10 wks po. Fat tummy no more! TT & Lipo- Denver, CO

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Well I was excited this morning and now in tears....

Well I was excited this morning and now in tears. I thought the roller coaster happened afterwards? I'm so excited to have a flat tummy but I look at photos and find more I don't like than I do do now I'm wondering if this will be worth it or if my expectations are out of wack. I have been exercising for the last 2 years doing crossfit and have lost and kept off 40 pounds but I'm thinking I should've done more and that I'm going to be fat with a flat tummy. What is wrong with me? Aughhhhhh. I know I love my doctor he did a breast augmentation 11 years ago and his work is amazing I'm just freakkng out. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be better.

Going in in an hour! I took a shower last night...

Going in in an hour! I took a shower last night and as I was scrubbing my tummy I thought wow tomorrow this Tim this grossness is gone!!!! I took some before photos and that was demeaning to say the least. I will definitely be watching my diet as I heal and looking forward to when I can finish this all up in the gym. Good luck to anyone else going in today. We are going to rock it!

Wow what a difference a few days will make!!! I...

Wow what a difference a few days will make!!! I feel pretty dang good. Thanks to my hubby and bf who came and stayed the weekend. I'm moving really good especially since my bf brought me a walker...a MUST! I am surprised at how sore my lipo spots are. My TT isn't even really bothersome except a drain and an occasional too quick movement. I have been massaging my legs today since they are super bruised. The nurse told my hubby the dr got really aggressive on the lipo. Thank god don't want to do that again if I don't have to. I'm really surprised how low my scar is meaning its not really raised that much. Swelling has set in but hubby said he was in awe when he saw me after surgery I was so small. Guess that's a good problem to have. I'm draining about 30 in both pumps each day and one of them is hurting otherwise I'd be off the pain pills completely today. Have to say so far so good. I'm posting some fatty bombalatty beginning photos and once the dang drains are out I'll post more. So far so great no real complaints. :-)

5 dpo. So today has been another good day. I...

5 dpo. So today has been another good day. I started off with only Tylenol and I'm nearly standing straight. If I sit a bit too long I hunch a bit and it is a good reminder to get my butt up a bit more. I don't have a large amount of swelling or if I do it is so small compared to my fat tummy that I'll take it;-). I have to say the TT is really not bothering me in the slightest it is the lipo. Holy hell!!! my knees, innerthighs, thighs hips, back of my kness...pretty much my whole upper leg is swollen, bruised and hurt to touch. I got on the scale and weigh the same as before surgery so that is good, I think for 5 days. My appetitie is still small which is good since crossfit is out of the question for many more weeks. I go in for a post op visit tomorrow and I'm hoping 1 drain comes out those little bugers hurt. I'm only draining about25 in each for the entire day so I'm pretty sure 1 will be out and then I can only hope the other one can come out by Friday. This evening I took a pain pill as my legs were hurting so bad I was crying. Hubby made me take one and said he would take my gold star away if I DIDN"T take a pain pill because I was being stubborn. I washed my hair and blow dried it tonight and now I feel like a million dollars. I had read to not do it while you hower but to do it seperately, I will not do that again it was more of a pain, took longer, got me and the rest of the bathroom wet and generally was a disaster. All in all it was a good day. I am still trying to figure out how to load my before pictures although they are disgusting!!! ;-)

Today is 7 days post op. Wow time flies! I have...

