Got Cellulitis from Surgery, That Sucked. Expect a Slight Improvement, Not Perfection. - Denver, CO

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I received Lipo back in Feb on my waist and...

I received Lipo back in Feb on my waist and stomach (pretty much my trunk area all the way around). I did tons of research, went to a highly trained surgeon and ended up in the small percentage of patients who get an infection. Apparently, I got a hematoma after the surgery and it got infected. The hematoma was on my right side. I had terrible fevers & chills and was very ill for 4 weeks, all the while dealing with the pain and bruising from the procedure itself. I had to go on 3 different antibiotics for three weeks. It was really hard and scary. The pain from the surgery is very significant. It has been 7 months now since my surgery. I am not sure how I feel about my results. I honestly feel as though the weight has returned to my waist. What?! Yes, I have read the weight can return to the layer of fat closest to the skin (which the surgeons do not touch). So, obviously that is a huge disappointment. Isn't that why everyone gets lipo, to have the fat go somewhere else? Furthermore, I have a irregular bump where the hematoma was, which I am now very self-conscience of. I don't know if it's worth it or not.

I forgot to add the front view picture

back view

When deciding, try to look at patient's profiles who are 6 months post-op

I've noticed when reading the reviews on this site, that people are mostly reporting how the results are after a couple days to maybe 12 weeks. But, if you want a more long term, realistic viewpoint, try and find people who can show you what they look like 6 months or more out. I didn't post anything until now (7 months post-op), because I wanted to give an accurate portrayal of how it really worked. As you can see from my pics, the weight can come back to the area where it was removed.

forgot this side view photo

I had originally forgot to post this side view. I think it does show a significant difference. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I should have my surgeon fix the bumps. He said he would do it for no charge, but it is a very difficult decision. I really don't want to go thru the pain again or risk another infection. Even more annoying is wearing the garment for 12 weeks! People need to know that the garment is really irritating. It is uncomfortable and greatly reduces the variety of clothes you can wear (unless you don't care if people notice it). However, it is crucial to your results that you wear it religiously for 12 weeks.
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