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Hello Everyone! Well, I've been super embarrassed...

Hello Everyone! Well, I've been super embarrassed about the size of my labia since I was 12 and they started to look different. I think about it all the time! I'm always trying to hide it when I do hot yoga and take a shower in the locker room. I think about it when I'm wearing a swimsuit or tight yoga pants. I just feel less feminine because of this awkward bump. Plus, tons of my friends and a few cousins have super cute little vaginas where you can't see the inner labia at all... and mine are quite large in comparison.

One day I woke up and decided I should not spend my entire life being embarrassed about the way my vagina looks. I found a great doctor, Dr Christine Rodgers, in Denver and had my consultation a couple days ago. As of yesterday I was 100% sure that I was going to do this surgery. However, last night I had a dream that I shouldn't do this surgery and that some guys actually like bigger labias. So today I did some google research and discovered that indeed, some guys do like bigger labia and I guess it makes sex more pleasurable because of the extra friction. Also, on this site I've read that some women have lost sensation after the procedure.

So now I am really uncertain about whether to go through with this procedure. All of my sexual partners have really enjoyed themselves and no one has ever teased me about they way I look. I wanted to do this just for myself, but I feel like if it will reduce pleasure for me or my partner, then perhaps it's just not worth it. Maybe I need to learn to have more confidence.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts with this? Please help.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. If I go through with the surgery, I think I have found the best surgeon for it.

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