Male Tummy Tuck W/ Gynecomastia, Chest Contouring - Denver, CO

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41 yrs old. 245 lbs down from 320lbs. Always...

41 yrs old. 245 lbs down from 320lbs.
Always been athletic and in the gym. I believe I have good under lying muscle tone. Belly and chest never seem to go down.
I'm scared as hell and hoping I made the right decision with this.
Just to clarify I opted for the extended TT, power assisted lipo to the flanks and lipo to the chest. Didn't want that scare on my chest. Just think it looks just as bad as the way it is now.
Hoping for the best here... Aren't we all.
Goal is to feel comfortable with out my shirt off and loose the excessive fat and skin. Also feel I'm. Do I get this for my little guy (4) as another tool for long life.
Really needing any input here and support. Specifically by guys who have done this or are in the same mind set as me.
Scared, nervous and unsure. Thinking long term here. I know If I don't do this now I may never and then have this regret forever.
I'll be here posting often as I can vent and look to help others as this wave of emotion and change progress. Thanks ahead of time! New chapter of life... Here I come.

Back Again! Happy & Nervous.

Well I never made it last year. Few different reasons. Timing, scared, cost kept going up & up with the improvement of the economy.
Good news is I got Kaiser to pay for the Gynocamastia. I was told they give 30% discount for the cosmetic portion so I'm getting Tummy tuck & removal of the Gynocamastia via chest contouring. Hate that scare but dont want that big sag. I'll get tattoos over those scars.
Goal now is July 8th to do this.
First Kaiser Dr told me he wouldn't the surgery. Felt as if he was just protection the Kaiser bank account. I requested a 2nd opinion. 2nd Doc was awesome and in full agreement. Seemed very understanding and supportive . Though he didn't recommend lipo to the flanks, Hmmm?
I'm just nervous as I haven't seen his work and he doesn't have reviews here. Though his board certified, 24 yrs experience. Kaiser Dr. I'll ask for his before & afters of course.
Keep you all if any are interested posted.

It's on! Sept 16th...No turning back.

All scheduled in.
Still scared and nervous. Losts 15 pounds over the last 45 days. Trying to lose another 10 prior to surgery.
Sadly Kaiser doesn't allow before and after pics of there Dr's. Never heard of such... Happy they are picking up 9k of the bill. Still my cost is 10,500.
Not many guys here with chest contouring... That big scare is not pretty. Tattoo going over it for sure.
Surgery Sept 16th....moving across the country with the family Oct 14th. Hope I'm healed enough to push through.. I'm not one to be lazy.
Ill post some before when I'm about a week out.
Been trying for this for 4 years... No turning back now.

3 weeks Away... Nervous!

3 weeks away. Nervous, scared some.
Paid for the surgery in full. Doing an over night stay.
Order hospital bed delivery to the house.
I try not to think about it to much more... Just do it.
Looking forward to the end result.
My weight loss has struggled. 243lbs today same place I alway plateu . I still go to the gym, do cardio ect.
Any words from people that been through this would help :/

Big Day tomorrow 5:30 am

Still nervous, scared yet so excited for the outcome. Here are some before pictures a very good reminder to get rid of this ugly fat that's been around forever hoping the results come out excellent. Been really working chest muscles and ab muscles.

Just Out of OR.

I made it!! Not bad at all. All the years I've waited it's done. I've had ever crazy thought prior... ALL OF THE.
Laying on the hospital bed now opted for the overnight. Staff here at St Joseph in Denver Hospital has been truly awesome. Nurse Bobbie she was the best.. Are me feel so comfortable and even special. She was so attentive.

I haven't seen anything yet under the gown as they have me in a compression vest. Thing is tight :/
Pain is minimal though definitely a burning sensation in some areas. Told this is typical. I haven't taken much more than Tylenol so far.
Urinating was ruff, I could pee all day... When I final did... Whoaa grab your life vest! Lol.

I'll post pics once I get too see what's going under here.

Thanks you all for your support and postings, they have really helped.

My First look!

