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My Large breast or breast Hypertrophy is causing...

My Large breast or breast Hypertrophy is causing me functional problems such as; chronic back, neck and shoulder pain with shoulder grooving. I am 33yrs old, my height is 5ft4in, my weight is 130lbs, my BMI is 22.3 normal, my body surface area is 1.6431m2, and my current bra size is 34DDD/F, which is top heavy for my small body frame. Living with breast Hypertrophy makes it difficult for me to engage in normal activities such as running, jugging, and playing physical games with my friends and family. Some day's and night's I can be in so much pain in my back, neck, and shoulder area's that I am completely immobilized, unable to take care of house hold chores, or to take care of my family. To deal with the pain, I have been taking over the counter NSAID's such as Ibuprofen a few times a day, mostly in the evenings, for over a year. I have been using a heat pad on my back every night for the past 10 months. I've been wearing a wide strap bra since January to alleviate shoulder grooving, and have found little to no relief from the painful indentations. I went to physical therapy, from March 2013 to May 2013 to relieve my chronic pain. During physical therapy, I was doing strength training and specific exercises to improve the muscular strength in my back and shoulder area's. During physical therapy I also received back, neck, and shoulder massage. I have found the massages only relieve the pain temporary, and the strength training to have done nothing close to alleviate my chronic pain. My physical therapist told me she was astonished to find a women of my age 33 showing signs of mild Kyphosis, which is normally seen in women ages 65 and older. She believes that my back could greatly improve by eliminating excessive tissue extending beyond my trunk, for which such excessive breast tissue is causing injury and increased stress on my thoracic spine. My primary doctor prescribed muscle relaxers for me in May 2013, to help alleviate or temporarily relieve my chronic pain. Even though the muscle relaxers do help me deal with the pain some what, they have had harmful side effects, including extreme constipation. Even with a healthy diet filled with high fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, I haven't been able to make a bowl movement within a weeks time on a regular basis, and have had to revert to using over the counter laxatives once a week. I am a mother of two young children and another side effect from taking muscle relaxers is that I am left feeling very lethargic, dazed, and often foggy. Because I am a stay home mom, to best take care of my small children, I wind up having to wait until bed time to take the muscle relaxers, leaving me with hours of pain before bed time. I believe I have tried every conservative therapy to relieve my chronic pain, leaving the only other option being breast reduction mammoplasty. On August 14th I had my first consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. First he asked me questions about what procedure I was interested in, then he asked me about why I was interested in breast reduction surgery. I told him about my chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain and shoulder grooving. He then examined my breast with out my bra or top, with a nurse in the room. He took measurements of my breast. From my sternal notch to my nipple, I measured 27cm each. From my sternal notch to my inframammary fold I measured 22cm. And from my nipple to my inframammary fold under my breast, I measured 14cm. He then took pictures of my breast from different angles, for insurance purposes. I then got dressed and we talked more about the surgery, my expectations, and my post op size. He said having large breast with a small thin frame, usually means my breast are mostly made up of glandular tissue with less fat. I asked him how many grams he believes was in each breast and he said less then 900grams each. I told him I wanted to be as small as possible, preferably 34B/32C cup post op. He said he believes that's possible and that he thinks we can achieve that size by reducing each breast around 500grams. He believes I'm a great candidate for breast reduction surgery and should have no trouble getting my health insurance company BCBS of Kansas to cover it. I hope they believe its medically necessary, because with out coverage I wont be able to afford a breast reduction at this time. He told me that he does the Anchor technique, and keeps the nipple attached. He does this at a hospital in Denver. He has his patients spend the night and he removes the drains in the morning, then you can go home. He then checks up on you in a week. He uses absorbable sutures and surgical glue over the incisions. And he said I can shower the next day. We went over all the risks, like nipple death necrosis and expected scars. Also when you have absorbable sutures it can take up to 9months for them to fully be absorbed. Sometimes absorbable sutures work there way through the wound before they can be absorbed, causing infection around the stich, requiring drainage of the abscess pimple, removal of the suture remnant and antibiotics. He told me the hospital will provide me with a surgical bra after surgery and they will show me proper wound care. He said the first week I'll need the most help, but by the second week I should be back to doing normal stuff. He said each person's recovery is different. He said no strenuous activity for 6weeks, since it usually takes 6weeks for wounds to fully heal and become strong again. He said I should have my final shape 6months to a year out. I asked him about my size post op, he said my nipple will be 35mm, my nipple now is around 38mm. He said my nipple to my inframammary fold will be 4.5cm and he didn't say what my projected nipple to sternal notch distance will be post op. I'm thinking probably 16.5cm, but I'm not totally sure on that. Those dimensions should make me a B cup, I hope. I feel positive but a little nervous, I'll feel better when I find out weather or not my health insurance company is going to cover my surgery. My plastic surgeon is an in network doctor, and so is the hospital in Denver. So hopefully that helps. My primary care doctor's nurse had a breast reduction a few years ago by the same surgeon, and she showed me her breast (I did not ask to see them :P), but I'm greatful she did, cause her breast look great! You can barely see her scars and her breast are small, symmetrical and perky. I hope mine come out looking that nice. I've been a D cup size since middle school, that's 2/3'rds of my life having big breast. Its been a long struggling journey with all this weight on my chest, and I look forward to a happy ending with a new beginning and a new chance for a happy life. A new life of happier bathing suit shopping, Bra shopping, and all clothes shopping. A new life of running play sports and being over all way more active. I want a new life where people look at my face my and not my huge breast. And most importantly a new life with out my chronic pain. Wish me luck, I'm hoping to hear back about my insurance they said it usually takes 4-6weeks, so hopefully sooner then later. I'm hoping for surgery by September 20th 2013. I pray ever day that they will cover the procedure. My husband will miss my big breast, but he's being very supportive. I love him very much, plus he say's he's more of a butt guy, then a boob guy anyway. He say's he loves my small butt and just wants me to be happy. Happy wife happy life :)

Waiting for ok from insurance :P

I'm just going to clean and organize my whole house until I find out if I've been approved. When I was younger I was a scrawny skinny little girl. The boys were always so mean to me. My mother was very pretty, she was a trade show model for Tequila Patron. My mom was 5'8'' 115lbs and 34D cup with long blonde hair. No matter where we went she was always getting crazy attention from men. Men would do anything for her. My grandmother always loved to tell the story of when my mother was a teenager walking down the street with her mom, a men was driving by her and he couldn't keep his eye's off her, she was so pretty, that he crashed his car. The man was ok. I remember praying one day when I was a kid, that when I grew up, I want to have big boobs like my mom, so all the boys will like me. Well just a few years later I wound up with the biggest boobs out of all my friends. I got what I wanted, the boys stopped being mean to me, and all started being very nice to me. I didn't realize how unwanted that attention would become, it got old quick! Sometimes I would think it was my fault for asking for big breast. All the women on my mom's side have big breast, and all the women on my dad's side have smaller breast. So my sister who was two years younger then me wound up with small breast. She has an A/B cup, and I have a DDD cup. We both had problems with men, I'd get too much sexual attention from men, and she couldn't get enough. I was always the prude and she was always the promiscuous one. Now I'm married with two kids, and she's still dating at 31yrs old looking for Mr. Right. As hard as it has been having big breast, it does have it's up side's sometimes. Before I was married, I used my figure to get what I wanted sometimes, and it worked most of the time. I didn't even have to put out. I told my husband when I was in my 20's and I went to the bar's and club's with my girlfriends, I never had to buy my drinks, ever. Men would do anything just for my attention. But once I feel in love and got married, I didn't want anyone but my husbands attention. Now that my son is getting older, and no longer a baby, I've had to watch the way I dress, so that I don't come off looking too sexy. When you have a small waist and a big chest it's hard not to look sexy in just about anything. I wear T-shirts and jeans most of the time. If I wear a crew neck, I feel like a football player. So I mostly wear V-neck t-shits, but when I bend down every one can see my cleavage. I hate having big breast now, not only do they hurt my back all the time, but you get so much unwanted attention. When I go to my son's games or when I'm at his school or around other parents I just want to look normal, not like a porn star. I cant wait to have a normal smaller chest. I want to take my kids to the pool, without all eyes being on my chest. When I'm at the pool with my kids, I always have to wear a t-shirt in the water, and I still get people staring at me like I'm in a wet t-shirt contest. I just smile, and act like I don't notice when I'm being ogled, but it bothers the heck out of me. I'm sure most of it's in my head, and I'm being overly self conscious but, I cant wait to have smaller normal breast. Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to get treated after I get my reduction, how men will treat me then. Will they completely ignore me, will they see me as a regular women? I hope they will treat me with respect. And I'm going to take good care of my self, so I'm hoping to be seen at least somewhat attractive to the opposite sex. I hope my husband will still find me attractive. My husband asked me a strange question the other day. He said " Has anyone ever gotten divorced after their wife had a reduction?" I was taken back a little by his question, not that I he's thinking about divorcing me, I know he adores me ;) I said "I don't know, I wonder if anyone's ever gotten a divorce because their husband plays to much video games." He thought that was funny, but sometimes he play's so much, it does drive me a little crazy, and the thought of divorce does pop in my head when I get mad enough about it. He's obsessed with his games. You can't talk to him when he's playing, you can't get him to do anything when he's playing, he always comes to dinner late, and it drives me nut's when were all in the car waiting to go someplace and we all have to wait for him to be done playing his game. I'm hoping he's just going through a faze right now :P So have any of you ever wondered if you were going to be treated differently, after you had your breast reduction, good attention or bad attention? I know I say I don't care about what men think, but I'm still a young women and want to be seen as attractive. I hope after I get a reduction, I get all good attention. I'm staying positive. It's driving me crazy waiting to find out if I've been approved by my health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield. My plastic surgeon was very optimistic about it, and that helps me feel more positive. So I guess I'm going to go clean something to take my mind off it :)

Waiting on Dictation?

I had my consultation on 8-14-13. On 8-23-13 I called my plastic surgeon's office to see if they have had a chance to fax my courtesy review along with my medical records, doctor and physical therapist recommendation's, and my patient testimony. And his assistant said they haven't sent any of my info yet, cause they are waiting on my surgery dictation, and that can take over a week to get. I asked her to e-mail me when they get it and she fax's my info, so I'm not going crazy waiting. She still hasn't e-mailed me and it's 8-27-13. So, I'm not sure if they've sent my info to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas yet. She said even after they fax my info it take 3-4weeks to find out whether or not I've been approved for surgery. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get my surgery on Sept.20th anymore. It maybe in Oct or November now, since it's taking forever to get my surgeon dictation. Did any of you have to wait for a dictation before they could send your info to your insurance company? Sept.20th is a day that would be perfect with our schedule, but I may need to find a different day, if all of this is going to take so long to get preapproved, if I'm even lucky enough to get preapproved. It will take even longer if I have to appeal. I have to get this done before the end of the year since we've all ready used up most of our deductible. The surgery will be much cheaper for us if we can get it done before the end of the year. And September's just around the corner, so I'm kinda stressing thinking about how much time this is all taking, and I feel like a hour glass is running out of time to get all this done. Aghhhhhh! Stress! Alright I guess I'm gonna go clean something to get my mind off of all this stress :P

I have lost 10lbs since February! YAY!!!

I got on the scale this morning, and it say's I weigh 125lbs! I'm so happy. I was 135lbs in March and since deciding to have my breast reduction surgery this year, I have been trying to get my weight back down to my pre-baby weight. About 3 and a half years ago my husband and I got married in Las Vegas. This was the black swimsuit top I wore. It's size 32DD, Post baby I'm now 34DDD. I can't believe how much bigger my boob's are now. My Pre-baby weight was 120lbs, and so I was really hoping to get back down to that by surgery time, but 10lbs has been really hard to lose this year. So I'm just going to stay away from the china buffet and try to just maintain the weight I am now, until surgery time. I have had to cut so many yummy thing's from my diet this year, and now It finally all feels worth it :)

Feng Shui

I have cleaned my bed room from top to bottom. I even vacuumed and wiped down the horizontal window blinds, and wiped the ceiling fan. I have this Feng Shui book I bought a few years ago, its call "Move Your Stuff Change your Life". It's a great beginners guide to Feng Shui. Well it says my Helpful People part of my bed room is located in the lower right hand side corner, as you walk in to the room. Your supposed to never have dirt or clutter in that part of the room, especially when your in need of helpful people. And right now I'm in need of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas to pre-approve my Breast Reduction Surgery with Dr.Tirre. So, I started to straiten up that area, and there is a night stand next to our bed in that corner. In the night stand I keep my winter hats and gloves, and some winter sweaters, so I guess those can all be considered helpful. On top is a silver picture frame of my husband and I on our wedding day (the book said silver is a good color in this area of the room), and my alarm clock is there, next to a vase full of yellow flowers. I moved the night stand to clean behind and under it, and apparently it hasn't been moved since we bought this house four years ago. So, you can only imagine the size of the dust bunny's that lived back there. They were more like jack rabbits then bunny's. It was gross! There were also chewed up Barbie toys. Our cat likes to steal small toys from my daughter's room in the middle of the night, and chew them up under our bed. We also had a few little cob webs in the ceiling corner, and a mirror hanging on that part of the wall that needed some spray an wipe. I didn't know how yucky my Helpful People area was, I didnt even know that was my Helpful People area :P But now thanks to the book, I can improve the powers of the universe and get all the help I need in order to achieve a speedy approval :) So, one room down, 7 rooms to go. Cleaning my house top to bottom, is making me long for a smaller house.

