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Okay ladies, I wasn't originally planning on...

Okay ladies, I wasn't originally planning on posting this, but you have all been so helpful to me while I went through all this that I feel I should pay it back. It really helped me to have girlfriends (even if we've never met) to read questions and answers about your experience.

I am in my late 20's, no kids, and honestly, I had pretty cute boobs before. They were smallish, but perky, and in the right bra they looked great. But I always wanted big, soft, luscious boobs so I decided to do it.

My fears were obviously that I was young and didn't want to make a mistake that would affect me the rest of my life, especially because there was nothing "wrong" with my boobs (even though in my opinion all boobs are beautiful).

I met with a TON of doctors 6 months ago. One of my biggest pieces of advice to women is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Find the right doctor, not just some chop-shop guy that gives a good deal or is a good salesmen. The closer you get to your surgery date, the more you'll realize that you want to be 100000% sure you're making the right decision. If your doctor pressured you or if you choose someone just because of the price you're going to freak out the week before (and maybe regret it afterward).

When I finally found the doctor for me, I came into my appointment with a bunch of pictures on my cell phone for the look that I wanted. Lots of boobs to look at. That way, the doc could tell me what would be realistic for me and my body type. And lucky for me, I was told that I had enough original breast tissue (I wasn't that flat before) so an implant would look really real on me.

I chose to do the silicone submuscular implants, with the incision under the breast fold. I was told because I was going under the muscle it would take me a little longer to recover than if I went over the muscle (more about that decision later).

My day of surgery was 3 weeks ago. It's funny, I was so busy running errands (cleaning the house, buying groceries, traveling for work) that I didn't even think about my surgery until the day before. Then, when the time came, I only got 1 hour of sleep because I kept rolling around all night, thinking about all the things that could go wrong!!!!

When I finally did wake up I had butterflies in my stomach all the way to the hospital. My husband drove me and held my hand the entire time. Another VERY IMPORTANT piece of advice: please, please ladies, please have someone you trust/love to be with you the entire time. Do not do this alone. I have NO IDEA where I would be without my husband. He told me from the beginning he loved my body, but that he would support my decision if that's what I wanted.

At the hospital they checked me in, had me change into the gown, and my husband worked to keep me calm and thinking good thoughts. I met with the anesthesiologist (who was amazing and funny), and then my PS came in to talk to me about my final thoughts, and to draw on me.

Because I was so nervous the nurse told me to take some valium. :-) So I did, and I did calm down. It kind of feels like you're tired, but in a relaxed way.

Then the nurse put an IV in my hand, and saying it was time to go to the surgery room.

I remember my husband kissing my lips and saying that he loved me. Then they wheeled me out of the room and I remember thinking, "oh okay, I'll talk to the doctor about my nerves when I get in the operation room." Which is FUNNY, because all of a sudden the next thing I remember is my husband holding my hand, and my eyes are closed. THE SURGERY WAS OVER and I was back in my room!!!

I remember it being REALLY bright, so I kept my eyes closed tight. There was another nurse to my left who also held my hand, and together my husband and nurse put my surgical bra on me. I remember that HURT like hell and I begged them to just let me sleep. I must have blacked out again because the next thing I remember I was being wheeled into the car where my husband helped me in.

***At this point I should add a note for everyone who probably can already tell I have a low tolerance for pain (I've never had kids and I heard moms have an easier time because they've experienced childbirth and boob engorgement) and I am heavily affected by medicine.***

I'm pretty much going to skip over the tiny details of me when I got home. I will give the ladies (who are getting em done) advice:
#Have a couch, lazy boy sofa, recliner, or something ANGLED all ready to rest on. You will feel like crap, and you will need to sleep at an angle (45-60 degrees) to help with the swelling. I already set up my pillows on my recliner before we left for the hospital.

