35 Mother of 3. Ready for a Change. Denver, CO

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So here goes.... I'm a 35yr old mother of 3 with a...

So here goes.... I'm a 35yr old mother of 3 with a scheduled surgery in less then a month. Procedure plan is breast lift and implants (round gel 360cc) TT, lipo on my back, flanks and inner thighs as well as butt. Fat transfer to butt for more fuller round behind (I already have some junk) super nervous. I started having kids real young and haven't felt good about my body for as long as I can remember. Clothes hid a lot!


In having second thoughts. I know I can use use it. I wonder if I should try losing more weight and waiting. I'v tried that's for sure.

Weight gain

Oh no! I've put on 6lbs and I wanted to lose weight. All this candy and stress! I'm so mad at myself. I decided today that I'm putting up my Christmas decorations because I don't think I'll feel up to it after my surgery. I cleaned my fridge, oven, wiped down all the cabinets. I guess you can say I'm pretty nervous! Anxiety level is out the roof.... Less than 2 weeks to go.

Today is the day...

On my way in. I'm way more calm then I thought I'd be. Yesterday was horrible. Had a small breakdown kissing my babies good night. I think I'm to tired to freak out yet. Said a prayer this morning and off I go. Ready for this to be over with.

Every hour gets better

Every hour seems to be a little better. My back hurts. I get a massage in the morning I'm hoping that helps. 2 drains the right isn't putting much out.. Maybe. that's in connection. With my pain.... Still have got up yet. I'm just with my husband was here. Saltines and ginger ale are my friend. I'll ask for pics then.

Flat stomach

Still very bruised only 2 drains one is still putting out more double. The side that's putting out less is way more painful. Arnica is amazing. First evening home I forgot put onstage underwear so yeah was mess. Decided to showe it wiped out

Day 3

Day 3. Up and walking. Trying to get circulation. Last night was bad. Still swollen. But manageable. Q

5days post op

Feeling a little better. Wish the nausea would go away. Back swelling has been hard on me. I'm feeling weepy today. I called my sister in another state asking her to come help me. I'm being a big baby... Maybe because my ex husband picked my kids up for thanksgiving break. I can't wait to get these drains out. My butt looks strange hips huge guessing swelling needs to go down. Waist is smaller and super flat. 1st post op appointment is Tuesday. Anxious to see that it looks like under these bandages.

Turn for the worse

I have skin necrosis (dead skin) on my tummy tuck incision. I had to have to dead skin removed and have a huge hole in my belly that I fill with wet gauze. I cry everyday.... My incision looks like the walking dead. My mom and husband have been taking care of my gauze changes. I fainted at the doctors office when o looked at it. Not showing a picture it's to aweful. Now taking another week off work. Go back into the PS Monday.

Dead skin removed today.

Wound is much larger now but that's because the PS removed all the dead skin. It's about the size of a large very wide large orange. So the worst part is over. All the black skin is gone so now wet to dry gauze healing. Now it's time to heal. The best part is my sister is here from New Mexico. She's my best friend and my spirits are up. My kids are back from the holiday with their dad. Everyone is being so nice and caring. My PS assured me I'll be fine and I will not regret any of this. I've decided not to look at the wound for the first few days and I'll get through this. I miss working out.... I don't miss my gut thou ;) look's like I'm wearing the best bra Victoria secret has! and it's only the sports bra that reminds me of JR high. Of all the crazy journeys in my life this one has taught me how to let others take care of me. It's ok if the towels are folded wrong and falling out of the closet! Ha! And I'm going to get better. I think I'll post pics tomorrow with the wound covered. My stomach is flat. My breast look like I'm 20 again! I love and therefore I receive love :)

Top pics

So here are some pics of my breast. They seem to be taking more time to heal but are healing. I don't even know why I paid for some of the lipo and fat transfer because I don't see much difference. At this point don't care just want my stomach to heal. I'm sure I'll care later. Thank God for my mom and sister. I couldn't make it thru without them. I won't dwell and say I regret this just focusing on healing. The medihoney is amazing. I also use lavender oil mixed in warm water to sooth my tight skin. I was never trying to be skinny overnight I had realistic goals. Week 3 off work... Anxious to get back.