today is 7 days post op. Wow time flies! I have to say the anticipation was the worst...and in hindsight silliest because this has not been anything I had imagined...way easier and better! Not to say I've been pain free but come on it's surgery I knew that;-). So I thought I'd take a moment and reflect back...for myself and anyone scared to death so they can see that there is very little to be scared of...worried sure, scarred no.
So the day of surgery I had so many family and friends praying for me and the doctor which was a huge relief and I have to say I was at peace. I guess the kind of peace yo get once you are strapped in on a roller coaster and you've checked the harness then the worker comes by and checks it too;-). My doctor has his own surgery center on site which he says has cut down on instances of infection since his OR is only used for ps and not sick people. For a germaphobe like me that was a relief. The nurse called me and my hubby back to the "getting ready room" right next to the OR where they had me pee in a cup for a pregnancy test and then change out into the lovely paper panties (victoria's secret should really consider selling these) and a warm gown. The nurse was so nice and had one of the best bedside manners of any medical professional I have ever dealt with. She answered all of our questions and then Dr. Lee came in to mark me up. I jokingly told him that he was welcome to take out as much fat as he wanted because he would want to use my pictures on his website lol. This is a joke between us because he did my breasts 12 years ago and he still calls them his best work he has ever done and he couldn't believe how great they looked even after 3 kids and 3 breast feedings...but I digress. So then he took a bunch of pictures in those awesome panties. I showed him a picture of me at 21 and Jen P's photos from this site to show him what I wanted. I just wanted to make sure that we were still on the same page since he sees so many people and my pre-op was months prior. He said it was doable. And then the blue marker came out. I'm not sure there was any part of my legs or tummy that didn't resemble cookie monster I was covered in blue markings. After that I got in a bed with a warm blanket and waited with my hubby and met with the anesthesiologist who by the way had called the night before to make sure I didn't have any special concerns or questions...class act! He was great and made me feel very comfortable. After that I kissed my hubby and walked into the OR. I got on the table and the anesthesiologist started an IV. That is when I started to get a bit anxious and nurses would come up and talk and reassure me. Then I started to get drowsy and down goes fraser! The next thing I remember was waking up to my husband in the recovery room already in the binder (again so sexy) then getting in a wheelchair and going home. I was so out of it the first day I don't recall that much except that one of the incisions on my lipo wasn't stitched and I leaked EVERYWHERE which made me very cold and stinky. The second day I took a shower and used the med band recommended by Kimmers (thank you). I put a step stool in the shower and hubby changed the shower head to a handheld for me. It felt good but I was cold (I've had a hard time regulating my temp could be the snow falling outside but Im definitely colder than normal). WHile I was taking my shower hubby washed the compression garment then put it on a dry rack with a fan blowing on it. It was done wash and all in about 1 hour. after my shower I put on some oil on my skin not the incisions and re-bandaged my sutures (8) from the lipo. Then I sat in a robe which felt heavenly. I took a pain pill right before my shower and then a valium after before I put back on my garment. Putting on my garment was a bitch!!!! My legs were sooooooo swollen than getting them on and having a man who has never worn panty hose (well I assume he hasn't) is a bit interesting and painful because by not scrunching up the fabric and instead putting it on and PULLLING it up I needed more pain meds;-). But we got it on and I slept like a champ in my club chair with ottoman and drop cloth for my leakage. My girlfriend came and spent the weekend with us the next 2 days and brought me a walker. A walker is a must it has helped me stand up pretty good and when you are groggy and drugged its just a nice thing to keep you a bit steady. I had a BM the 2nd day and I had been taking the stool softener for 2 days prior to surgery and then the day I got home. I started taking MOM 3 doses over 2 days and nothing so I broke out my herbal smoothe move tea and wala we had action!!! I cannot tell you how great I felt afterward but it beat the shower! I did pull down my garment to my knees and I think that allowed those rumbles to work their way out. I didn't even have to push but I did sit there a bit longer after I "thought" I was done...I wasn't so word to the wise sit a bit just to make sure because pulling that thing back off and getting to the bathroom is an excursion of its own;-). I have to say that my diet has really helped in this process as well. I have eaten a lot of apple packs, grapes, cucumbers, puffed rice cereal with and without almond milk. I liked having a bowl of cereal by my chair so if I needed to take a pain med in the middle of the night I could eat a few so it didn't upset my stomach. Oh I almost forgot the night I got home I got nauseous. Almost threw up thank god I didn't but I was so glad my dr prescribed suppositories for nausea. THe mouth dissolvable ones give me horrific headaches. The suppository worked like a charm and I only needed 2 of them but they were definitely worth having on hand. I would highly recommend asking for an RX for those.

1 week PO. So got a drain removed today. YAY! ...