Surgery Approved!!!

I got the call on Monday the 9th from my PS office. They told me my info was submitted Thursday morning September 5th to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. They told me it would take 7-10 business days to find out if I've been pre-approved for Breast Reduction Surgery. I was very happy about that, and then yesterday the 10th, my PS's assistant called me and told me I've already been PRE-APPROVED! I was Ecstatic :) It was a miracle that I got approved so quickly, just in time for my husbands vacation. I called my primary doctors office and set up an appointment for my pre surgery physical. They said my doctors only available time is Wednesday the 18th, Perfect! My pre op with my Plastic surgeon is Thursday the 19th, and then surgery is Friday the 20th. I asked my primary care doctors office how long it takes to get my blood test results back, and they said it takes 2days, so I asked if I could come in on Tuesday the 17th and get them done the day before my physical, they said yes. My PS's assistant said she's sending out my paperwork and consent form, and she's sending the request for blood work and physical info to my primary care doctor. She said I have to be at the hospital in Denver by 6:30am on the 20th, and no eating after midnight the night before. My mother in law has offered to watch our children for us for a week while I'm recovering. I'm so appreciative for that. My husband's not to thrilled, he's been crying about "losing his fun bags". I told him your not losing them, your just getting smaller fun bags. Other then that, he's been really supportive, and I couldn't do this with out him. I'm so appreciative for all of this. I feel so very blessed at this moment. I really hope it all works out and that I really can get my surgery September 20th. I'm just going to continue to pray that everything works out in my favor. I've never been happier, 9days and counting to my new body with my new breast. Wish me luck and that I get symmetrical, very small (32C/34B cup), more proportioned to my body, breast with healthy evenly positioned nipple areolas, and tiny scars that fade quickly. I'm just so happy! I hope it all works out, and that in less then two weeks I can post new breast pic's. I hope, I wish, I pray :)

Last minute stuff pre surgery

Getting all my last minute stuff done pre surgery on Friday. Got my pre op tomorrow, and then surgery the day after that. I'm very nervous. I'm just trying to keep getting ready and stay hopeful & positive. I hope everything goes just like planed. I hope my Plastic surgeon does a really great job and can get me down to a 32B/C. I hope my breast shape and size come out of surgery being as symmetrical as possible. And I hope my nipple areola's come out after surgery being as symmetrical and as even as possible. I'm feeling a little down, because some of my family doesn't really understand why I'm doing this to my self. They see this surgery as being a choice and not a need. That really saddens me, because if they knew how It feels to live with large breast, I think they would understand my situation more. If I don't get the surgery, then yes, I'm not going to die, but my quality of life will improve so much more with it. Only you girls who have walked in these shoes, can truly understand how important Breast Reduction surgery really is to the person having it. At least we have each others support. I feel so blessed to have this site. Well I got to go finish getting ready, I'll meet you on the other side of surgery and will post picks after I get home.

All marked up and ready to go!

Everything went well at my pre op so here we go, wish me luck ;)

2 days post op

Not feeling all that well, I'll post some pic's and I'll tell you more about how everything went later when I'm feeling better. Dr.Tirre was great and took out around 550grams each breast. I'm gonna go rest now talk to ya soon :)

I'm so Bloated!

My belly is so bloated I look like I'm pregnant. I also got my period the morning of my surgery. I just took my first shower today. I'll post more info when I feel better. I feel like it's just a dream and I'm gonna wake up with my old boobs :P

Had a little scare today.

When I went to get into the shower I noticed on my right breast around the T intersection, it was very pink and started to blister! I called my doctor and the nurse said to come in tomorrow and just put antibacterial cream on it, 2times a day until it gets better. I'm seeing the doctor in the morning and I'm hoping to get put on antibiotics. Also have a small hematoma. And I think my stomach is still bloated, I need to go for walks around the blocks next week, and no soda pop and chips, maybe it will shrink a little. I've been resting a lot, and I still plan on telling everyone about my surgery day soon. Fingers crossed hope everything goes well tomorrow. I have been very surprised by how small they are. I think they are the perfect size right now, but the nurse said they were swollen, so that means they may get smaller, so I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about that. I was a 32/34ddd pre surgery, and I bought a 36 sports bra for after surgery and it fits. I don't know if that helps anyone who needs to know what size bra to have for, after surgery. I keep feeling strange, like I don't seem to want to get rid of my old bra's because I keep feeling like what if I need them. I know that sounds weird, but its only when I look in the mirror that I'm reminded by how much smaller I am. Even if I grew a size, I'd still be too small to fit in those old bra's. I cant wait until 6week's are up so I can get out of these sports bra's. They make me feel like I'm flat chested. I know that sounds crazy but I cant believe I'm this small. I wanted to be this small but I didn't think it was possible. I kept thinking I was going to be a large B small C or even a small D, which I didn't want. I wanted to be a B cup and now I am. I just so shocked he actually got me down this small. It worry's me a little, I just hope he didn't take out too much, I don't want any complications. I know this all sounds crazy, but I'm just praying I heal very well, and everything is normal with my breast. I just want them to heal so I can start working on healing my scares. I will post a pic of my blister and I also have a small hematoma on the left breast. I'm so great full and now I need to heal.

Blister and little hematoma

This is the little blister on my right breast and the little hematoma on my left. not fun :(

Can anyone say uncomfortable!

The support Bra the hospital gave me couldn't be more uncomfortable. I also have a little front closure sports bra, it to is uncomfortable. My surgical glued incisions keep rubbing the bottom of the sports bra, and the hospital one is as comfortable as a 19th century corset. I just want to wear one of those comfy genie bras :( My sides where the drains used to be are all hard and uncomfortable, is that normal? I guess I will call my nurse tomorrow and ask her. When I put my arms down at my sides, my sides hurt. I'm now on antibiotics cause of my blister. I'm so board, I want to do things but my body hurts, and I get tired, and I move around funny in this support bra. Every time I get up and walk around I'm holding my boobs, cause they hurt. OMG, I'm sorry, but I just want to Bitch, I'm so uncomfortable! I tried driving, and it hurts. Every time I pull the steering wheel its hard to do and it pulls at my pectoral muscles. And I've been having grass is greener on the other side complex. I know I wanted to be a B cup, but now that I am, I've been having second thoughts. My husband called me flat chested the other day, as a joke. I've never been called flat chested my hole life, so I wasn't really offended, just was a little put off. Everything I put on looks strange now. All of my favorite tops no longer seem to flatter me. I have a completely different body type. I used to be top heavy, or bigger on top with a smaller bottom. Now that my breast are smaller my belly looks bigger, so got to do something about that and go walking once my incisions heal. Most of my clothes just don't look right anymore. I'm now going to have to change the way I shop for my body type. I really didn't think I was going to be so dramatically different looking. I keep watching TV and I'm breast obsessed. Before I hardly ever saw women with breast as big as mine on TV. I used to think small breast were attractive on women, but now I keep wondering did I go too small? I keep seeing women who have C cups, their breast look not to big, and not to small, just right. I'm not sure my husband will be attracted to my new breast. I like them, but I know most men prefer a women with curves. The problem was I had to much curves, and now I keep wondering if now I may not have enough. I know I made the right decision, but I keep wondering am I still attractive to the opposite sex? I think I'm just having a bad day, and once I can start feeling normal again, I'll start to get my sexuality back. Did any of you feel this way after your breast reduction. If it weren't for men, Id say they are perfect! But I'm 33 and I still want to be considered sexy. I just know I need time to get used to my new look. I'm still on my period, and I'm just feeling a little self conscious. I'm sure after a few weeks I'll start to feel more confident in my own skin, I think it takes time and a new wardrobe.

Feeling alot better today :)

Thank you so much for all of the supportful comments! You guys are wonderful, I love the real self community

Feeling a little swollen

They are a little swollen today. A few days ago they were a little lumpy, hard in some places and soft in others, but today they are almost all swollen everywhere. I no longer have a blister, but an area next to my incision on my right breast that keeps seeping out small amounts of orange colored liquid eww! What concerns me is that my incisions were surgically glued, and the antibacterial cream mixing with the orange ooz has been softening the glue thats holding my incisions together. I keep the area clean and covered, so hopefully it will be ok, if any things not I'll be calling my Doctor to be seen right away. Most of my breast are numb. My nipples have feeling in them both, and get pointy and hurt when its cold. I'm very happy about that, cause any feeling is a good thing, even when it hurts, cause that means my nerves are working in that area. I would say besides the blister and orange ooz, that everything else has been doing real well and I'm very happy about that. I'm posting some pic's . They are still not the prettiest, but its only been a week so I'm hopeful they will just get better looking everyday :)

Breast pic's 11days post op :)

Surgery day story :)

We live in rural Kansas. The closest city to us is Denver CO. I was very happy to find out a great plastic surgeon from Denver makes trips out to our local hospital once a month. My primary care doctor set me up with a consultation in August with Dr.Tirre. I had my consultation and everything went really well. Dr.Tirre was real nice and seemed very professional. He told me that he does the anchor incision, he will remove around 500 grams per breast (ended up being about 550grms per breast), he uses dissolvable stiches, and surgical glue. He has you spend the night in the hospital, and then the next day removes the drains he put in. Another plus about using Dr.Tirre is that he takes insurance, he was an in network doctor, and he did his surgery at an in network hospital, so that made him more cost effective for us. We are not rich so anyway you can save money on an $8,000 surgery is a good thing. My insurance company BCBS of Arkansas gave the ok for my surgery. My husband and I drove 4hours to Dr.Tirre's office in Denver Sept.19th for my pre-op. My husband hit a deer driving home this past summer, and totaled our family car. We got a new used car in July. We didn't have any problems with it until we drove it to Denver. When we got to the doctors office, our car started smoking and leaking antifreeze. Dr.Tirres office was very nice and his staff was very friendly. He marked my breast and gave me my prescriptions, which we filled at their local Walmart. My husband and I then checked in at a nice hotel 5miles south of the hospital. We walked across the street and ate dinner at a very nice Mexican restaurant. I wasn't sure I would be able to sleep the night before surgery, but I was surprisingly tired and feel asleep a little after we got back to our hotel. I woke up very early around 4am. My husband and I got ready then drove to the hospital. We checked in around 6:30am and I signed a bunch of paper work. A nurse took us back, I got undressed and got up on a hospital bed with wheels. My anesthesiologist was very friendly and even made a few jokes. My OR nurses introduced them selves and then Dr.Tirre came in, asked if I was ready and said he'd see me in the OR. They wheeled me to the OR door and that's the last thing I remember. After 3-4hours I woke up in recovery. I must have been dreaming about my son because, when I woke up I was trying to get up and I was yelling about having to go help my son with his game. The nurses came over to me and said its just a dream I'm in recovery and every things ok. They wheeled me to my own room and that's when my husband came in. I wasn't feeling a whole lot of pain, but I kept feeling like I had to go pee. The nurse would come in and help me get to the bathroom, and then nothing would come out. We did this over and over until I drank some apple juice and then I was able to pee. The nurse said the catheter they had inside me during surgery must have messed with me a little. But after a while it did hurt to pee, but I was ok. Then I started to get very itchy. Mostly on my stomach area. I didn't have a rash, I was just crazy itchy. The nurse gave me some lotion and said I was probably reacting to the pain meds. All the nurses were great. My doctor came in the next morning and pulled out my drains quicker then I knew what was going on. He said everything looks great and that I was good to go home. My husband and I left the hospital, stopped off at an IHOP, had some pancakes, and then drove home. I got in bed and pretty much stayed there for a few days. My inlaws watched our kids. The oldest one came home early so he could go back to school. He's been my little helper the whole time dads been working. He helps me with the dishes, vacuuming, taking out the trash laundry, and even helps clean out the kitty litter box. He's been Awesome! Sorry it took so long to post my BR surgery experience, but there it is. I was supposed to go back to my PS office in Denver a week after for my first post op, but because of our car trouble my husband said we couldn't. Since my PS comes to our town once a month I thought we might be ok, and I can just wait for him to come out here to see me. But his office called me and said he wont be out in October because, he has an emergency surgery scheduled for that day. So now I have to wait until November to have my first post op. I have been seeing my primary care doctor for any and all issues until then. My old primary care doctor moved to Denver in May and my new primary care doctor just moved to our town in September. She's been really great, and I'm so glad to have her. Dr.Tirre's office has been very understanding with our car issue, and told me if I need anything they have an on call nurse. I did have one issue with my right breast that started to blister. His nurse had me take pictures of it and e-mail them to her. She then told me to put some antibacterial cream on it and have my primary care doctor look at it. The blister popped, then was seeping into my glued incisions, causing them to soften and not heal properly. So 2 days ago, I was cleaning the area before getting in the shower and all the glue came off revealing an open wound. So I went back to see my doctor, she said it looks ok, and now that the glue is gone it just needs to dry up, scab over and it will be healed. My anitbiotics run out today, so I hope I don't have anymore problems. If I do I can always go back to see her. I hope my incisions are healed before my first post op, so he can say it all looks good, and that I can start scare treatments. I'm going to get Mederma scar cream first, and then later try this $20 box of silicone strips I found at Walmart. I hope my wounds start to heal better. I will post some more pic's later, I like to do it before getting in the shower.

