18 Years Old, Trim Method & Clitoral Hood Reduction. Denver, CO

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I have wanted this surgery since I was 11. I...

I have wanted this surgery since I was 11. I always knew I looked different down there and I have always hated my vagina. I am so uncomfortable being naked and having sex. I have an amazing boyfriend who does care at all if I have this procedure or not. The fact is that it really bothers me and it is what I have always wanted. Now that I am finally 18 I saved up enough money and booked my surgery. I hope I am happy with my results.

2 hours post op

Today I had labiaplasty I had a great experience with Dr. Rodgers and her staff. I was very comfortable and didn't feel an inch of pain. Right now my labia are extremely swollen so it's hard to see results at the moment, but so far so good.

24 hours post op

last night when the local anesthetic wore off, and this morning, I was in a lot of pain. Mainly after I would use the bathroom it would burn and sting for about 20 minutes. Tonight I am feeling a lot better the pain is not as bad. As for my results I am EXTREMELY swollen right now. My vuvla in general looks about 3 times bigger than it was before, but for only 24 hours it looks pretty good. I can't wait to start seeing the results when the swelling goes down.

4 days post op

All of the glue has pretty much came off and all I have left is stitches. Still very swollen, but definitely getting better. I just hope my surgeon took enough off of my labia as I wanted.

6 days post op

8 days post op

Feeling and looking much better! Very happy so far!

9 days post

19 days post op

Most of my swelling has gone down. I no longer need ice, non-thong underwear, or any type of pain medication. All daily activities are comfortable and I usually have no pain. The only feeling I have at this point is inching in some places where the sutures are not heeled all the way. My doctor says im healing better than most people at 3 weeks, and I'm happier and happier each day with my results. I get my stitches cut out on Tuesday, I'll make an update on how that goes!

3-4 weeks post

Feeling great! Almost fully healed. I love my results and am happier every day.

5 weeks post.

Continue to be amazed every day by much smaller my labia keep becoming. Very happy!

6 weeks post!

I feel so much more comfortable, confident, and super happy. I don't think I am going to post any more written updates, but I will definitely answer any questions anyone has and keep updating photos!
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