1 week PO.
So got a drain removed today. YAY! I'm super sore today though which is a bummer but I know just part of healing so I'm going with the flow. When I got to the office I stripped down and the doctor came in and I told him the TT was bothersome it was the lipo that was killing me. He said that I was not the norm in that regard. He had me stand up and said wow! That is a good sign. I look exactly the size I was when I went in and he said that I will start to really shrink up since they got so aggressive with the lipo. He said they took out 4 liters of fat....4 LITERS!!!! I googled it thats about 8 pounds and he said the average TT skin removal is between 4-6 pounds so I figure I just lost about 12 pounds, roughly $1000 a pound;-). I got on the scale and was 4 pounds lighter today than on the day of surgery and they said Im very swollen which is weird because I only feel swollen in my legs. The doctor and nurse were pleased and surprised with the 4 pounds. The nurse took all the sutures out and the tape with the goo off over my incision. I am really impressed with the scar. She said the puckering would go away with the swelling. On a side note she suggested pineapple juice to help with swelling, who knew? Some of that tape hurt since it was starting to peel off on my hips. She took out the drain and I didn't even feel anything, I'm still so numb. Hubby said it was gross cause it was so far up there, I didn't care it was GONE!. She put Aquaphor on everything which felt like heaven. She also ordered another garment for me which will be nice now that all the leaking and grossness is done. The drive home was interesting since we got snow and I was freaked we were going to hit a pot hole or something. When I got home I took some pain meds, it was a pretty busy afternoon. Then of course people came over isn't that always how it goes. Funny thing is I suggested that they order pizza and wings from Dairy Queen. Someone really should've been taping me for youtube;-). Anyway can't wait til next Wednesday when the other tube comes out. I am rewarding myself with some photos in my new undies and bra. Anything will look better than my before photos.

9 day PO. Well yesterday was not such a good...

9 day PO.
Well yesterday was not such a good day. I felt a tinge in my upper ab and that turned into excruciating pain. I couldn't even sit. Started hitting the pain meds hard and finally got some relief. I think I was using my abs more than my arms and overstraining. Hubby called the doctor today and asked if it were possible I popped something and was told not a chance that there was so many stitches because my stomach wall was so messed up they re stitched everything and there were many layers so it was not to worry just part of the healing process. A sucky part I would say. I took a shower yesterday and got all of the left over adhesive off my body and sat there for about 30 minutes under the warm water. It felt good. When I got out I applied the aquaderm and dressing so it wouldn't stick to my binder. I forgot to mention that the day we got back from having my pump removed our 15 mo bull mastiff pup decided to eat the remote and a purple marker! ALL OVER THE BEIGE CARPET! That was fun;-). So yesterday we had someone come over and clean the carpet, looked good when he left but as it dried, the purple seeped to the top. So hubby had to call again and get them to come out today. It's gone finally, but I thought "Yup that's about right;-)"
So this morning hubby called ps office and asked about my pump because nothing is coming out anymore, my ab, and pain meds. They told him the pump will not be removed prior to wednesday because of the danger of fluid build up. Apparently there is some term for when fluid builds up between your ab wall and innards and can be very serious to the tune of emergency surgery. They say it is rare they have only had t happen 2 times with patients and it is because they became too active after surgery (specifically the first 2 weeks which is why they won't remove them). I will pinky swear not to get off the couch if they take it off!
So after the phone call hubby had to drop of the boy to preschool, drive to denver to pick up more meds since they can't call them in, and when he gets home I reminded him he had volunteered to do lunch duty at the girls school, but he had already agreed to teach a jui jitsu class at the same time, so he flamed out. Started yelling that this is hard and that the neighbors would have to pick up the kids from school since he was going to the dojo afterwards. I told him I would call my parents then he flipped out and yelled something down the stairs saying never mind, but I had to get my butt up cause the carpet cleaner guy would be here soon. I heard something about running around all day and doing everything around the house with no help....sounded a bit familiar so now that he is gone I'm getting a bit of a chuckle because even though he pitches in more than most men do normally this has all been on his shoulders and now he can appreciate why I get stressed and frustrated a bunch. Can't wait to use that the next time he tells me I'm acting like a bitch;-). So now I have the house in peace and quiet for another hour and when he gets home I'm sending him away for a movie (adult time out). Can't wait til Wednesday though would like to wear something other than pjs since my drains look like I have 1 testicle in my yoga pants! Simple joys of life.