I have good days and I have not so good days

Yesterday I went through my closet and got rid of all my clothes that look strange with my new smaller boobs. I had my own personal fashion show in my bedroom. I was very happy. Then today before I got in the shower, I noticed my right breast was still really red and angry looking. And from the front my nipples look to far apart. I hope that can be fixed :( I may need a breast revision after a year of healing. They have been in more pain since a few days ago when my antibiotics ran out. Last night I had a real hard time sleeping. I cant wait until I can sleep on my side. I was told to wait until 4-6weeks before I can sleep on my side. I'm very glad I had a breast reduction, but some days I get a little sad about how long its taking me to heal. And some days I get sad cause my breast aren't very pretty right now. Even with time I know I'm going to need some revision. I would do it all over again. When you get a breast reduction you have to understand, that your not going to go through surgery and then wake up with perfect breast. You get smaller imperfect breast with scars that you have to constantly care for. And then once you heal then you may have to have them fixed again. This surgery has been making me semi bipolar. I'm happy one minute and sad the next. Its ok, I know that these feelings are normal after having a breast reduction. I know once they heal I'll be much happier. I just need to be more patient.

Do you ever think about getting a breast reduction revision?

I'm very happy with the size of my new breast. I like my new nipples too. The only thing that really bothers me is that my nipples are so far apart. They face the outer sides more then they face the front. They are 24 centimeters apart and I wish they could be closer to 20 centimeters. After I'm done healing I'm going to ask my PS what I can do to get them taken in a centimeter on both breast. I wonder how he would do that? Would he have to cut around my nipple again and down my T intersection? Or would he just cut on the inside and under part of my breast? I'm sure they are going to change more, its only been 2 & a half weeks, but I'm not sure they are going to come in more by them selves. I found these other breast pictures on this natural breast website. Their nipples are more centered then mine. I no this sounds a little shallow, but I'm only 33yrs old. I still want to look attractive. It's not the scars that are making me feel unattractive, like I thought it would be, its the position of my nipple areola's on my breast. I will speak to my PS when I see him in November and see what he thinks, and see what he can do to fix them. He told me no one has ever asked him to do a revision before, so I guess I get to be the first.

A little sad :(

I've looked at many breast reduction before and after's and none of the after breast look like mine :( I hope my PS can fix my nipple problem. I see him in November, I hope he has a solution :(

I've decide to be more positive about this.

There are to ways this can go. I can get depressed about the way my breast look, or I can see them as a work in progress. I'm going glass half full. I have come to the understanding that my nipples are too far apart, and that it's ok for now. I need to heal my breast first, then worry about how they look later. I can't have anything done about it now anyways. I will have to get a breast reduction revision after a year, and when we can afford it. So for now they will have to do. I'm learning to accept them, and in the near future I will have to help my husband accept them. I will tell him we can fix them, when we can afford to in the near future. I still have an open wound on my right breast, that's not yet healed. It to is a work in progress. I had a scab over it, but after my shower yesterday, the scab came right off. So I cleaned the area, put antibacterial cream on it, and put a bandage over it. My right breast is still swollen. My left breast has been doing a lot better. I'm sorry if I sounded so depressed, I was. I was very up set. But I'm ok now, I have come to accept that my nipples are too far apart, and its ok. I know I can fix this problem. It's going to take some time, and it's going to take some more money, but it can be fixed. Thank you all for your support during this hard time for me. I was really hoping that all I'd have to worry about after my breast reduction, would be scare treatment. But, I like many other women wasn't that lucky, and that's ok. I've seen worse problems, I still have my nipples and for that I'm appreciative. I will try to leave more up beat updates. I don't want to scare anyone out of having this surgery. I would still do it all over again, strange nipples and all. I'm much happier with them, healing takes time. And not just physical healing, but emotional healing as well :)


The first BILL came!

My first bill came in the mail a few days ago. When my husband and I looked at it we thought it must be a mistake? They must have billed me for heart surgery, not a breast reduction. I called the hospital and they confirmed my bill is correct. But they pointed out even though my hospital bill came to $58,450.000 since I have insurance I got a $53,480.000 discount. I thought that was awful! I must have had the most expensive Breast Reduction surgery in the country. I feel so sorry for anyone who doesn't have health insurance. The inflation of that hospital bill is ridiculous. The cost of the surgery after my insurance discount is about right, so we can pay that with time. We still have 3 bills to come; Dr.Tirre my surgeon, his surgical assistant Jose ( who gets $150 per hour, for my 4 hour surgery), and my anesthesiologist bill. Once all bills are in I will let you know the complete cost of my surgery.

Pictures 4 weeks!

This is the old bathing suit I was busting out of in my other pictures pre-op. Its size 32DD and I was 34DDD. I couldn't fit in it before surgery and I can't fit in it after surgery thank goodness :) Anyone want an old bathing suit size 32DD not me! I had a dream a few nights ago that I was at the pool with my old big boobs and I was so uncomfortable cause everyone was staring at me. I kept trying to cover up but I wasn't able to. I think that was kind of a nightmare. I was very happy to wake up with my little boobs :) I also took some pic's laying down. I just thought they were interesting from that view and I wanted to share with ya'll :) I'm also very happy that my open wound is no longer seeping or open, so that's good. But I did have an issue with one of my stiches on my right nipple, hopefully that gets better. Next time I see my PS hopefully he can take out any remaining stitches. Hope you like the pictures :)

6 weeks tomorrow and not too happy :(

I got my itemized list from the hospital. The support bra the hospital I was sent home in cost $371.00. That bra is the most expensive bra I ever owned :P You can get the same bra online for $30.00.
On another note, my breast are doing good heal wise. They are still a little swollen, the right breast a little more then the left. A few days ago I had a small abscess on the out side of the right breast, where I had a stitch poking through. I popped it, pulled out the stich and cleaned the wound. I was going to wait until I saw my PS in November to have the stiches that are sticking out removed. But, after having one of them abscess I decided just to remove them my self. That's why I have a few band aids on my right breast. I went to my primary care doctor after wards and she said they are healing well and I can now start running if I want to. She also said now that I'm 6 weeks post op I can go bra shopping for normal bra's, not just sports bra's.
So I was excited to go bra shopping finally. We live in a rural area in Kansas, and the only store within a hour and a half drive is Walmart. I went to walmart and I must have tried on like 60 different bra's many different sizes. I even tried on girls training bra's. I went home with no new bra. When I got home I started crying :( Not one bra fit me. Not one size fit me. My breast were to wide for small cup sized bra's, and my breast were to flat to fill out large cup sizes. I was devastated. People always say, every bra is different, so its hard to know what size you are, but I tried on many sizes in every kind of bra, and none of them fit me, not even a little. My cleavage looked really bad in all of them too. I used to have a small amount of stretch mark's in my cleavage, and my breast reduction exacerbated them, and now all you see in the middle of my breast are large stretch marks. I can't wear low cut bra's. The only bra's that fit me are sports bar's. I even went on line and checked out how to properly measure your breast for a bra. I measured 32 C cup. But when I went shopping, I was too flat for a C cup, I was even a little flat in my left breast for a B cup. I hate to be such a downer. I know its still early, and my breast will continue to change, I'm just not sure if they will change enough to be a more normal size. Before my breast reduction I wasn't able to buy my bra's in store's, I had to special order them online. And now after my breast reduction I still cant shop for bra's in stores.
I tried to google lateral nipples and the only thing I could find was lateral nipples after a breast augmentation, not breast reduction. I cant even find anyone on this site with the same problem as me. I feel so alone :( I think I'm going to need another breast reduction to fix all the problems caused by my first reduction. My husband and I can't afford to pay for another reduction, and my insurance wont pay for another reduction. I'm not sure what my PS is going to say about all this. It's my fear that he will say he did his job and reduced my breast, and any asymmetry issues aren't his problem. They made me sign paper's pre operation stating that I understand some asymmetry is normal. I'd be ok with some asymmetry, but when I can't even fit in any bra other then a sports bra, something is wrong. He made my breast to wide, and my nipple/areola's too far apart. I hope he will offer to fix this issue for me, with low or no extra cost. That would be the right thing to do, but I'm just not sure what he's going to say until I see him in November. If he doesn't fix my breast, then I will still have to get them fixed, it may take me a few year's to afford to fix them though. I will have to live with messed up breast for a wile. I'm so embarrassed, I haven't told anyone about my misshaped breast, not even my husband. I feel so alone. I will tell my husband after I see my PS in November. This site is my only outlet for grief, this and crying alone in my bathroom.
I was saying that I would still do it all over again if I had the choice, but now I'm not so sure. I called my PS's office and spoke to his assistant. She said the breast reduction was to make my breast smaller for medical reasons, not cosmetic reasons. But he is a plastic surgeon, and they are in the business of making body's aesthetically pleasing right? So what went wrong with my breast? You know when your laying down on your back, and your breast fall to your sides, kind of into your arm pits, well I think that's how I must have been in the OR. I think he sewed them up as they laid on my sides, and that's why they are so lateral. I think he may have guesstimated where my nipples would be placed instead of doing actual measuring. If he doesn't offer to fix the problem, then I will have to see some other Plastic surgeons to get their opinion on my breast reduction.
I'm great full that my nipples work and have feeling, and that I didn't get necrosis of the breast. But, I'm left feeling a little deformed with the way they look now and with them not fitting into any bra size :(

I have been too overly emotional on this site.

I just want everyone to know that I believe Dr.Tirre did the best job he could in helping me to achieve the best breast reduction goals. I had pain in my back, neck, and shoulders most of my life, and with the help of Dr.Tirre I am now pain free in those areas. I wanted small and healthy breast, and through his surgical expertise, I have that. 6 weeks out my breast are healthy with perfectly working nipples. My breast may not be the shape I wish they were, but the shape should round out and improve with time. My nipple areola complex may be more lateral then I was hoping for, but I'm sure Dr.Tirre did everything in the most professional and skillful manor. A little asymmetry should be expected. The female breast is not a blank canvas, and I'm sure Dr.Tirre did everything he could to make my breast as symmetrical as possible. Dr.Tirre and his staff have been great to work with. And I'm sure that they will continue to help me in achieving my best breast goals. I am very hopeful that after 6 months to a year, Dr.Tirre will fix any small issues in symmetry that I have. I am so sorry that I let my emotions run away with me, and that I wasn't always saying the most flattering things about his work. He really did a great job, and I am very grateful for the work he did. I would recommend Dr.Tirre to anyone looking for a good surgeon in the Denver area. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who needs it. I feel so bad that I can't delete many of the emotional and negative things that I have said on this site. I hope I didn't scare anyone away from having this surgery or using Dr.Tirre as their surgeon. He really is a great surgeon and everyone who knows him knows how professional and caring he is. Please do not let anything I have said out of emotional craziness, to make anyone think anything negative about him or his work. I am not deformed, I am overly emotional and dramatic. My breast are healthy and normal for this stage in the procedure. I'm sure that with time I will really learn to appreciate the work Dr.Tirre has done on my breast. I hope anyone who is reading this understands that this surgery is a very emotional and life changing thing to go through. You aren't always going to be fully satisfied with all the results. I will definitely think twice about posting any more negative comments on this site. RealSelf is a wonderful site that has been most helpful to me and many others. It is a great place to come for plastic surgery education and support. The women on this site have been wonderful to me, throughout this entire emotional time in my life. They have always been caring and supportive and I am so appreciative of them. I want everyone to know Dr.Tirre really is a great surgeon and I am very happy with his work. I wish my breast weren't as wide as they are, and I hope that changes as they soften up and relax. They are still hard and swollen in many areas, and with time that will improve I'm sure. I wish my nipples areola complex on both of my breast were more centered and symmetrical, but with time I will get used to the look of them. I would rather have the breast I have now then the breast they used to be. And I have Dr.Tirre to thank for that. I'm sure they will improve with time and I will love my new breast someday. I'm sure the asymmetry that I have in my cleavage can be easily fixed after 6 months post op to a year. And they will look so much better a year from now, like most of the women's breast on this site. I'm so sorry for being an emotional basket case on this site. Thank you for allowing me to share my personal breast reduction experience with all of you. And I want everyone to know this is a great place to share your surgical experience's of all kinds. I may not be able to delete the negative thoughts I've shared on this site, but I hope to balance them out by posting how positive I really feel about this whole experience. I really am so happy to have been privileged enough to have gotten a breast reduction. I know many women cant afford this surgery, or live in a part of the world were they aren't able to get this kind of surgery. I'm so glad that I have had a breast reduction, and even if I'm not perfectly happy with all the results yet, I would recommend it for anyone who needs it.

