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My certified dermatologist performed this on me 2...

My certified dermatologist performed this on me 2 days ago. It was difficult to research leading up to the procedure because he kept calling it IPL. However, based on some of the reviews, this can't be the same process, but I could not find anything called BBL (broadband light). I don't know if it's the same as phototherapy?

Anyhow, I wanted to remove freckles and sun damage. He used machine called Sciton Joule , 515 filter for freckles. They have other filters to address other issues. I think this is one of the lightest settings, compared to a chart I saw in the office. Anyhow, my Dr. did a phenomenol job. It went like this: They assured me it would not hurt (it did not) but I'd still see bright flashes of light, totally unharmful to the eyes. They slathered ultrasound gel on my face and he began. It was a very tiny rubber band snap, like he described. It just kept surprising me, so I think I flinched a little several times until I got used to it.

I did the whole face, which was $400 for 1 treatment. The most sensitive part was my upper lip. However, it did not hurt. AT ALL. And I am a big baby, hate getting shots, etc. Almost immediately I noticed my freckles getting darker. The entire process took about 30 minutes. Short and sweet! Please note: this process is NOT for dark skinned people and should only be administered by experienced professionals. I am of Irish/German descent, auburn hair and always had freckles my whole life. I burn very easily. This is the type of fair skin the process will help.

I was nervous after seeing some of the horrible, rectangular burns from reviews on here. If you have dark skin or tan very easily, you need to go to someone who specializes in treating that type of skin. Anyhow, he noticed my freckles darkening immediately and said that was good. I had it done Thurs around 2 pm and as of Sat morning, I am starting to see the beginning of freckles coming to the surface and looking a little flaky. I keep applying moisturizing cream. I am glad I took Friday off, but I could have covered up the dark freckling. But, the only makeup I've ever known to have a good concealer is Base Essentials. They have a powder concealer that works incredibly well.

Dark spots fade away as I painted on my bisque colored powder. It was totally doable. Some of the biggest pain in the rear freckles are dark and looks like they are starting to surface. Awesome! I don't know if I will get a 2nd treatment within a month because of the cost, however my doc can do the face (not forehead) for $300 or $100 for touch ups. I feel it's too early to post before and afters since I do not yet have the full result, but it's in progress. I also really have to recommend Obagi Sunscreen SPF 50 because I've never known anything to go on so light and non-greasy. I've used Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Eucerin and none left me without a slight pasty look.

I have to use physical sunblock since the chemical (avobenzene) causes little bumps all over my face and it burns. Obagi is a physical sun blocker and wears very well under my makeup. My face does not feel make up heavy, like it can after putting on moisturizer, sunscreen, and powder foundation. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I plan to post pics when I've gotten the full result.

I am updating on Feb 28th, 2012 to add some pictures.

I am updating on Feb 28th, 2012 to add some pictures.

Another update

I am now going to another place for laser treatment. Since originally posting, I went back in Nov 2012 and again in Jan 2015. I am really pleased with my results and would recommend this to anyone. Keep in mind a good sunscreen is essential, every day. Even in the winter and on overcast days. I used Obagi and Image SPF 50. They do not "whiten" my face and they blend well under my power foundation. It serves as a good primer. Sunscreen always to preserve your results.

It's too early for after care follow up, but I am sure I will be back. We didn't talk on the phone or email, so I could not comment. I think the scheduling department crams in as much as they can, because he's appeared very busy the 2 appointments I've spent with him. I felt bad asking extra questions because I could tell he was being pulled in many directions at once.

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