9 days PO update. So I was trying to wash my hair...

9 days PO update.
So I was trying to wash my hair and begin to have horrible pain where my last drain is. I notice that the stitch material that they attach to the drain to my privates is outside of me and not inside like before. I add a bit of aquaphor and push it back inside and then the pain gets real bad to where anywhere I move I cry and am about to throw up from the pain. I called the doctor office and tell them this thing came out about 3 inches and it is killing me. She hung up and called the dr then immediately retruned the call and said they wanted to wait til Wednesday but would take it out today could my hubby get me in. I again explain there is no way I am moving much less driving into Denver and my hubby and I felt comfortable pulling it. She explained how to do it and we had watched the other day so one snip of the stitch and hubby pulled it out. This drain nothing came out which shows me that I wasn't draining anymore and the tube didn't have anything in it. I doctored it up with some peroxide (OUUUUUCCCCHHHHHH) and then some Aquaphore with a bandaid . AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Relief I can finally move, bit sore where the drain was but I expect it'll scab over in a few days and be as good as new. I even have pants that are not pajamas on!!!! looking forward to the next healing chapter like standing up straight.;-)

10 day po. Feeling pretty good and If I could...

10 day po. Feeling pretty good and If I could just stand straight all day I'd be happy. Posted a new photo its a bit out of focus and I apologize for the boob shot but it is what it is. that wasn't from this surgery it was 12 years ago. Also my lip areas are still ridiculously swollen and PAINFUL. They weren't kidding when they said they got "aggressive".

11 day po. So last night was not a good night. ...

11 day po. So last night was not a good night. It is funny how you have about 2-3 good ones then 1 bad, but that still puts me ahead. I have this "pain" in my left side that feels like the runners cramp and my hips hurt so bad from the lipo so I can't adjust from side to side to get some butt bone relief. I couldn't find a position, a pillow, a surface where I could get comfortable. So out came the narcs so I could at least sleep and be comfortable. I don't know why it bothers me so much but I ate to take the narcotics it makes me feel demoralized I guess. I just want to be normal and pain free for good. Ok enough whining...there's no whining in tummy tucking;-). So once I finally got up and got some relief I made a grocery list for the hubby and sent him off. I made the decision to start the ibuprofen my legs hurt so bad, my hips especially, so I'm hoping that the inflammation will go down with it. I'm over this couch!!!!! To add insult to injury I'm watching the BIggest Looser and I can't even friggin walk around without getting tired. I am going to mentally will myself to be better. That works right? I'm so glad I have 4 weeks off work! I hope in 3 more I'll be ready to rock it and get back into the swing of things. Nope I will be ready to get back into it! Little freaked cause hubby is going back to work tomorrow!!! YIKES I wil have my 9, 7, and 5 yo all to myself....AWESOME. This may be more work than the TT.;-)

13 days po. Ok some depression has set in, I...