Strange dreams

Last night I had a strange dream that I had a stitch coming through the middle of my breast. It was popping through my skin and I started to pull it out and it was a very long blue string. It was weird. I have a couple of strange marks on the middle of my breast that look like internal stitches trying to pop through. I can't wait to ask the doctor about what they are. Everyone else I show has no idea what they are, including my primary care doctor and her nurse. That would be weird if that strange dream came true :P

The bill for the Anesthesiologist came

It was $3,150.00 but because I have insurance, my insurance company gets a $1,645.20 discount. I feel so bad for people who don't have health insurance. My insurance company paid $1,203.84 and we owe $300.96. So add that to the Hospital bill of $3,191.33 and our share so far is $3,492.29. We still haven't received the bill from my plastic surgeon or his assistant. I will share them when they come and then adjust the amount at the top :)

I know whats wrong with my breast reduction

I've been doing research on line. I Googled proper Nipple Localization for a Breast Reduction, and I found instructions on the Acceptable location for the NAC (nipple areola complex) when measuring for new nipple location for a breast reduction. The acceptable aesthetically pleasing location for the NAC is at the base of a equilateral triangle. An equilateral triangle is a triangle with all 3 sides being equal. The top of the triangle is your sternal notch ( the space between your shoulder blades) the acceptable nipple location is at the lateral angles of the base of the triangle. So since I measure 21cm from my sternal notch to my right and my left nipple, then I should measure 21cm from my right nipple to my left nipple creating a perfect triangle. But I don't, I measure 24cm from my right nipple to my left nipple creating an un equal triangle with my sternal notch. Since he didn't measure my sternal notch to find my new nipple location, he positioned my new NAC too far apart to be aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Just being a few cm off can really make a difference in plastic surgery aesthetics. Can you imagine if your nose was 3 centimeters longer then it is now? Or what if your eyes were 2 centimeters further from your nose. A few centimeters can make a big difference when it comes to aesthetics. The average women's NAC is 8cm to 10 cm (depending on the frame of the patient) away from the median sternal line (the middle of her chest in between her breast). I have a small frame and I measure 12cm from my median sternal line to both my nipples, so that's very abnormal for my frame. I measure 37cm from my sternal notch to my belly button. Above my breast I measured 77.5cm, around and below my breast I measure 76.5cm, and around the fullest part of my breast I measured 86cm. I'm 5ft 4in and 125lbs. If I put my hand around the smallest part of my wrist, with my middle finger touching my thumb, they over lap. I have very skinny wrist. I have a small frame for a women. I don't have wide shoulders, I shouldn't have wide breast with far apart nipples. My PS didn't properly measure me for the best NAC and I'm pretty sure that's a fact. Since he told me he doesn't measure new nipple location from the sternal notch. He said that in front of his assistant at my per op. If he doesn't measure from my sternal notch to find my new nipple location then he had to measure from my median sternal line (in the middle of my chest)? You just cant know the new nipple location from the inframammary fold line (the line below your breast). He said my new nipple location would be 4-4.5cm above my inframammary fold, but that only says horizontally where its new location would be not vertically? So how did he decide where my new nipple location would be vertically? I have a lot of questions for him next time I see him. I just have to balance my questions of concern without coming off too accusatory, so I don't insult him or make him feel threatened. I just want answers on why I look this way? Doctors don't guesstimate surgery's. So he had to come to the new NAC some how? I just want to know how. Wouldn't you? I know what's done is done and there's not much that can be done to fix it, unless I want another surgery, which I don't, and cant afford, and wouldn't get insurance coverage on either. Well I'm posting some more pictures, we all like pictures :)

Picture Art

Having a little fun with the paint works and my pictures :)

Plastic surgery volume 5 edited & editor Neligan/Grotting

Ideal breast architecture

The appearance of the ideal breast is somewhat subjective. Each patient has their own opinion as to the aesthetics of their breasts, which should be given consideration with any operative alteration of the breast. Reconstruction or cosmetic enhancement of the breast encompasses not only the way the breast looks, but also how it feels to the touch. Size, symmetry, proportionality and the location of the breast and its landmarks on the chest wall all play a role in the attractiveness of the breast. Statistical standards for the dimensions of the breast have been analyzed and reported by various authors (Fig. 1.1).1–7 The distance from the sternal notch to the nipple and the distance from the midclavicular line are each 19–21 cm. The distance from nipple to the inframammary fold is 5–7 cm (Fig. 1.1). The distance from the nipple to the midline is 9–11 cm. These measurements offer guidelines for altering the breast, which must be individualized, based on proportionality, variances in chest wall anatomy, posture and patient preference (Fig. 1.2).
Fig. 1.1
Statistical standards for the dimensions of the breast.
Fig. 1.2
AP image: ideal breast dimensions demonstrating symmetry and projection.

The breast mound is situated over the pectoralis major muscle between the second and sixth ribs in the nonptotic state. Important landmarks include the upper pole, location of the nipple areolar complex, inframammary fold and lateral breast fold. The upper pole of the breast extends from just below the clavicle to the level of the nipple. The contour should be neither concave nor convex, but a plane that extends out to the point of maximum projection of the breast at the level of the nipple. In the ideal breast form, the nipple areolar complex should be cephalad to the level of the inframammary fold.
This is all from a book on the internet.

I marked my own breast

I marked my breast with a washable marker and a tape measure. I marked me better nipple spots. I marked them at 20cm from my sternal notch and 10cm from my midsternal line. I also marked my midclavicular line.

I'm finally going to see my PS!

Our car troubles and a 4 hour drive, have kept me from being able to be seen by my PS. The last time I saw him was the day after my Breast Reduction Operation 2 months ago. He is finally coming to town on Wednesday. I'm so nervous. I have no idea what he's going to say. I have no idea how I'm going to react to him and what he say's. I'm going to try to remain calm and stay constructive. I'm going to try not to get upset. I'm going to try to stay focused on what can be done to fix my issues, and not dwell on how they happened. Even though I would love to know how they happened, and why they happened. Here's what I'm planning to talk about:
Issues of Concern:
2 Months Post Op.
1. Lateral nipple areola complex (NAC), more so with Left nipple.
2. Lower cleavage line on the Right Breast, and lots of loose skin in cleavage.
3. 2 Strange unidentified spots on the inside and outside of the Left breast.
4. Right breast larger in volume on the outer edge, then the Left breast.
How could these issues be fixed?
How much to fix these issues?
How soon could these issue be fixed?
Ok that's all I can think of for now. I printed this list off to take with me so I wont forget anything. I'm also taking pictures with my questions I'll post those pictures for you guys to see. Any last minute helpful advise before I see him Wednesday, please post it for me. I really hope he will offer to fix many of these issues, cause I can't afford another surgery. I haven't even told my husband about any of my problems. I've been waiting until after I see my PS to know what can be fixed. I'm nervous about what I'm going to say to him about my breast too. He hasn't seen them or felt them or anything. He just keeps saying "I hope there worth it" he's referring to the cost of the bills for my breast reduction. So I will open up to him about all this that I've been going through and what can be done to fix it. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

I couldnt be more disappointed

This is how it went. My appointment was at 11am, but he didn't show up till 12. When he finally came in to see me, he had me lift my shirt up and show him my breast (no cover up gown). He asked me how they were healing, he said they look great. I asked him about my malpositioned nipple. He said they must have been lateral before my breast reduction surgery. I asked him if he measured me from my mid sternal line, he said no. He said that's not how he finds the new position of your nipples. He said he just takes them from where ever they were and then places them higher on your chest. How far away they end up being from the middle of your chest is not his doing, he has no control over that. He didn't have my before pictures, but he said he was sure they'd show my nipples being lateral before. I asked him if he could fix my crooked cleavage. He said no, the only scar revision he does is removing dog ears, and since I don't have any, he's not going to do any scar revision on me. He told me if I want that fixed to go see somebody else. I asked him about my right breast being larger then my left on the side, and he said give it time it might go down in size, in time. I asked him if it doesn't then would he do liposuction on it to fix the size difference. He said he could but I probably wouldn't be happy with the results, I could have more fat necrosis. That's what he said that strange mark on the side of my breast was, he said it was a little fat necrosis. He didn't know what the other mark was so he guessed it might be a blood vessel of some kind, he didn't know if it would be permanent or not. I asked him well how much would lipo be if I want to reduce the size of my right breast. He said he had no idea and told me to call his assistant for a price. He seemed like he was in a hurry and really wanted to get out of there. He said I can make an appointment in 6 months if I want and then he left. If he's not going to correct any of his mistakes then what's the point of seeing him again? When I told him I was unhappy with the way my breast look he said I didn't have a cosmetic procedure, I had a surgery to reduce my breast weight and fix my back problems, and that's what he did, so his job was done. If I'm unhappy with the way they look I can find someone else to fix them, cause he's not going to. As soon as I came home I started to cry. I was so disappointed in his behavior. He acted like he couldn't really care less about me. For a plastic surgeon he really didn't seem to care much about aesthetics. I blame my self, I knew he wasn't properly measuring me. He was sloppy. If he had measured me correctly he could have placed my NAC more center on the breast mound. And he didn't sew my cleavage up correctly and evenly, and that's why somebody else has to fix his mistake. If he would have done it right the first time I wouldn't need to go to someone else. In stead of me being happy that I had a breast reduction, I feel completely disappointed. I'm happy they are smaller, but I traded pretty huge boobs for ugly little boobs. And now how am I supposed to feel sexy around my husband? I'm not going to feel good about my self until my cleavage and right boob is smaller. If there is anything someone can learn from my story is if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't. I knew he was measuring me wrong and I trusted him, I feel so stupid. And he lied to me, he said my scars wouldn't come out far from under my breast and they do. He made me feel like he did his job anything that's wrong with my breast is my problem not his. I'm so sad. I'll get through this I've dealt with people like this before. I just have to be patient, and after 6months to a year I can get them fixed, by someone else. I'm going to make sure I have all my info and know what to expect prior to anyone doing any more work on me. I should have made him make it clear exactly were my nipple's were going to be placed. That's what I would change if I could do it all over again. And I would have lots of my own before pictures of my breast in every angle. If you are reading this and you haven't had your surgery done take lots of pictures of your breast so you have proof when your PS says "your breast were messed up before I even touched them". Its so messed up. I have looked at a million before pictures and my breast look just like everyone else's they don't look I had nipples all the way out on the outer edges of my breast. Some of my before picture look strange cause of the angle I took them in with the camera looking upward, I thought it looked cool and made my breast look big as they projected outward. I only had one picture of my breast from a front view and they look normal in that one. I called his office and told them to send me my pictures and my medical records. So if they send me my before pictures I will post them for you guys to see. I'm so depressed. I'm gonna go drink a butt load of wine and stuff my self with Chinese food and cry at random through out the night. Then tomorrow I can have a hang over, sad looking boobs, and feel fat from all the binge eating I'm about to do. I'm so sad :( I know things will get better, its just going to take some time and money that I don't have. I'm going to go cry some more :( I changed my review for Dr.Tirre, he now gets 2 stars for doing a sloppy job on my breast and for not giving a crap about it. Sorry for the negative review guys, I really wanted it to be a happy one. You just never know what your gonna get until you get it and then you got to make the best with what you got. I promise to be more positive in the future. I'm just really down right now. Thanks for all the wonderful and supportive comments. You guys really are wonderful and supportive, thank you for always being wonderful and saying nice things, they really do help. I know I'll feel better, I just have to get over my disappointing and sad day :(