I'd like to thank you all for the supportive comments. This site has really been a huge help and it's because of all the good caring people here. Thanks again folks!

So far so good. I took everything off and yes it's all gone. I didn't do lipo to the flanks though I think he should have... But overall I'm happy. Lots of changes my body doesn't even look like me....well the old me. Yes the incisions right now look pretty brutal but Yea is what it is for now. Can only get better. Tattoos definitely for sure once I can to cover the chest. Happy I can actually see muscle Definition in my chest and upper abs.
My stomach and chest feel really numb. My nipples sore at times. Overall though I feel great. Groggy at times from The pain meds. Hospital bed rented here at my house is a huge help.
I'd really recommend an overnight stay with such a procedure. Nurses were great checking my vitals ever 3/4 hours. I did run a little fever. I been real hunger today. Eating what ever I want..small portions though.
I have 4 drains in me and dragging then around is a drag but I couldn't imagine doing a no drain procedure. Where the hell would all this fluid go... It's a lot.
I don't even feel all to swollen to be honest.. But then again looking at fat rolls for awhile now looking so ya I don't look swollen.. Lol.
Took 5 years to get to this point. I've had ever emotion one can bare. The overthinking the risk I believe was the worst... The what ifs.
Well tomorrow I'll get some pics. There not to pretty...
Thanks for following me and the support from you all. I've learned from each of you. Night night for now.

1st set of Pics. 2 Day PO. Swollen & Tight.

Well here we go. Scary I must say.
I feel swollen and my skin pulled tight.
I'm hunched over some, though when I attempt to stand straight my Skin & stomach pull real tight. Basically can't push it.
As mentioned no lipo to the flanks.. Definitely swollen.
I don't know what to think at this point. I see big difference, but is it worth those huge scars? I realize it's only day 2... Hanging in there, I have no choice.

Missed 1


Drains & Belly Button

Some close ups.

Feel numb all over. Drains can hurt when accidentally tugged.

Day 4 Uhg - Blaaaaaa

Been sleeping a lot. Have a head ache all day. Still feeling really tight and not mobile. Good thing football is on all day.
Wonder when I will feel capable of a walk around the neighborhood? Going crazy trapped to the house, couch & bed.
Have lots of time to think & ponder.
Dragging around these drains suck. Looking forward to having them out.
My left chest drain all of a sudden drained 75 cc blood in 6 hours. Seemed like a lot and fast. This had been the slowest drain producing 10 cc ever 6 hours. All others have really slowed down, so far less than 30 cc today.
My appetite has been more than normal.
Eating half healthy. Need to tighten that up real quick. No gym means no room for mistakes.
Well Monday is on tomorrow. Lucky I own my own business as it gives me freedom not having to there. Though I really never have "off" . Phone still rings emails still fly in employees still need guidance and coddling.
Really need to sponge down tonight, change the wraps and pads.
I'll post those pics tonight.
Thanks for following along.


Day 5 PO

Finally took a shower today. Wife basically had to scrub me down like a horse... Boy I needed it. Felt good to. Went for a short walk today.. Like 1/4 mile if that. 1st time really out of the house.
Hadn't had any pain meds yet, About to take one now. Can feel burning at the incisions and drains. Nothing out of the ordinary I guess.
Eat healthy today... That's a plus.
Heading to the Dr tomorrow, hoping 1 or 2 of these drains come out.
Sleeping in one position, on my back and cant really move has been killing me.

Was checking out my love handles.. Not all to happy about them. Doesn't look like much work was done there.
Oh well....though I'm Happy the belly and man boobs are gone I do not think I would want to go through this again.
I still have these patches sewn over each nipples.. Patches are stitched right to my skin... Looks brutal... Hell raiserish.
Can't sleep.. To uncomfortable.
Pain meds time.....
Off to see the wizard.......

6 Day PO. Dr Vistit

Overall my energy was up today felt good. Slept good too last night.