13 days po. Ok some depression has set in, I won't lie. I'm having a pitty party and I can cry if I want too! I'm not healing as fast as I want to from my lipo areas. My thighs hurt soooooo bad that I am truly concerned that I will have to take more time off than the 4 weeks I already have. What's bothering me is there is no end in site! I'm swollen, cant find a comfy position to lay in, sick and tired of being cared for and not being able to do anything, can't wear ANYTHING but pajama pants....generally I'm just a ray of sunshine today! I haven't taken pain meds in 2 days (just ibuprofen) and there is no doubt I need them but I want to be done already!!!! I'm hurting pretty good which I'm sure is adding to my foul mood and guess what aunt flow is showing up within 48 hours, so friggin excited!!!! My grandparents (87 and 83) are visiting in town from Oklahoma and I stayed home today even though I felt guilty not spending time with them. I just want to be done, did I say that already.
The TT is great I'm feeling fantastic and the little pains and stretches are expected and pass so quickly they are more of a nuisance than anything, and I can almost stand straight (if it weren't for bending my knees cause I can't straighten my legs).
My hubby has been calling all day cause he knows blue, he even offered to pickup my favorite middle eastern food to bring it home for me to snack on this week. He has tried to keep it in perspective that taking 8 pounds off of a 5'3" 143 pound woman's legs (5% of my body weight) is not a walk in a park....ah a walk in the park would be fun. Ya I know but its been 2 weeks enough already. I read other women who basically were all healed with TT and Lipo after like 4 days and no pain meds...what's wrong with me?
He has tomorrow off and is taking me to the the doctor in the afternoon so at least I'll have someone around tomorrow and maybe my doctor can offer some suggestions for pain relief.
Last night I slept in bed. I should say I got in and out of bed about 8 times, had a good cry at 4 in the morning and finally slept for 4 more hours. I cannot find a good position because I'm a side sleeper and I could easily sleep that way if not for the lipo pain on the outer sides of my hips. I even tried sleeping on a pillow on top of the mattress and the pressure was just too much.
Ok well I'll end my pleasant tirade and hope this is short lived and tomorrow I can be back to my pleasant self and have a little relief, cause I need some.

14 days post op. So last night once my hubby came...

14 days post op. So last night once my hubby came home he finally convinced me to take the narcotics and boy did that help my frame of mind. Pain really has a dark side to it if it is intense enough. I hate the way narcs make you feel once you are coming down off of them like you are in a fog which is why I hate taking them so much. Anyway, today I had my doctor appointment. They asked how I was feeling and I told them at this point I really wished I hadn't done the lipo (poor receptionist;-). Anyway I have the best doctor he and his medical assistant saw me and I described the type of pain and they saw how swollen my legs were, not my belly my legs. They asked about my diet and I can say that is definitely not the culprit because I have always been susceptible to high sodium swelling up so I don't even cook with salt...at all! I described that the pain felt as if I could feel every place that canula had been and the doctor assessed that there was a better pain med that was more for nerve pain versus the initial pain felt after surgery. He also recommended that I stay off my feel get them elevated way above my head and then prescribed a diuretic. He said he rarely does that because usually the swelling will dissipate but since mine is so tight and literally feel like my skin could burst he prescribed it for 3 days. I have to really watch my fluid intake which won't be a problem, I've been drinking about 10 of the vitamin water zeros filed with water a day. He said that if that didn't help (which he believes it will do the trick) they can do steroids but he doesn't want to do that at first because it can effect the ability of wound healing so if we do it it will be in several days or next week as he want to give the wound enough time to really heal and do the least evasive thing first. It was a great appointment because you start thinking "is this just me?" so there was some validation and hope. The medical assistant is so nice too she said call and talk it out the pep talks are part of the surgery price and what is expected;-). I'm so happy with my doctor.....again. He also assured me I will love my results this is just part of the healing and a bump in the road.
Took my first diuretic so I'm hoping for some seriously quick relief, unfortunately the new pain med isn't one the pharmacy keeps on hand so it will be here Friday. Until then I will be using the other narc.
So all in all a much better day or at least the hope of one!

15 days PO. So the diuretics have worked. Not...

15 days PO. So the diuretics have worked. Not perfectly but over the last 2 days I can feel a huge difference and it feels like my body is ready to start healing again. I'm still really stiff but I'm hoping those new pain meds for the nerves will help with that. My abs feel really good. I can pretty much get up and about in regards to them its the legs that are making me hunch and feel like they need a really good stretch. I called the dr today to ask about the diuretics though because if feels like they work for about 4 hours then back to normal. They said it was a pretty high dose and to call back tomorrow to see how another 24 hours has gone. This morning I woke up swollen again, not to the extent as before but still noticeably more so than right after I take the diuretic. I'm worried that my script is finished tomorrow and this weekend I blow up again so I'm hoping they will renew the RX incase that occurs. I do feel like with the swelling down I'm starting to heal again. I'm back to falling asleep on the couch again like I did at the beginning the first few days after surgery so I'm hoping that is a sign that my body is doing what it needs to to catch up on some of this missed healing. I find myself wearing out very quickly which seems to be out of the ordinary compared to others so like I said I'm hopeful that means my body is catching up on the healing process that got sidetracked.
I'm still crabby cause I can't fit into any clothes so next week back at work should be AWESOME! Can't wait for that.