Progress report 11weeks post op

Well its Friday, and I'm finally at 11weeks post op. I feel good. My new boobs are growing on me. My right breast is still a little more firm and hard in some spots around the incision lines, then the left breast, which is more soft and squishier. The right breast still has a large pinkish purplish colored bruise around the area that didn't close up until week 7. Not sure when that's going to go away. Its not hot and I don't have a fever so I'm hoping nothing is wrong with it. Both breast are still pretty numb, but the right breast is number then the left. The left has two strange marks on the inside and on the outside of the breast. My PS said the outer one was fat that died, and he wasn't sure what the other one was, he said it might be a blood vessel, but since its hard like the other one I think its fat that died as well. I think they were caused by the electrocautery (the electric surgery burning knife). I hope they can be removed some day. I have had nipple sensation in both since surgery, so that's good. All day long, every few hour's or so, I rub my nipples to make sure they are getting enough blood circulation. I have very poor blood circulation through out my body. My blood work showed that I'm anemic, and that I don't make enough red blood cells to pump oxygen through out my body. So I'm taking vitamin b12 to help with all that. I need more energy so I can start working out and getting in better shape. I've tried to do some jumping jacks, and it made my boobs tingle. I think I need to get a better sports bra, then when I run in place I wont have to hold my new boobs close to my chest. I can sleep on my side now, but I toss from side to side in my sleep a lot. I haven't slept on my stomach yet. When anyone hugs me, it feels like I have to hard things on my chest between us, so I know they still have a while to go until they are back to normal. My PS send they will bottom out, but I have no idea when that's supposed to happen. I'm not mad at my PS any more. I starting to just be glad he got me this far, and I'm just focusing on what's good about them, since I wont be able to fix anything till next year anyway. I have no plans on seeing him anymore. I would like to get a few new consultations in the spring with some new plastic surgeons about my cleavage scar revision, the two marks on my left breast, and if my right breast hasn't come down in size by then we can discus what I can do to make them more even in size. My surgery info came from my ps. It said that my nipple to sternal notch on my left breast was 27cm and 27.5cm on my right. My nipple to my IMF (inframammary fold) was 9cm and 10cm on my left. I had bilateral reduction mammoplasty, using the inferior pedicle wise pattern technique. He removed 557grams from my left and 547grams from my right. I went from being a 34DDD to a 34b on left and 34c/b on right. I'm hoping with time the right will come down in size, so I can wear a 34b bra. As for now I'm just going to wear sports bras with no cups. I love the way I look in clothes now, so much more then before my breast reduction. I'm in a size 9 jeans and I'm hopping to get in better shape and be wearing a size 7 by summer time. I'm going to post my pre surgery pic's I got from my PS, they are in black and white. I'm also going to post some new pic's from today 11weeks post op. I'm not sure when I can post again, with the holidays coming. Happy holidays everyone :)

Front view pre-op to 11weeks post op

Right breast pre-op to 11weeks post op

Left breast pre-op to 11weeks post op

Still numb

My breast are still numb in most places. When someone hugs me it feels like there are to hard balls on my chest between us. I still can't comfortably lay on my stomach and breast at night, but I can lay on my sides no trouble so that's good :) I haven't felt sexy enough to have sex with my husband yet, but I'm getting there. I'm sure he'd be happy to do it with my sports bra on. For me it's been a psychological. I need to feel sexy in my head, and that's been a process I'm working through. He has been wonderfully patient. I love him so much :) The right breast is still bruised where my open wound was for so long and my primary care doctor said that is normal and could take months to heal. They are squishier on the outside and still pretty firm on the inside. Under my breast they both have a hard thickness inside my skin under the scars, I hope that will soften up. I use Mederma cream after my showers. It's a little smelly. I'm probably going to try the silicone sheets at walmart when the Mederma runs out. I have new stretch marks on the sides of my breast where they used to be more swollen. I wish I had used coco butter cream on my sides until the swelling went down, but I was so distracted with my open wound I never thought about it. I had two kids and used coco butter cream both times no stretch marks but I didn't think about putting on my breast post op. Oh we'll now I have marks on both sides of my breast. I guess I won't be posing for playboy, just kidding :) Everything else is good. I'm looking forward to reading some of you guy's posts since some of you have breast reductions coming. Thank you for all your support I love all you guys :) Happy holidays :)

All the Bills are in!

My surgeons bill finally came. His fee with the surgical assistant included, was $7,600. My insurance got a discount of $5,892.98. That brought the bill down to $1,707.02, and my insurance paid $1,365.62. Leaving us to pay $341.40. So if you add up all 3 bills for my breast reduction surgery, it comes to $69,200.00 without health insurance. With insurance my surgery cost $3,833.69. That's nuts! Insurance and overly inflated hospital bills are all a scam in America. The insurance company's and the hospitals are in on it together. They make the prices extremely high, so you have to get health insurance. If healthcare didn't cost as much as it does, no one would buy insurance. They would just pay their bills direct, and cut out the middle man. Someone needs to fix the system cause these prices should be a crime. I'm so grateful we have insurance, cause without it I wouldn't have been able to afford this breast reduction.

12 weeks post op pictures :)

Here are some pictures of me in before and after shirts, a few without a bra on, and two with a medium size bra I got from Walmart. The bra shows my uneven cleavage. You can only see one line for my left breast in my cleavage, the right breast shows no line or cleavage. That's something I'm going to have to get fixed. Also my right breast is an inch wider on the outer side, so I'm a B cup on the Left and a C cup on the right. I got to fix that as well. Also my left breast has two small marks where I had fat necrosis, I need to get them removed. Other then that their doing fine. They are both still numb, but my nipples have feeling so that's good. Sometimes I get zingers in my right nipple, and my right breast is still slightly bruised on the inner part of my breast. I'm still glad I had the surgery, I feel like I'm half way to my goal. I hope the cost of fixing my breast wont be too pricey. I will look for a new surgeon in the spring. Hope you all are doing well, have a happy holiday season :)

My uneven cleavage

Be sides my extremely lateral nipples my uneven cleavage bothers the heck out of me. I can't wait to see another Plastic surgeon about what can be done to fix it, how much will it cost, and how soon can it be done? My PS didn't take any after pictures of me, probably cause he doesn't want anyone to see the work he did. Did your PS take after pictures after your breast reduction? Since he's a board certified plastic surgeon and he wouldn't fix my cleavage, I wonder how hard it is to fix? My finger can fix it, so it shouldn't be impossible to fix right? I can't wear normal bras or low cut shirts until it's fixed. We'll beyond that my breast are doing good, they are both softening up more and more each week. My right breast is still wider and one size bigger then the left. I'm all about the holidays right now so I haven't really been to focused on my breast. I hope your all doing well, good luck to all the lady's getting ready for their new boobs. Venus is going into retrograde for 6weeks starting Saturday. I don't know if any of you care about that, astrology is a hobby of mine :) I'm going to try not to focus on my breast and be very nice to my self for the next 6 weeks while Venus is in retrograde, and try hard not to fight with anyone. I'm going to be nice to my self and be nice to others. Try not to sweat the small stuff. My husband and I did share intimacy, and he did try to cop a feel over my bra and everything went really great. I was real shy at first but, he loves me and we were the same couple we were before my surgery. I just wanted to be open about that with all of you, because intimacy is very important and I was worried before and after my surgery how this would change our relationship, and honestly it hasn't really, we are pretty much the same. Maybe even a little closer, now that we know that we could get through something like this and we are still happy together :) I hope your all enjoying the holidays my real self friends :)

I tried bra shopping again

It wasn't a good idea. My breast didn't fit right in any underwire bra or any size bra. I'm beyond depressed :( when I was in the changing room my nipples made me feel deformed. I am deformed and disfigured in my own eyes. All of your wonderful comments couldn't make me feel any better in the dressing room. I noticed that I have a new thing to be self conscious about, when it gets cold and you can see my nipples are in very differnt places on my breast. My right one is closer to the middle but sill very lateral, and my left one is all the way on the other side of my breast. If I had the money maybe I would risk my nipples to make them even, I don't know :( all I know is it hasn't been getting easier, it's been difficult. I know some other women have it worse then me but that doesn't make me feel better. Counting my blessings isn't helping me when I'm looking at my self in the dressing room mirror and all I want to be is normal. I don't understand why this happens to me. My surgeons got certifications from; the National Board of Medical Examiners, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the American Board of Surgery. He's a member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Fellow of the American college of surgeons, Colorado society of Plastic surgeons, and the list goes on and on. With all of his lists of certificates and memberships and all of his years of experience he still did this to me. He still failed to properly measure the new location for my NAC. If my cleavage were uneven prior which I dought they were, he never disgust that they would be very uneven after, nor did he discus my nipples being so lateral prior, that's cause they weren't if anything the right was more lateral then the left. He deformed me he. He never discussed these out comes with me at all. The day before surgery he marked my breast with a permanent sharpie marker not ment for skin. Most doctors recommend avoiding writing on skin with any type of permanent marker. After my surgery at my first post op visit he doesn't provide me with a cover dressing prior to examining my breast justs asks me to lift my shirt up. He examined my bare breast with no chaperon in the room, recommended by most hospitals. He failed to give me my test results of the biopsy, I revived my results when I requested my fe be sent to me. He caused to spots on my left breast to get fat necrosis, I see this on know one else on the upper parts of my breast were I got them. I had them right after surgery, I didn't cause them he did. I would like to know how too. I'm guessing through his sloppy carelessness. Never trust a doctor that doesn't show you any pictures of his own work. It makes me sick, what he's done to me. All this pain he has put me trough. And my breast aren't healthy either. I wouldn't call to large spots of necrosis healthy, nor would I call the strang discoloration on my right breast. Who still has a bruise on their breast almost 15weeks post op. Nothing helps me to feel better. My wonderful husband who still calls me beautiful, still doesn't make the pain of not being able to fit in a normal bra, or look normal without one on. I'm sorry ladies this is not a positive review. My breast reduction is what you don't want to happen to you. I'm going to try not to think about how painful all of this is. I am just gonna wait until spring when I can see another doctor about fixing what Dr. Tirre did to me :( here are some pictures of me in a 34b bra that only fit's my left breast with my right breast coming out the side. Bra shopping is so depressive. I don't look forward to bathing suit shopping :(

Today is my birthday :)

I am 34 years old today, my boobs are 106 days old! That makes them sound so old, lol :) here are some pictures. The pictures where my breast have orange marker on them are my birthday wish list, I'd like to have all those things taken care of some day soon :) I think my PS could have done a better job, with all his years experience and certificates. My breast look like a rookie did the job, not a double board certified plastic surgeon :P I'm feeling a little better today, I'm gonna stay away from trying on new bras for a while. Hope your all doing well, thank you for all the positive and supportive post's :)

