natura teeth weren't drilled down that much the temporaries are super thin and they do not want to stay on. I'm kind of scared about trying to last 1 month with them but I just need to take it day by day . I thank the dr for being patient with me. One of his assistants did say she was surprised of his patience (which made me feel like maybe I was being too picky?) thank God dr greenhalgh nicely told her that it is what he is there for and is wanting to heal past experiences that have hurt people before . Today I am getting the chipped repaired by a dentist who lives in town (as dr greenhalgh is about 3 and a half hoed away) I don't mind driving as long as my results are worth it. He has been amazing thus far and it's just going to have to be a very very patient procedure.

Final veneers in

Hey guys ... My finals are in... It has been quite a process... I will update you guys when I get a bit more time. Color is amazing ...

K my final veneer story....

Ok... Sorry I didn't complete it in the last post I was in the middle of something .... Well they placed the final veneers yesterday ...the color was perfect but when I got home my husband pointed out that they were too long . After looking in the mayor several times and taking a lot of pictures I agreed with him. The kind doctor saw me again today and readjusted the length and some width problems .... Here are some photos from outside and inside light

Starting to find the old me

Ahhh im starting to smile again... I haven't smiled in months and now it's coming back .... I am beyond happy so far.... Patience has been tough but so far worth it.

Hmmm opinions?

Hey guys I need some opinions I've never recently started noticing some black borders forming on 3 of the gum edges does anyone know what this is? I've tried wiping it off but it almost seems to be under neath the glossiness of the veneers.


Well contrary to some of your guys his beliefs I wasn't going crazy and the bonding was not a success and it started turning black at the edges I had to go in today and remove one Veneer. I'm going to get that one replaced and we were able to Sandown and fill-in the other black spots. I am glad my dentist stands behind his work and it's getting me all fixed up

With gum bonding and 1 temp

Here is a pic of the bonding and 1 temp

Final review (fingers crossed )

Hey everyone thank you for being on this journey with me... I hope, in a good way, that it is come to an end. We got the new veneer on and did some touch ups and hopefully good to go for 10 years (wishful thinking) . Overall I have to say this was a very emotional tiring and rewarding journey . Dr greenhalgh and his staff are probably the best I've ever met . We had some ups and downs but in the final veneer end I can say I am happy and no longer in depression over these teeth. Thanks again for reading and here is a final look at my teeth now

Well got new veneers

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in months I was in the process of getting new veneers and I was emotionally exhausted. I got my new veneers on last week.... I love them! It's so crazy that every time I smile I feel like I'm going to start seeing black marks.... But they assured me that everything went great this time.... I don't think I could handle a 3rd time. As always the staff and doctor were the best I've encountered

More about my redo

Thanks for everyone's great questions.... It was a hard decision for my redo. The most concerning thing was the back underneath which was very deep. I was almost afraid I wouldn't have enough enamel for a veneer. I was very discouraged for a long time and went back to not smiling and even more depressed I was paying so much money for a smile I wasn't even confident in.... You can imagine how that was. I didn't know whether to try and get a refund or just do a do over. My doctors confidence in himself made him the right choice to do my redo. Dr greenhalgh is truly remarkable .... He takes his time and is very very patient. I seriously love his staff and him. Anyhow.... We took off the old veneers and I we chose to go a different route this time and went with a lab instead of the ceramist on staff. I could not be more happy with this this far... They are a lot thinner, sleeker, and more natural then the first set. I was scared for about 2 weeks straight to look in the mirror because I feared they would be black again... But so far so good :):):):):):) ..... The shade was the same as far as I know (b1) but it does seem a lot more natural then the first ones ..... Let me know if I hit all the questions thank you

3 month update after redo

Hey guys I'm happy to report I've he no problems and still all smiles . Dr Greenhalgh is the best there is ... In so glad I chose him . If you guys are in Denver I would definitely look him up!

God sent verrrrryyyy understanding he gets it

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