17 days po. had an appt with doctor today. Got ...

17 days po. had an appt with doctor today. Got great report he is very happy with my recovery. Said my scar is VERY red and asked if I was Irish, why yes, yes I am. He said the Irish have raging red scars but once completely healed have the most faint and best scars that can barely be seen. Awesome, I guess if I have to have a bad temper then good scaring evens that out. lol. My inner thighs are still swollen and somewhat numb but I can see the improvement from last weeks pictures so it makes me hopeful for what is to come. I did ask if I could switch out my cg garment for one from spanx or similar that doesn't go to my calves as finding ways to cover it is proving difficult. She said I was good to go but switch back once I get home to the CG. That was a huge relief. I got the go ahead to wait till week 5 for another appointment. They said it is the pep talk appt cause at that point lipo place nerves start to heal and are a pain ( in the butt). I was also given the ok to stretch my tummy a bit so I'm going to work on that this week so I can stand straight. I'm over the hunchback of Notre Dame.
I also told them my concern that I was going to pop out of my incision and he explained that at week 6 the incision is stronger than the surrounding skin and I didn't have anything to worry about.
The last two days have been remarkably better. I drove to the dr today, had lunch with a friend and got myself home...in the snow. Now my clothing, hair and no makeup were a disaster but whatever. I'm using "I just had surgey" excuse for a bit longer. I got my crossfit level 1 trainer certificate in the mail yesterday!!! I'm so stoked to get back in the gym. Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks po so I will start walking even for 15-20 minutes at a leisurely pace just to do something. Figure I'm swelling anyway so might as well feel good with endorphins. My appetite has come back its just so small. I still fill up sooooooo quick it's like the tight muscles are acting like a lap band. Whatever, I'm down 10 pounds from the day of surgery. I weighed 137.4 today so whatever it is it's working. Now I need to work on the hail damage on my ass and back of my thighs. I've got a plan just gotta get my body healed enough to get 'er dun.
I'm mainly taking ibuprofen religiously with the exception of taking a muscle relaxer at bedtime which seems to help me sleep and wake less often with little pains or spasms. Almost like little electrical shocks.

20days PO. So I feel like I have turned a corner....

20days PO. So I feel like I have turned a corner. I have started driving a bit. I'm a bit grandma ish which is funny for my lead foot. I am still only on ibuprofen and the diazepam (muscle relaxer) at night. My mood has improved dramatically and I think that is due to the pain subsiding and getting out a bit. I have been sleeping in bed and the last two nights I have slept on my side for a period of time. I am so glad I gave myself 3.5 weeks off for work. I definitely feel like I can accomplish getting back into the swing of things. This weekend I will be single momming it as hubby works and I feel totally ready to do it. We will have Friday night Fun night with "Buffet" (aka lefrovers) and a family game/movie, the Saturday I have to take the boy to a bday party and then going to my bff house for a visit with all three kids, then church on Sunday.
Talked to my boss today for the first time and she said I sounded good which lifts my spirits too. I'm sure next week will come with some challenges but she is so cool she told me come in and work til I can't anymore then take the rest home and finish it there if I need to. Having that option reduces my stress considerably.
I will be going shopping sometime soon to get a spanx or the like for work so I can at least look normal.
I posted a prego photo for fun just to show why I needed the TT. Just for humors sake. Makes me happy to see where I was, and where I am now. Looking forward to the gym and finishing the rest of the work.

Day 26 po. First day back at work. I was in a...

day 26 po.
First day back at work. I was in a CEP class but it was with about 200 officers so I got to see alot of people I hadn't seen in a long time and people kept coming up saying, you look great and so tiny. Some of these people I hadn't seen since I had lost my 40 pounds much less the TT. I'm kinda liking that since when you are in the middle of healing you can forget what you have already accomplished since your sights are set on something else. I am definitely starting to really see the effects of the lipo and boy am I glad I did it!