My Surgeons Operative Notes

My surgeons office sent me a packet with all my file info. This is what my surgeons notes said.
It said prior to surgery , the day before surgery, the patient had a Modified Wise Pattern designed on her breasts. I found that to be less then factual. As you can see the markings in the picture I took the morning before my surgery, were incomplete markings. He did mark me in a standing position with a permanent black marker (not meant for use on skin). He did not take into account my Mid-Sternal line. In fact when he was making those lines on me he was free drawling them. He did not measure me out from my Mid-Clavicular line. He told that I could take a shower pre surgery but, try not to wash off the lines. Honestly I thought he was joking, these couldn't possibly be my only pre surgery lines. And I remember laying on the bed before being wheeled in to the OR, telling him that I was sorry I washed most of the lines off. He told me not to worry about that. I was so nervous about going into surgery that I didn't think to ask him to re-draw my lines. Most surgeon make sure your lines are ready before going under the knife. The notes then say informed consent was obtained and the patient was taken to the OR. By the time the nurses wheeled me to the OR door I was out. It was the last thing I remember before waking up in recovery. The notes go on to say the patient was placed in a Supine position (Laying on your back with face upward). The notes then say the Marks were then reinforced on the chest wall with a marking pen. If we are to believe this statement to be factual, then he just marked me laying down on my back face up. Most of us aren't doctors on here, but it is common knowledge that you don't mark the patient laying down. Dr. Joseph Rucker informed me when I asked the question on Real Self, Why Plastic Surgeons mark patients in an upright position or standing position. He said, If marked in the SUPINE position the breast fall to the side and this will give a distorted final determination of the new position of the nipple (NAC). And this is why my breast look like the were put together on my sides under my arm pits and not out in front of my torso. With all of Dr.Tirre's experience he should have none not to do that. If these notes are accurate then that's gross negligence. I could have had a chance at having a normal breast reduction with normal results and he took that from me, with this careless mistake. The notes then go on to say, the chest wall was prepped with Betadine (prevent infection). Attention was first turned to the right breast. The base of the inferior pedicle was marked with a width of 9cm. 45mm nipple areola template was then used to design the nipple areola incision with a 10-blade knife. The inferior pedicle was de-epithelialized (un covered) with a 10-blade knife. The medial, middle, superior (upper), and lateral (sides), skin flaps were elevated a uniform thickness utilizing electro-cautery (electronic burning knife). I'm pretty sure I was not informed of the possible complications that come with using this form of cautery, like burns, skin & fat necrosis, and scaring. I believe consent prior to having a procedure with electro-cautery should have been obtained. I don't remember anyone speaking to me about it or me signing consent to use such tools, so that's something to look into. I now believe that the marks of fat necrosis on my upper inner and outer quadrant or upper poles could have been caused by the electro-cautery. The notes go on to say, dissecting between the breast tissue in the subcutaneous fat was done down to the pectoralis fascia, and the pedicle was de-bulked. The inframammory incisions were then made with a 15-blade knife. The medial and lateral skin flaps were elevated. The nipple areola was then tagged with 2-0nylon sutures. A #10 flat Jackson -Pratt drain was then brought out through a separate wound laterally. Position done on the skin flaps. The notes then state the Pedicle and Nipple -areola were buried and the skin flaps were brought to the Mid line under minimal tension using the 2-0nylon sutures. So he buried the pedicle and NAC under my breast with what Im thinking if Im understanding this correctly, is the skin flaps brought together at the middle of my breast ( the middle of my breast in a laying down position), and then put them together with a suture (stich). The notes then say he moved to do the same with the left breast. After doing all the same stuff to the left breast he then irrigated the area with normal Saline. I have know idea why. The notes go on to say a Flat Jackson-pratt drain was brought out through a separate stab wound. The left nipple areola was then tagged with a 2-0nylon suture and the skin flaps were brought to the midline ( or what he assumed the mid line would be with me laying down). And the nipple areola was buried under the skin flaps. At this point the patient was sat up and placed in a sitting position. The excessive skin bilaterally (on both sides) on the medial and lateral skinflaps was then marked with a marking pen on both the right and the left. On the right breast excessive (extra) skin was excised using a 10-blade knife and with hemostasis (the stopping of bleeding), he used electro-cautery. He then did the same thing to the Left breast. He then placed me in a SUPINE (laying with my back down and face up) position. Simultaneously (at the same time) the inframammary incisions were approximated ( I believe this means he was making sure the incisions under my breast were both even, and he decides this as I am laying flat on my back instead of an up right position with would have been the proper thing to do, and that's probably why my cleavage was made so uneven). He approximated using interrupted 3-0 monocryl sutures in interrupted inverted( upside down or opposite position) fashion. The vertical slit incisions were approximated with interrupted 3-0 monocrly sutures. So what I think this means is the line that go's vertical or straight down the middle of your breast is what he was making sure were even with each other, again while Im laying back down face up. Next attention goes first to the right breast, a 38mm nipple areola template was used to mark the key-hole incision approximately 4.5cm above the inframammaryfold. So at which point did he decide where to mark the key hole? If these notes are correct it was while I was laying down face up. This is the point he decides to mark my new NAC with me laying back down. He approximated the midline and vertical slit with me laying down and then put my new NAC with me laying down on where he believed to be the middle of my breast. The middle of my breast would have been in a different spot when I was in an upright position then laying down with my breast at my sides in my under arms. Once again Dr. Joseph Rucker said in a SUPINE position the breast fall to the side and this will give a distorted final determination of the new position of the nipple (NAC). The notes go on to say this was cut with a 10-blade knife the skin and the subcutaneous fat was excised (cut out). The nipple areola was then brought out ( of the hole he just cut) and inset with interrupted 3-0 monocryl sutures in setting the dermis ( skin). Then he did the same thing to the left. The notes go on to say the total weight taken from the left (the smaller breast to start with) 557g and the larger breast the right he took 547g out of. Again why would you take more out of the smaller breast and less out of the larger breast? Gross incompetence, I believe or a lack of paying attention to detail. Because he did that I'm left with two different sized breast with out being able to fit in a normal cup bra. If he paid attention to this details I wouldn't need to get lipo suction or what ever else I will have to do to even up my breast size. The notes go on to say all the incisions were then approximated (to come close to being similar) using running subcuticular 4-0 monocryl sutures. And Derma bond was placed on the skin over the incision lines ( skin glue). The drains were hooked up to the bulbs and the patient was brought to recovery without complication. If these notes are accurate then we can all see what really happened to my breast and why they appear the way they do. I feel so violated. If he only to proper procautions these mistakes would not have happened and I'd be telling all of you how wonderful my new breast are and how much I love them :(

Operative notes & my question answered by dr.'s on realself

Breast Reduction: Q&A
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Why do you mark the patient standing up prior to Breast Reduction Surgery?
Asked by HappliyMarried33 in US
3 days ago
Why do you mark the patient standing up instead of laying down, prior to Inferior Pedicle Wise Pattern Breast Reduction Mammoplasty? Does it matter whether your laying on your back or are in a standing position when your being marked pre surgery? Or is it not that big of a deal, cause if your Surgeon's Board Certified, he is so skilled he can mark you in any position.
board certification
6 doctor answers:
Breast Marking
I guess ever since the pyramids were built, breasts have been marked in the upright position. So part of the answer is that that is the way we always do it. But the other side of the answer is that when the patient is lying down we also assess and adjust the markings a bit. Breast reduction marking is very important. Another twist on this is that

in the upright position the breasts are stationery and comparable to each other. The surgeon can clearly measure from the sternal notch, and the 6 th rib, and the ziphoid angle and the middle of the arm. All this becomes vague and hard to compare when reclined. Then again another answer is that for all the above reasons, marking in the upright position is just better. I usually have the patient sit upright and not stand. I have seen surgeons take over an hour to mark breasts. This is fine. Most of us take 10 to 15 minutes at most. My best, Dr C
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George Commons, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon
23 reviews
Why Plastic Surgeons Mark Their Patients in the Standing Position Prior to Surgery.

I have performed approximately 2,000 breast reduction surgeries and I prefer to mark the patient in the standing position for the following reasons.
1. If marked in the supine position the breast fall to the side and this will give a distorted final determination of the new position of the nipple.
2. I prefer standing as opposed to sitting because I prefer the abdominal tissues (which are forced upward during sitting) to not effect the markings.
Web reference:
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Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS
Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon
2 reviews
Marking breasts before breast reduction surgery

Great question!

Although, all pre surgical markings are important, I also take into consideration what effects gravity has on the part in question when you are lying on the table. As you know, breasts tend to fall on the sides of the chest when lying on your back. I have made certain that with the Ultimate Breast Reduction technique, breasts are not subject to the forces of gravity.

Plastic surgeons need to look at all aspects of esthetic improvement. This not only requires having an esthetic eye, but technical ability and know-how.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,
Dr. H
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Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
99 reviews
Marking for Breast Reduction
I prefer to mark the patient sitting. This allows me to factor in the effects of gravity on the breasts.

Dr. ES

Earl Stephenson, Jr., MD, DDS
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
5 reviews
I mark patients while sitting...
Hi HappilyMarried33. There are many ways to mark patients, and none of them are right or wrong. I was trained to mark patients while they are sitting. This has worked well for me over the last 700 or so cases. Other surgeons probably have equally good results marking patients in other positions.

Lewis Ladocsi, MD, FACS
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
15 reviews
Marking is a personal thing. I prefer to mark the patient in the standing position because it takes gravity into account and allows me an opportunity to account for that as I try and provide the best symmetry. I have seen very skilled plastic surgeons who do not mark at all and get excellent results. I think whatever the surgeon you chose does routinely to get good results is important.

All the best,

Arun Rao Plastic Surgeon Tucson, Arizona
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Arun Rao, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon
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17 weeks or 4 months :)

Small update. My son and husband always say what ever amount of time I say it's going to take me to do something you should probably double it :) So 10 minutes in the store turns into 20, and 30 minutes to get ready turns into an hour. So my small update is a little bigger then I was planing, but that's just because I like to share all my thoughts with all of you. My breast are starting to feel less numb every week. My left breast has more feeling in it then my right. My right breast was the one that had the open wound that didn't fully close until week 7. My right breast is a little dis colored and it kind of looks bruised on it's lower half. I also feel a dull pain in it most of the time, but since it's still half numb it's not as bother some as it would be. The most numb part of both breast is the very top of my chest, it feels weird. Something I was worried about and wondering was the lower incisions that go under my breast, they have soften up almost completely. Before it felt like hard think rope under my skin, but now all that hardness is gone. It just feels like thinnish scar lines under my breast. Thought I'd let you know that if you were wondering when that would go away :) The two parts of fat and skin necrosis on the upper parts of my left breast hurt a little when you press on them. I hope I can have them removed someday with little to no scaring, not sure if that's going to be possible :P I have little scar spots around my left nipple where the skin was tighter but then loosened up. The lower part of my right nipple hasn't regained feeling, but most of that nipple has feeling so that's good. The nipples them self feel a little stranger then they did pre surgery. The outer edges of my areoles where the nipple was sewn to my new breast feels like a rubber band on the inside and under my skin. If you touch it you can feel a circle holding your nipple areola to your breast, it's a weird feeling. The only time they feel to the touch, like normal nipples is when they are hard. I was exercising yesterday. I can do pretty much everything, like stretching at any angle, jumping jacks, and running. I still hold them sometimes when I'm jumping, old habits are hard to break. After jumping and running my breast feel all tingly it's a strange feeling. But I think it's good for them, it's getting the blood flowing in them, I'm not a doctor, that's just what I think :) My right breast is wider then my left by 1 1/2- 2 inches, the rights about 8inches and the lefts about 6inches wide. They both project the same distance off my chest wall, about 2inches. Their projection fits most B cup bras that I've seen, but the width of the right breast fits closest to most D cups. So that has to be fixed. I can sleep in any position, so that's good. I'm very concerned about the health of my right breast. I would like to get a mammogram or ultra sound done on both breast to see the extent of the necrosis on the left, and the damage the infection did in side my right. I hope the right doesn't have a permanent bruise. I'm waiting for the hospital to send my medical records, they said I should have them by Friday, so I'll let you know if I find anything interesting. Well that's all I can think of for now. I hope your all doing well, I've been reading many other reviews. I'm starting to think that the number of happy women after their Breast reduction maybe over inflated. It seems to me that everyone has one or more issues with their breast after a reduction. I haven't found any women who didn't have something that needs fixing. You either get an open wound usually around the T-intersection or nipples. Or your breast are two different size's. Or you get dog ears or bunched up incisions. Or nipples that are two different sizes. Or your breast come out too big or too small. That's a lot of Or's. If you haven't yet had your surgery and your going to have a BR, expect 1 or more of these complications afterward. Even Queen Latifah was talking about how she had a breast reduction and it left her feeling too small. I think what bothered me the most about my complications were that I wasn't prepared for them. I was prepared for the open wound and the scaring, and even the breast being different sizes, I just wasn't expecting them to be such strange sizes. Strange sizes that don't fit in normal bras. It's cause he left me wider on the right by almost 2in. I'm not sure that's normal, but I have heard other women talking about being too wide and not full enough to fill the wider cup sizes. And I never saw anyone with nipples on the outer edges of their breast, but that's because most Doctors know to measure mark and plan the NAC better then my doctor did. So if you haven't had surgery just be sure you will have something, no one gets a perfect Breast Reduction. Even with the added complications most women are happier after their reduction, because they are so sick of their larger breast and all the complications that comes with them. So after your reduction it's ok to complain about what's bothering you. We know your happy to be smaller. We also know your going to have issues with your new breast, because we all do. Some of us will live with the issues if they aren't that hard to live with. But many of us need to have more work done, so be prepared to need more work done. I was really being hopeful that everything would go so well, I wouldn't have any issues that needed fixing. I don't know if I was being overly optimistic or just naive. Well I can only speak about my own experience and my own knowledge about Breast reductions. I'm sure you will have your very own unique experiences. So good luck to all those getting ready to take on the BR experience :) and happy healing to those that have made it to the other side :)