Getting a wound vac next weds (very graphic)

I was going to wait till I started to heal up before posting pics but if seeing my pictures can help anyone like me who was clueless and didn't know how serious necrosis is maybe it can help. I was trying not to worry anyone and thought my doctor was informing me enough. My nurse has been wonderful. I have her cell and she makes me feel so much better every time we talk. My mom asked about the wound vac on the first visit, PS said it wasn't necessary yet. He wanted to see if my wound would heal. I want my life back. My kids don't understand why I'm still not feeling well. I get tired very often. Thankful I work from home.

Wound vac

So today was a success. Wound vac placed. My ps cleaned me up stitched my wond up as much as he could. Wound is much smaller. I'm feeling great. They treat me so well. My favorite RN made it a point to be there for the procedure. They said it couldn't have gone better and I go back Friday. Thanks everyone who's supported, prayed and given me encouragement. It's only going to get better from here. I don't mind being a little more spoiled from my family :)

Done with the wound vac

Didn't think I would be without that wound vac for a few more weeks. Feeling much better. Back to saline gauze and dressing it once a day. Now just waiting for my skin to soften around the wound more then my PS will close it up. He suggested 4-6 weeks depending on my skin. I thought I'd have to keep the vac on till the skin closed. Feeling like a real person right now. No machine or cords. Still swell a lot at night. It's painful... I look so much smaller when the swelling is gone.


Went to the gym for the first time since surgery. I have my wound covered as I should. Walked the treadmill for 30 mins. Did arm machines. Felt good to out of the house and active. These January short days are the worst. If I don't stay active I turn to flab pretty fast. Sad about my wavy arms. Lol.


Week 2 after the wound vac. I go in next week for a check up. PS said about week 6 he can close it. Tissue is still pretty hard around the wound. The swelling I get at night is horrible in my back. So uncomfortable to sleep. Does anyone know if I might have seroma? I've read about it. Doc said the swelling is normal. My self image went from bad to horrible. I've been waiting for the moment where I feel good about myself. Hasn't happened yet. I've been walking everyday. My clothes still don't fit. Sorry if I sound like a Debbie downer I totally regretting this entire thing.


I haven't been on here much because I'm finally so much better. I defiantly need to post pic. I know at 1year I'll get my revision maybe sooner. Make my scar smaller. But it's now closed up. I'm shopping and getting so many compliments and feel so great! What a process this has been. I wasn't aware this could even happen. My PS office has been very good to me. I have to say my RN was the greatest. I may have had a couple of break downs on her (poor thing) I totally do not regret having this done. If I had a do over I would have only had two procedures and not multiple at the same time. My body couldn't handle it. I see many women who can and I'm very happy for you. Only I'm for sure very sensitive and delicate. Hope everyone is doing well. Spring is finally here. Well we got snow in Denver today but it will melt soon enough. Bring on the blonde :)


So I took some pics today. I'm horrible at taking them! They don't do me any justice. I'm feeling amazing. My journey has been tough and I am so grateful and thankful for all the support I received on here. It's only been 4mo! I'm really looking forward to working out and maintaining my new body. I take my health so much more serious now. I'm eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If I can help anyone going through this please let me. It's tough for sure. Happy Sunday.

Revision $2500!! :(

I finally had the courage to go in for my 6mo checkup. I was so nervous I cancelled my appointment 2x. I’ve had such bad anxiety about this…. last week I was 7mo post op. They compared before and after pictures and all I see is my scar. It’s so ugly… and huge. I have the worst belly button ever, no skin only scar from my belly button to my pubic area. I feel like Frankenstein. Honestly I’ve been fighting depression since my surgery and the only thing that has helped hold on his my Dr telling me “Don’t worry, we will see you though this till the end”. My worst fear is having to go through this again. I was advised a mini tummy tuck with a belly button revision was recommended to fix everything. I will be left with a small vertical scar. The end of the summer would be a great time to complete the procedure. They called me today and said they will waive the surgeons fee’s however I have to cover everything else…. $2500. I was floored. After everything I have paid… still paying I can’t imagine having to dish out more money. From the wound vac to missing work (commission based) this is costing me more money!?! I didn’t go cheap when choosing PS, my health was worth paying more but I’m so upset right now. More money… plus the fear of doing this all over again. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I figured I would have to pay something for the revision maybe $500 tops. Maybe if they had prepared me I wouldn’t be so upset. I really thought they would take care of it all. When I questioned I was told there is always a risk when having these types of surgeries. Well I didn’t even know about this one…. still have to tell my husband.

Great news! Revision

I was called by my PS office and they are waiving all the fee's! Thank goodness. I'm scheduled for my revision for September... now time to get the healthiest I've ever been.
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