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I had acne scar for long time now. I done so many...

I had acne scar for long time now. I done so many things to my face such as microdermbrasion, fractional laser, chemical peel, used all sort of skin care products but did not see improvement with my skin. I went for a consult for a fractional CO2 but didn't go thru with it. I ended up doing ematrix. I came in for a consult and they had an opening so I went ahead and did it. What they did was cleanse my skin and went on with the procedure.

My face felt very uncomfortable, feeling like a needle was poking my face. It lasted 16-20 minutes. My face felt a little burning but not too uncomfortable and my face was kind of pink only. I was told to apply ice on it. Two hours later my face was back to normal. I got scared and called back the place to see if the procedure was done correctly and at a high setting . She said it was at a high setting and it's good that my face heal that quick. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I felt like the job was not done right. She sold me some products and told me to exfoliate 4days in a row before my next treatment. So was i suppose to exfoliate before an ematrix treatment????? Is that why my first treatment my face came out like I didn't have one?? It's been 4days since my treatment and I still haven't seen any changes.

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