I just read the saddest thing

Dena33 had an awful reduction like 15years or so. And her doctor treated her poorly. Now that there's an internet and sites like Real self to give support to women like her, her doctor read her review, and basically called her a liar on her own review. First of all he acts like it wasn't him since he doesn't have a record of her going back that far, and then he says she's being dishonest cause she didn't post her pre surgery pictures. Like her pre surgery pictures will make her post surgery pictures any better. She swore that it was him, and he's acting like he didn't have anything to do with her breast. It was so rude how he was treating her. This is supposed to be a place where we can go to share our story's and help and comfort one another, not a place where we're going to feel attacked and insulted for sharing our story. If my doctor wants to post on my site fine. You don't like my review, well I don't like what you did to my breast. You could have fixed them and you chose to tell me to go to someone else. You had the opportunity to help me when I came to you, and I told you I wasn't happy with my results. Your response was, my nipples were probably lateral to begin with. You could have been more understanding and compassionate to my feelings and you chose the attitude of it's not your problem. You told me just like your assistant told me, I had a breast reduction for medical reasons not for cosmetic. So I guess it was crazy for me to trust you and to think you cared about the aesthetics of my results. You want to post to let the other people on this site know your not as I claimed, go right a head. Everything I posted on this site was real, just like the results you gave me. If you want a better review then you need to provide better results. I'm sure you want nothing more to do with me. Don't act like you care now that I'm unhappy with my results and you had no idea. I called your office, I told your assistant, I even tried to speak to your wife, who never called me back. I told you I wasn't happy with my results, you didn't care then, so if you post a "this is all new to me" on my site. Good luck with that. I don't want you to fix my breast after the way you treated me. I want my money back for the whole thing hospital and all. I want to be compensated for the damages of having to fix your sloppy work. I want you to post my before and after pictures on your website and the walls of your waiting room. An "I'm sorry" wouldn't cut it coming from you now, I wouldn't feel like it was sincere. It would seem like you'd only be sorry I made this review and that it reflected poorly on you. I wanted you to be a great doctor. Even after your work was done and I was unsatisfied I gave you the benefit of the doubt, in earlier post I said wonderful things about you. I hoped you were going to help me fix the asymmetry. I thought you cared about me. The way you treated me the last time I saw you, left me in tears. You can't treat people like that and expect a great review. You want a good review then you do a better job on someone else. You can ask them to post a review for you. If your a great doctor, then nothing I can say can harm your reputation. But if you do sloppy work, give sloppy results, and then mistreat your patients this is what you get a poor review. I wish I could have given you a better review. I am sick with disappointment in your work and behavior. I make mistakes, but I own up to them. I made a mistake by trusting you as my doctor. I'm living with my mistake right now.
I'm so sorry that Dena33 had to go through that on this site. If any of you can please post something nice on her review. She has had to live all these years with her poor results because she never had the money to fix them. I told her how bad I felt for her situation, I couldn't imagine going 15 years with these results. What that must have done to her self esteem. I told her I would pray for her it moved me so much :( I really hope nothing like that happens to any of you. If your doctor gives you a poor outcome and then won't fix that outcome, and you give them a poor review, you should know you have the right to do so. As long as your being honest about it there's nothing they can do about it. If they don't want their reputation being damaged by a poor review then they need to give better results and treat their patients with understanding and dignity. I didn't want to give a poor review. I wish I could have given a better review. I wish I had better results or you offered to help fix my poor results. I gave my review and I would have even gotten rid of it when I noticed the review was starting to go south. But I couldn't. Real self said the review was staying. After you treated me so poorly I wasn't concerned how this review made you look. You didn't care how I looked so why should I care how you look anymore. I have to look at what you did to me everyday, do you have to look at my review everyday? Post what you want on my site. If your embarrassed with my review then you should be. I'm embarrassed at the way my breast looks, I'm embarrassed that I trusted you.

Pre-Surgery Marking and Planning

Hi everyone :) I was very impressed with another Women's Reduction result's that came out fantastic! Many of you may know her as Raboobsel. She is a very smart and caring person on Real Self. She did all her homework and had a great PS who did an Awesome job on her reduction. I asked her if I could use her as an example of how much of a difference in results you can receive through proper planning & detailed markings. So in the pictures I will be patient A. and she is patient B. I understand that even with proper planning things can still go wrong with healing, but in this case let's just assume both patients will have average healing results. Our procedure's were slightly different, she had the internal bra, and I had a wise pattern. Both of those have the anchor incisions. Also we both were a 34DDD and we both are similar in size, Raboobsel is a little taller then me by a few inches. Also I believe her surgeon used steri-strips and my used glue. I know our reductions were not 100% similar but, I wanted to show how great your results can be with detailed pre-surgery markings and proper measuring for the new location of your NAC. Thank you Raboobsel for allowing me to show your awesome pictures. I tried to match them up with mine the best I could. This is not scientific its just for fun :)

More picture art

I took these today, I'm about 4 1/2 months. I'm an Artist and I love taking pictures. So here are some pictures of my breast that I took and edited with my iPhone. I found this therapeutic :)

When does your surgeon locate the new NAC?

Do surgeons locate the new position of the NAC before surgery or during surgery? When preforming a wise pattern inferior pedicle breast reduction in general, when do you locate the NAC, with the patient before surgery, or at the end of surgery? Is it waste of time to try and plan the new position of the NAC, since most surgeons don't really know where it will be until the end of surgery?
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When does your surgeon locate the new position of the NAC? Before or during your Breast Reduction?
Doctor Tom J. Pousti MD, FACS
January 30th, 2014
In all aspects of plastic surgery procedures, there may be different methods that different plastic surgeons utilize. In my practice, and most plastic surgeons' practices I know, breast reduction pre operative markings allow for measurements and planning/positioning of the nipple/areola complexes. Best to run this question by your chosen plastic surgeon for accurate/relevant information. Best wishes.
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Nipple Location With Breast Reduction
Doctor John Whitt MD
January 30th, 2014
I always mark my reduction patients pre-op based on where I would like to see the NAC post-op. The final determination is made during the procedure, but any difference is usually very slight and the pre-op marking is important.

Doctor C. Andrew Salzberg MD
February 4th, 2014
Thank you for your question. Usually, the breasts are marked with the patient awake, sitting or standing upright, prior to the procedure. Markings include the position of the NAC. However, all surgeons are different, so I would discuss this with the plastic surgeon you choose prior to the procedure to better understand his method.

Good luck!

My PS re-marked the lack there of, marks he made on me the first time, when I was in a supine position under anesthesia in the OR. Yesterday, I marked my self with a permanent marker like the one my PS used when he marked me the first time. And then I took a picture of the mark, before I got in the shower today. I washed my body like normal, the same way I did the morning before surgery. I then got dressed and took another picture of the mark. I did this to show that the day of my surgery most of my marks washed off, and that's why he had to reinforce them on the OR table while I was in a supine position. He marked me laying down, just like he marked the new NAC while I was laying down later in surgery. I looked at many women after they get out of surgery and a lot of them still have marks on their skin in their after pictures. I remember not having any marks any where on me right after surgery. If he re-marked me, he must not have done much more then what he did the day before, cause I had no marks any where, not above or below my breast. All his marks must have gotten cut off. Its weird cause most other women still showed a lot of their marks that were still left on their torso's. Ok well I'm done beating this horse for now. Ha Ha get it, beating a dead horse. If I'm tired of writing about it, I know you guys have got to be tired of reading about it. If I run across anything new, I'll be sure to keep you all informed. Happy Healing :)

Something Strange?

So, I'm almost 5 months, in a week or so. I still have some parts of my breast that are numb, and other parts that have feeling in them. And that would be normal, but the strange part that I just noticed, is where the numb parts are compared to where the feeling parts are. I took some picture to show you. I shaded in the numb parts with a blue washable marker. The right side of both breast have feeling in them. When I touch the right side I can feel it completely skin and all. The left side on both breast are numb. When I touch the skin on the left side on both breast I can't feel it. So what does the left side of both breast have in common? Why would both left sides be numb? It's not like both breast have numb spots and feeling spots, they have specific numb spots, and feeling spots. I'm now concerned about the pedicle in both breast. I had an inferior pedicle breast reduction, that means that he leaves the tissue around my nipple/areola complex, and the part under my breast that's attached to the NAC. He then takes out the tissue on the top of my breast, and out both the outer sides of my breast. So if I were numb in the places were I lost the most tissue, to me that would seem normal. And I would expect both breast to be similar in where they lost the most tissue. But that's not what I'm finding. If I have feeling on the right side of both breast then what I'm wondering is, where's my true pedicle? Shouldn't I have a pedicle on opposite sides? For instance, shouldn't my left Breast have a left side pedicle and the Right breast have a right side pedicle making them balanced, so that both breast have feeling on the outer sides. Just like if the pedicle was on the lower sides of both breast, then both bottoms would have feeling and the top making them even in where they both have feeling. And if I had a superior breast reduction, then the top of both of my breast should have feeling and the bottom of both breast would be numb. All of this is theoretical, I'm no doctor, and no matter which procedure you have there could be loss of feeling anywhere on your breast. But I'm pretty sure your more likely to keep feeling where the tissue stayed connected. That's the reason for the nipple to remain attached to the pedicle, so it will continue to have feeling and a healthy blood supply. What concerns me is that, if I get more work done on my breast, the new Surgeon must know where the pedicle is in order not to cut or damage the pedicle. If the pedicle is disturbed it can result in the loss of my nipple areola, plus large amounts of breast tissue, and skin necrosis. My new surgeon has to have the correct information in order to fix my breast, without causing further damage. This is all so scary. I was reading about a women who lost both her breast in her second reduction, because her surgeon failed to take into consideration where her pedicle was located, and he cut off the remaining pedicle resulting in both breast losing their blood supply, and they both turned black and had to be amputated. She sued him and won. But no about of money is worth my body parts. My body parts are priceless to me. No amount of money could make up the loss of my breast. I felt terrible for her, but her story taught me a lesson about the importance of the pedicle and the importance of it's blood supply to the nipple and breast. I'm going to ask the other surgeons on real self about their opinion on why I'm numb on just the left side of both breast. And why I'm not numb on equal sides, like the outer sides only, or the inner sides only, or the upper sides only. Shouldn't it be like mirror images, that's how symmetry works right? If you put a mirror in the middle of you body, both sides should be an equal reflection right? I mean no body is perfectly symmetrical, but both our thumbs are on opposite sides of each other. Both our pinky toes are on the out sides of both feet, not on both the right sides of our foot. So why wouldn't my breast be a mirror image of each other? Would my PS have kept my pedicle on only the right side of both breast? That doesn't sound right. I will have to ask the other doctors if it matters where the pedicle is and if it's normal to not have a mirror imaged pedicle. I'm not sure that I don't have mirror image pedicels, but I am sure that the felling in both breast army mirror images. And I'm just trying to come up with theory's on why I only have feeling on the right sides of both my breast. I will also try to find information online. The other PS's will say this is something you should discuss with your surgeon. But I asked him about my left lateral nipple and he told me my left nipple was probably lateral before my reduction, but the pictures showed the right nipple was more lateral then the left, the left was more centered on my original breast. Also when I asked him about the spot of necrosis on the inside of my left breast he acted like he wasn't really sure what it was then guessed it was probably just a blood vessel. I don't think blood vessels are hard and painful. So, I could ask him about his theory on the numbness on the left side of both breast, but if he had anything to do with it, I'm sure he wouldn't be honest about the real reason behind it. If he did something he wasn't supposed to he would just act like he knows nothing about it and try to say something other then his technique was the cause of it. Well here are some pictures of the odd numb areas on my breast. If anyone else has any theory's or advice as to how I could know the true location of my true pedicle's without relying on the surgeon, let me know. There were other witnesses in the OR, I wonder if they would know. I really need to get advise from another PS, but we live 4 hours from the city in a rural part of Kansas. And we can't afford to drive out that way for a long time from now. We usually go out that way in the spring but, since we lost our corn crop we've been pretty broke. Hopefully if the wheat does well, then maybe we can go to Colorado in the summer. Maybe it just a coincidence but, I believe those sides are numb for a specific reason. I would like to find out what that reason is. Well here are some pictures, hope everyone is doing well :)

I found this on Lubin & Meyer Malpractice Law

Jury awards $3.5 million to woman in
botched breast surgery

Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyers Report, 2006

Loss of Both Breasts Following Breast Reduction Surgery

The plaintiff was a 63 year old woman who had undergone breast reduction surgery in Canada when she was 18 years old. After the passing of many years, and after birthing three children and gaining forty pounds, her breasts had grown large again and she was experiencing neck, shoulder and back pain. She went to see the defendant plastic surgeon in October, 2002, to discuss a second breast reduction operation.

The defendant proceeded with breast reduction surgery in December, 2002. The defendant assumed the records from Canada were not available, and did not attempt to obtain these records. There was a factual dispute whether the plaintiff was able to remember the details of the prior breast reduction in Canada, and whether she discussed the details with the defendant prior to the surgery in 2002. The defendant claimed to have asked the plaintiff questions regarding the prior surgery so the defendant could try to obtain those records, but the plaintiff could not provide enough information to allow the defendant to request the records.

The defendant performed the breast reduction, without the prior records, using an inferior pedicle technique. In simplest terms, this technique removes tissue from the top of the breast and preserves blood flow on the bottom of the breast. It is an excellent technique and the most common approach in use in 2002 and today. The plaintiff was able to show, however, that in the early 1960's the predominant method for breast reductions was a superior pedicle technique in which tissue is removed from the bottom of the breast and blood flow is preserved on the top of the breast.