Went had a nurse visit at Kaiser. She said for less than a week out my incisions look great. Better than many. Awesome to hear this. 1 drain was removed. Already makes for more comfort and better movement. Nurse looked at operating notes didn't see anything about lipo there. I'll ask the Dr Friday.
My whole exterior tummy feels all weird today.. Really numb and tight.
Walked some again tonight. Ate heatlthy again. Weird is because of the belly numbness you don't feel full... Like you stomach pressing outwards. Gotta watch those portions.

Here are some pics... :/


Today was a good day energy high though still very limited mobility.
Drive today... & no not any meds. Had to pick up my 5 yr old boy from school, then took him to the park. I walked some.
Still hunching over.
Sleeping is still uncomfortable. I don't take any pain meds now... Just 1 pain pill
To try and get good sleep. I wake up from the burning. Hospital bed has helped big time... Good decision there.
Dr appointment tomorrow, good thing. My right nipples/ chest starting to feel warm. Need this Damn sewn pad off.
Not happy with my flanks... Feel like he could have done more.
I don't feel all to swollen at all.... I can't tell. Hard to when you're used to looking at fat rolls... Your always swollen :) lol.
No lipo so I don't think to much swell here.
I do not believe I would do this again...1time Yea cause it was needed. But a second time, Naaaaa. This is no joke. If your reading this and eating some chips or cake best wrap your nugget around these profiles cause this surgery is not easy.

Looking forward to working out hard from here, once healed.
Volleyball on the beach.... Boat to come!
Almost approved on the new house in Boca Raton FL baby! Excited about that to. No shirt beach side living!

11 day PO.... Not Happy.

I'm physical feeling good. Off all pain meds now for 2 days. 2 drains left in abdomen.
Just not happy at all with the tummy tuck. Look at the pics... Dr could have took a lot more. He did no lipo at the flanks.. Obviously it's needed.
I still look like I have a belly... Ya, cause I do. He wasn't aggressive enough. I don't feel any swelling at the incisions.. Really none at the flanks so that's not coming down special the left flank.. Looking more than the right. So disappointed right now. Dr did no muscle repair says it wasn't needed, not sore at all..
Chest came out OK. Under the arm is good, skin and fat taken out there. I'm still very swollen under the left arm. Right arm feels fine. I do have a lot of chest muscle so the thickness you see is from the weight lifting.
Ahhh I feel the abdominal isn't good.. Flanks suck.
Already researching lipo.... Look at cool sculpting but that looks hit and miss.
Seems like lipo it going to be.. I don't feel the time will show that big of an improvement.
Frustrating, $ 11,000$ lots of inconvenience, pain ect...
Not Happy.

24 days PO Going through The Motions :/

I haven't posted in a few weeks because I haven't felt all to proud of the outcome.
Chest I'm happy with under swelling has gotten much better.
All drains are out as of 4 days ago. Thank God. They suck and are annoying.

Any input on the below really helps.
So I'm 3.5 weeks out and I just noticed the wavy belly. Seroma for sure... Belly looking much bigger than day 1 PO. Going to call for an appointment with Dr. Monday.
I totally look like I have a belly Roll. Very discouraging. Plus I'm down about 3 pounds since the surgery.
I did some research and read here that your end results will look very similar to your look right after surgery... Well I hope so for my tummy.
Hoping for big improvement in the next few months.
As mentioned I like my chest out come, just not the tummy.
Dr said he didn't do muscle tighten or repair, wasn't needed. I didn't do lipo to the flanks either. Still disappointed I didn't.
I have started riding the recumbent bike at the gym about 40 mins 3 days a week. Still wearing compression garment about half the time... Just not at night when I sleep.

Hoping this gets better.

Looking forward to an improvement.



6 month post Op

Well here is a before and after. Been working out hard at the gym eating 70% healthy now for the past 4 weeks.
I did tear a muscle in my foot and could not work out hard for 3 months plus the having surgery.

Got a tattoo to cover my chest scars. Still believe Dr. Could have took more off the belly and should have done lipo to the flanks.

I'll keep trying to lose some weight.
Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

Been honest and easy to talk with... Pre op so far.

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