I also got on the treadmill today!!!! Yay! Now I'm like Chatty Cathy and feel so positive. I got my shuffle out and my red cons and walked. I began at a 2.5mph but I could really feel the tug and pull with each step so even though it KILLED me I turned it down to a 2.1mph and went for 22 minutes .75 miles. Pathetic BUT did something other than sit on the couch worrying that I'm not working out. I was going to do some squats (only 20) but decided there was no glory in injury and I will spend this week walking at my grandmother's pace then next week add squats and wall pushups on alternating days. I am a little sore so it'll be interesting to see how I feel in the morning. I made sure to be a sodium nazi tonight to make sure to not needlessly swell.

Went back to the chair last night and did not sleep. For one I realized that being in bed allows me the opportunity to kick my hubby when he begins to snore! I had to get out of my chair to smack him instead ;-) lol. And it isn't nearly as comfy as being more flat in bed.

Can't wait till Wednesday! 1 month post op and new photos. Hopefully I see some progress!

4 weeks po. So today is my 3rd day back at work...

4 weeks po.
So today is my 3rd day back at work and I can feel it. I'm really tired not so much in pain just fatigued. In fact I didn't have any medicine today until around 6pm.I ate out yesterday and boy could I tell it! Sodium sucks!!! My fingers were little smokies this morning when I got up. Nothing else was swollen but I have kept up on my regimin of vitamin water so I think that helps a ton. I ran to the bathroom (ok not ran) about 7 times today but I think I got 4 vitamin waters in at work and my decaf coffee which was another 24 oz. My CG is starting to be alot more comfortable. I cant tell if that is because I'm losing weight or it is just stretching.Funny thing about my CG. Since it is a full body suit down to the calves I wore a longer skirt and riding boots today, but I kept grabbing the sides of my skirt cause I was afraid that it might fall off and I wouldn't know it since the CG feels like clothes. My boss asked me if I was ok since I probably looked like a mental patient and instead of just saying yea I told him I was checking to see if my skirt was still on. His face was priceless!!!I have been trying to stay off that scale until I can actually run since all it will do is piss me off and I won't be able to do anything about it.

I worked out again today and was much less tight in the abs. I only did a mile in 30 minutes.BLAH! but I got something done and it got me back into the gym which for me is the one habit I cannot afford to take off the schedule otherwise everything else will take it's place. I can tell I swelled a bit after my walk and all day at work especially in my pictures but I feel really blessed that I haven't had the tummy swell hell that so many have had to deal with (knock on wood). Nonetheless I am much more flat at the beginning of the day than in these photos and my inner thighs are still swollen and have little feeling in them still. So I am hopeful that this is not near my final results. The back photos are what makes me want to barf!!! I cannot wait to do sprints to get that shit off!!! To me I look soft and definitely am making some plans as to how and fix that. Ok enough of the self loathing talk;-). My scar is still really red but the skin has started to really stretch out and I think once completely healed it will be beautiful. I also spent some time tonight stretching. I feel like I have lost alot of flexibility while laid up and I know I gotta get those leg muscles flexing or when I get the green light to run I will get injured. It felt awful at first but then after about 15 minutes I could feel a difference. All in all this is going to be a good experience and I am glad I did it.

What a difference a week makes. Last week was...

What a difference a week makes.

Last week was my first week back at work and boy could I feel it. I had no energy. Not really pain but no energy or stamina, and sleeping is still a struggle. I had a difficult time finding clothes where I could hide my cg and still be comfortable. I did it but I sure hope what not to wear wasn't secretly filming. I did learn that while recovering from a TT DO NOT WEAR high heals. My sides were aching like a runners cramp and I couldn't figure out why until I got out of my shoes and started thinking duh you have to balance side to side in heels so my obliques let me know! It did give me an excuse to buy some really cute black flat boots!!!