The plaintiff claimed that the standard of care in a repeat breast reduction was to utilize the same technique that was used in the prior breast reduction. The plaintiff further claimed that in cases where the prior technique could not be determined, the standard of care was to perform a free nipple graft. The plaintiff alleged that because the defendant used the incorrect technique, she was caused to suffer a lack of adequate blood flow to her breasts resulting in tissue necrosis. The plaintiff subsequently required what was essentially a double mastectomy to remove the necrotic tissue.

The defendant claimed that while there was certainly an unfortunate and undesired result, the defendant fully complied with the standard of care at all times. The defendant also pointed out that there were lengthy discussions about the risks of the procedure, and that those discussions were documented in the medical records of the pre-operative office visits. Among the risks discussed and documented were tissue necrosis and the need for further surgery. The defendant also claimed that the plaintiff may well have suffered the same outcome regardless of which technique was used in 2002.

The case was tried over five days. The jury deliberated for four and half hours before returning its verdict. The jury found the defendant was negligent and that the defendant failed to obtain the plaintiff's informed consent. The jury awarded the plaintiff a total of $3,000,000 for past and future scarring, disfigurement, and pain and suffering. The jury also awarded $500,000 to the plaintiff's husband for his loss of consortium claim.

I just thought I'd share this story with all of you. It shows the importance of having all your previous medical records, before getting a breast reduction revision, or added breast work after your first reduction.

Wise Pattern Breast Reduction with Inferior Pedicle


Wise pattern breast reduction through a keyhole incision and inferior pedicle is the most versatile breast reduction technique, applicable to the broadest range of patients.


Wise pattern inferior pedicle breast reduction is very good for the majority of women seeking breast reduction. Whereas classical literature claims a limit of nipple elevation of 16 cm, we have found success in up to 20 cm of elevation. Wise pattern breast reduction addresses axillary fullness well


The patient is marked in the upright position. The central axis of the breast is marked bilaterally and transposed below the level of the inframammary fold (IMF). The new nipple position is marked on this axis at the level of the IMF, often 22-23 cm from the sternal notch. Limbs of 8 cm in length are designed from the nipple to define the new nipple-inframammary distance, and the distance between these two limbs varies depending upon the width of the nipple areolar complex and the degree of breast narrowing the surgeon aims to achieve, usually on the order of 7-8 cm. Symmetry can be checked by comparing distances between each distal limb to the sternal notch with a tape measure. A wire nipple marker can be used to mark the ultimate 4-cm nipple areolar complex (NAC) centered around the apex of the limbs drawn. The IMF is marked. Markings then connect the distal portion of the limbs medially and laterally to the IMF. An inferior pedicle is marked symmetrically on the two breasts, at least 7 cm in width (Figure 16-1). The new nipple areolar position is measured again as well as the existing NAC position to determine preoperative asymmetry. This should be confirmed with the patient. Once the patient is asleep on the operating room table, the symmetry of markings may be further checked, ensuring that the distance from midline to the central breast axis is the same, as well as the distance of the pedicle from midline and the width of the pedicle


The patient is brought into the operating room and anesthesia is induced. A Foley catheter may be placed to monitor urine output, particularly if the case will last longer than 3 hours. Arms are positioned at 90 degrees from the body, and egg crate is placed on the arm boards to pre- vent nerve compression. The knees are placed on a pillow to encourage ?exion, and antiembolism support stockings and sequential compression devices are initiated prior to anesthesia. Markings on the breast are deter- mined to be symmetric with regard to midpoint marked on the IMF on each breast and the width and position of the inferior pedicle centered on the central IMF marking. The breasts are prepared and draped in sterile fashion, placing a lower body forced warming blanket to avoid hypothermia. The drapes on the chest should be stapled into position, stapling superiorly on the clavicles and stapling the central axis of each breast above the pro- posed NAC complex and below the IMF. A 42- to 45-mm nipple areolar cookie cutter is used to designate the new nipple areolar diameter, and this mark is incised with the NAC on moderate stretch (Figure 16-2). The central pedicle is then de-epithelialized with a knife or with large mayo scissors, preserving the NAC (Figure 16-3).
After this, the cautery is used to resect breast and skin of the medial and lateral triangles (Figure 16-4A, B). Skin ?aps are developed superiorly as these triangles are excised, at least 2 cm in thickness, making the resection specimens’ shape resemble tetrahedrons. The medial and lateral triangles of tissue are excised from the central pedicle laterally, ensuring that excellent blood supply is maintained on the pedicle. The new NAC and vertical limbs are then incised, connecting into the medial and lateral resection areas. The superior breast skin ?aps are elevated as far as necessary to comfortably accommodate the breast tissue, up to the clavicles and above the pectoralis fascia. Breast tissue may then be resected superiorly from the inferior pedicle with the cautery or a dermatome blade, and further removal laterally and medially from the pedicle is performed (Figure 16-5). Careful hemostasis is achieved and the wound is irrigated. Intercostal blocks may be placed with lidocaine, bupivacaine, or a mixture of the two for postoperative comfort below the ribs. Dermal sutures (#3-0 monofilament absorbable) are then placed to approximate the skin ?aps centrally under the NAC and at the fold. Staples may then be used to approximate the inframammary closure. A 10-mm ?at Jackson-Pratt drain is placed, exiting out the lateral position and sutured into position with a #3-0 permanent monofilament suture. The patient is ?exed on the operating room bed to elevate the back and assess sym- metry, and any necessary revisions are performed. The weight of tissue removed from each side is compared and should be similar unless there was remarkable preoperative asymmetry. The skin ?aps vertically and horizontally are approximated with buried dermal interrupted #3-0 monofilament absorbable sutures, as is the NAC. A #4-0 monofilament absorbable running intracuticular suture is placed (Figure 16-6). Interrupted #4-0 monofilament permanent sutures may be used to reinforce closure. The wounds are then washed and dressed with petrolatum gauze and absorbent pads. The patient is placed into a bra which is soft, supportive, and snug but not tight. The patient should then be extubated and the urine catheter removed if one was placed at the beginning of the case.


Breast reduction as a solo procedure may be performed as an outpatient. Before leaving the recovery room, the patient must be able to urinate, ambulate, and take adequate oral ?uids. The patient may stay in the hospital overnight for monitoring, intravenous antibiotics, and pain management. If the patient stays in hospital, the drains are often removed the following morning. If out- put overnight is more than 50 cc, the drains may be left in for a week until the first postoperative visit. Oral antibiotics should be considered until drain removal.

The patient returns 1 week after surgery for the first postoperative visit. Sutures are removed, and drains are removed if still in place. Physical limitations within the upper body last for a month. Patients may shower several days after the procedure, and a soft support bra is recommended for 2 months.

Scar management with massage and cocoa butter or scar cream should be instituted 2 weeks after surgery as long as there are no open wounds. If small open wounds occur, most often under the NAC or at the IMF, they are treated locally with antibiotic ointment, cleansing, and bandaging.


This technique has been most criticized for its scars and ?attened breast contour. The scars that are most problematic lie along the IMF medially and laterally and around the NAC. Scars may be particularly problematic when central inferior scars are connected across the lower sternum when symmastia is treated. Scars may be thicker if there is secondary wound healing. The scars require aggressive postoperative management. The contour associated with this technique is ?atter than that associated with vertical techniques, but the benefit in this technique is the vertical reduction in breast length that can be achieved and the symmetry that is easily attained.

Careful attention must be paid to not making the NAC too high. A high NAC may be hard to hide in a bra or swimsuit top and is not easy to correct. The patient must understand how far lateral the incisions will go as they may be visible in revealing clothing.

If this is a secondary breast reduction it is very important to ensure that the prior pedicle is not disconnected, no matter how much time has passed since the first procedure. As much information about the initial procedure should be gained to protect against complications, including if there were complications associated with the initial procedure, such as large seromas or hematomas. Secondary breast reduction has much higher risk for complication than primary breast reduction.

The most common complication of Wise pattern breast reduction is wound healing problems with skin necrosis centrally where the skin ?aps are approximated and tension is the greatest. Adequate thickness on skin ?aps and minimizing risk of overresection of skin must be ensured to allow optimal healing.


Careful patient selection is important in ensuring success in this case. The skin ?aps are elevated and under- mined, leading to significant compromise of vascularity and potential skin loss along the medial inferior skin ?aps. Patients who smoke, have coronary artery disease, have autoimmune disease requiring steroids, are diabetic with poor glucose control, have psychiatric problems, or are older than 50 years are at elevated risk for healing problems. Patients who are morbidly obese, particularly teenagers, should be referred for weight loss prior to breast reduction.

With congestion of nipples or a seemingly tight closure, leaving incisions open either around the NAC or throughout the breast allows for swelling, and closure may take place at a later time. Nipples may be converted to grafts if there is an obvious problem with circulation. This possibility should be anticipated in larger breasted patients with medical comorbidities, and the patient should be prepared for the possibility of nipple grafting.

Always underresect rather than overresect in creation of incisions, the inferior pedicle and skin ?aps. One can always go back and remove more, but once the tissue is gone, it is gone.

In teenagers presenting for breast reduction, scars must be reviewed with the family and potential patient so that they understand what is involved. Teenagers may not be accepting of the scars. Teenagers with macromastia may be prone to recurrent macromastia, so this possibility needs to be discussed as well.
This was written by Dr. Adarsh Patil November 20, 2012
I found it on the internet, and wanted to share it with all of you, since this is the procedure I had, well or was supposed to have, not sure about how much Dr. Adarsh surgery is like Dr. Tirre's surgery he preformed on me. I will need to take a closer look to compare the two.

Thank you Real Self :)

Thank you Real Self for giving me an opportunity to learn from and be apart of your community. I found Real Self after deciding that last year, would be the year for me to pursue my life long dream of getting a breast reduction. I wanted to have a Breast Reduction since finding out about them in my late teens. Finally at 33 I was going to purse this dream, but I had no idea where to begin. Thank goodness for the internet, without which I wouldn't have had much knowledge on what to do and how to pursue getting a Breast Reduction. I first needed to figure out how to get insurance to pay for my reduction, and that took many months of hard work and research. After which, I did what most insurance company's require you to do in order to qualify for coverage. While I was busy with all of that, I was also researching other women's Breast Reduction experiences, so that I would be ready if and when I was able to qualify for a reduction. I cant tell you how much Real Self helped me with that. Real Self has the largest amount of personal experience's shared by the most wonderful women. Some of whom had positive experiences and some had negative, but all of their collective experiences helped me in preparation for my own. Your team created this wonderful and safe atmosphere for which I'm eternally grateful. The Real Self Staff and the Real Self Community has helped me so much through my own personal Breast Reduction journey. I tried to be as open and as honest with my experience as possible. I really was hoping to have a happier more positive one. I choose the wrong surgeon for my procedure and have been paying for that mistake ever since. But without your community I would have been so alone in my despair. Your Community has been my closest kindred friends. For me my botched cosmetic procedure was humiliating and I really didn't want to share it with too many of my friends and family. Not too many of them supported or understood my decision to have this procedure done. But your community supported me every step of the way. They comforted me when I was at my lowest, and for that I'm so grateful for. Real Self isn't just a place where you can learn about different procedures, its a place where kindred spirits come to connect and guide each other through our body and souls transformations. You haven't just created an amazing company, but a wonderful loving and supportive family. After my botched procedure, I was devastated. I needed to understand why and how this happened to me, and I wanted to help other women avoid the same mistakes I made. The more I learned the more I shared. Thank you for providing me with the chance to ask Doctors in the field of plastic surgery questions that helped me to understand more about the procedure I was to have, and had. There can never be too much information on the internet. Your Doctors give great advise, weather or not that advise was what I wanted to hear at the time. We don't always know what's best for us, but thank goodness for your wonderful team of professional's who are there to guide us along our complex journey. I wish my review would have been a more positive one, but I am very hopeful for the future. I know I will have the breast I've hoped for most of my life, its just a matter of time. I learned from my mistakes and I hope I was able to help others be more informed about how they can prevent those same mistakes from happening to them. I will chose a much better surgeon next time. I spent most of my life in more populated places, mostly in the Pennsylvania, Florida, and Nevada. I now live with my husband and his family in a very rural part of Kansas. We are hundreds of miles from big towns and city's. Our town is like an island in the corn fields with only 5- 6,000 people for hundreds of miles around. Without Rea Self, I never would have been able to ask questions and get answers from professional and experienced Doctors in the field of plastic surgery. I can never say thank you enough, please share my thank you with the whole team. All of you have had a hand in contributing to a remarkable human experience. You are all appreciated in everything that you do for the Real Self Community. Thanks again, HappilyMarried34 :)

I have given this a lot of thought. Now that I'm 4 1/2 months past, I'm very unsatisfied with my Breast Reduction results. I believe Dr. Tirre could have done a better job, so I personally would not recommend him for Breast Reductions.

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