#You should have movies or Netflix ready to watch, because you're pretty much going to stay on the couch/bed for the next 3-4 (or in my case, 5) days not moving except to go to the bathroom. Again, I have a low tolerance for pain so I'm sure a lot of other women out there will have the strength to get up and start doing stuff a couple days after surgery. But keep in mind you don't want to overextend yourself because you might tear muscles or cause bleeding into your implant pocket.

#I bought lots of soup, protein-packed foods, fruits, and other healthy (but easy to eat) foods in the kitchen. I felt sick to my stomach when I tried to eat "normal" dinner foods (like meatloaf or even a sandwich), because my body didn't want something that big. But ALSO keep in mind you have to eat healthy and don't skimp on meals because your body uses that food to heal.

#ICE PACKS are your best friend, next to medicine. The hospital gave me these great ice pack bags (I think they're cotton on the outside, plastic on the inside) that I kept next to me, 24/7 for an entire week. My husband kept it filled with ice, and every time my muscles started spasming but I couldn't take any more meds I would put it on my boobs and just SIGH at how good it felt.

#I slept by myself for the first week on the recliner, with a pillow under my knees. I learned why to do this the hard way: if I didn't sleep with a pillow under my legs, I'd slide flat on my back as I slept, and would wake up with all this swelling and fluids on the top of my chest, which HURT so bad!!!

#I could only take really shallow breaths, and after a 5 minute walk I felt like I was going to fall asleep because of how much energy it took to breath!

#My husband had to help feed me and walk me to the bathroom for the first 3 days. Keep that in mind when you're thinking about who you want to help you through this :-)

Honestly, the recovery was a lot harder than I expected. I thought because I was young it would be easier on my body to take it, but maybe at the same time it was harder because I have not experienced that sort of change or pain on my body before.

I literally spent a week, sick to my stomach (from the high dose of medicine I was on), or sleeping, or watching TV for 30 minutes until I fell asleep again, or waking up in extreme pain. I even had a high fever over the weekend, but my doctor told me it was normal right after surgery and that it would go away (it did). A couple times I woke up crying in pain and my husband would have to get me a new ice pack and some Vicodin to get me back to sleep.

REMEMBER: For the first couple days, if you want to get up and you're laying in bed, swing your legs over the side and use your leg muscles to push yourself up - DON'T USE YOUR CHEST MUSCLES. You will start crying! Or have someone help by putting their hands on your back and pushing you up in a fluid, even, strong motion.

Around this time I finally decided to look at my boobs. Before then I was too scared (hearing all the stories about women who take off the surgical bra and are covered in bruises or have "frankenboobs"). But I took off the bra, and it looked really good! Very, very swollen, very high up (even though I didn't want "high boobs") but my doctor told me they would drop in the next couple months.


When I went to my post-op appointment (5 days after surgery) my nurse told me I was in more pain than I should have been (she said I should have been at a 3 or a 4, and I seemed like I was more like at a 6 or a 7). And yeah, it felt like it! She gave me a prescription for Vicodin with Extra strength Tylenol in it, told me to ice my boobs religiously, eat a normal, healthy diet, and to exercise by walking around and getting some fresh air instead of staying on the couch all day (which is hard because it is EXHAUSTING and painful to walk around)! But I wanted to get better fast so I listened to her. I also started taking extra strength Tylenol during the day so I didn't have to be so groggy, and took the Vicodin at night.

Because recovery was so tough I started regretting my decision. I just WANTED to get better!!! I just wanted to walk around like normal, take my dogs for walks, go swimming in my pool, UGH.

But every time I took my surgical bra off to shower I looked in the mirror and was so happy at what I saw. Big, soft boobs like I always wanted, and so real looking! So I would fight through the pain, and keep on trucking.


After another week, the hard part and pain started getting better, day by day. Every morning I woke up and would think, "wow, it doesn't hurt as much as it did yesterday." And I'm still thinking that today.


I will post good "after" photos as soon as I can get some good ones!!! (I'm also looking for some good "before" photos that won't give my identity away :P)

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