I worked out last week and so far this week has been better. I say worked out in a VERY broad term. I walked. I'm a ways off from a jog. tried it last night and my abs are still soooooo tight I'm definitely not ready. I did however, try wide legged squats and can do tthose no problem. Tried rowing and I bet I'm 2 weeks out from that. Tried girl pushups and could do them but shouldn't. I'll wait about 2 weeks on those too. This weeks walking pace is much better so I'm happier about that. Just the fact I'm down in my gym again with my shuffle improves my mood!!!

Went for my 5 week po appointment today and my ps said wow! That's good. He said my thighs still have 10-15% swelling left and that when it's all done they shouldn't touch. Yay I will wear shorts again!!! He said m belly is swollen nothing crazy but below the belly button will be flat and concave in a bit once the healing is complete. He said up to a year but was really happy with the progress. My incision started reopening this week which concerned me a bit but he said fair complected people's scars can behave that way. Also, a staple (dissolvable) popped out and opened up the incision. Ok not popped out but rubbed it's way out. He said those are placed so close to the skin I may have more do it or they may just dissolve. There is no telling. I'm cleaning with peroxide, neosporin and a bandaide. Also, I popped a stitch above my bellybutton but he says it shouldn't make me worry since it's neighbors are holding everything in tight.

I continue to struggle with finding an appetite. No I have an appetite but I get really full really quick. I have lost between 12-14 pounds depending on the day since surgery and ps said because the muscles are pulled in so tight they act like a corset and keep you from eating very much which I guess is a good side effect since I can't work out.

Not sure there are much changes from last weeks photos but might take some anyway cause the swimsuit one is horrible:-)

10 weeks PO. Wow how time flies. I can now say...

10 weeks PO. Wow how time flies. I can now say I'm so glad I did this. I went through a time I needed to be off the forums because I got really bummed that I was not healing like everyone else, started feeling fat, and was pissed I couldn't work out yet!!! ARG!
I started walking at 6 weeks and could only do 1 mile at a 2.5 mph pace. My grandma in a walker could've put me to shame. But I did it...pissed and all I did it. At 8 weeks my body started to accelerate its healing. I could finally "jog" (and I use that in the loosest of terms;) But I started to feel like I was maneauvering through the discomfort a ton better. I started sleeping much better and I was only wearing my CG when I got home from work.
Between weeks 8-10 I feel like a new woman!!! I'm so glad I did this. I have tucked in shirts (first time in 8 years) and feel fantastic. Sure I am still swelling. I get a pooch more times than I don't and the only time my tummy is completely flat is when all of it swells (;-) but guess what.....It's a hell of a lot better than it was and I know it wont be this way forever. Thank god I don't have to go to work naked, but clothed I look pretty damn good!
I think being more active really has lifted my spirits and has put everything in perspective. It is so hard to mentally deal with disappointment and not have exercise as an outlet. As soon as I could begin running (oh btw I'm running faster than I did pre surgery---not as far but faster how bout them apples!) my whole outlook changed. I felt in CONTROL again! Am I 100%...NOPE, but I can now cope with this. Some days are much better than others as far as how I feel and my mood but overall...much improved.
Do I still see flaw? Am I still a woman...hell ya I see flaws but many times I'm side tracked by thinking "Damn I look good and that's me in the mirror!". It didn't happen overnight but it did happen, so those of you beginning to doubt or think this will never end...yes it will, but it won't happen on your terms or your timing so suck it up an move forward;-). It is SOOOOOOO worth it...You will feel like a million dollars (even if you don't see it) so don't rob yourself of that feeling...You're worth it!!!

Dr. Lee is amazing. His attention to detail is ridiculous and his work is better than you could expect. His caring bedside manner and professionalism makes this difficult recovery much easier. His staff is the BEST. They are attentive, empathetic, and caring. They return phone calls immediately and get you into appointments very promptly. I have never had to wait for long. I believe the aftercare is the MOST important part of surgery and Dr. Lee and his staff have FAR exceeded my expectations. That is saying alot since once a dr has done your surgery and got your money they could really kiss you off, but I think my after care was even better than my before care. They have even called several times just to check up. They are amazing and I cannot say enough about my experience. If I ever get anything else done there will be NO OTHER doctor I would consider.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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