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During one of my laser hair removal appointments...

During one of my laser hair removal appointments at American Laser Center, they mentioned the EMatrix procedure...and how I could get the extended hair removal with 4 sessions of EMatrix, for another $2,500. So getting caught up in the "awe" of making myself look younger (I am 35), I gave the "Okay" before even knowing what EMatrix was and if I really needed it. (My husband was not thrilled at my $5,500 bill that I brought home!)

So, I began to research this procedure and read these reviews and instantly became petrified at what I signed myself up for! (My appointment was on a Tuesday and I gave the consent on that previous Friday). I called ALC and they explained that everyone reacts differently and that it really isn’t that bad. At this point I was starting to look at myself in the mirror more and find areas that I was not happy with….and let my curiosity of this fix linger…and figured let’s just try it.

While at work on Tuesday, I applied the Lidocaine & Prilocaine Cream, 2.5%/2.5% to my face at 12:20pm, my appointment was at 1pm. This was an interesting experience because I have never applied skin numbing cream to my face before. My lips were the most noticeable to go numb, the rest of my face just felt a little odd.

I went over to ALC on my lunch break and they took me back and did a few test spots on my face and neck to see what setting was best for me. I ended up with a 30A on my face and a 15A on my neck. (Apparently, they don’t like the client to know the actual settings....not sure why. I was curious!)

So the procedure began and Oh My Gosh, this was no facial! The zap was tolerable, the smell of the skin was a little uncomfortable, but, the immediate burning after the zap was unforgettable! It is hard to explain because it is similar to applying a hot iron to your skin but, deeper...very much like getting into a hot shower after getting a sunburn that day. I could not imagine doing this without the numbing cream, and there will be many shots of liquor involved prior to my next appointment!

I had the technician go fast so it was over faster; she hit a couple of areas a few times because of some acne scaring. The whole face and neck was exactly an hour long. After she was done, I desperately needed an ice pack for each inch of my face to cool it off. That definitely helped! She then applied sun block and some special lotion, which I did not purchase and found that Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion (the screw off top is thicker than the pump) worked perfectly and did not burn my newly sensitive face. I think part of the uncomforted did not know what I was in for, so I was not prepared mentally for the burning.

An hour or so after the procedure, my face began to cool off and I didn’t need the icepacks anymore after initial office visit. I did notice that the heat would come in little spots, “waves”, and would come and go. My face was a bit red but, nobody even noticed at the office (typical office). I began to stare at myself in the mirror and noticed that the skin looked fresher, I looked more rested. At that point, I started to think that this might be worth it….the pain was gone at this point. I am just red and blotchy…but, the heat and pain is gone.

I did make a next appointment exactly 4 weeks to the day. The technician mentioned pushing the setting to the “B” range….I am not sure if I am okay with that decision quite yet. The pain is still fresh in my head as it happened just yesterday.

Today my face is shining, bright, and healthy looking. I have some of the bumps on my neck but, nothing bad…Still nobody at the office noticed anything by my shininess. My husband still thinks I am out of my mind. My friends and family did not think I needed this treatment. I was curious, and like most women, find small faults in my appearance and am a little fearful of my skin to look my age.

Attached are pictures of before, during, after, and a day later…I purposly did not smile so I did not give false lines in my face. I need to mention that many people have spoken to me today, face to face, and nobody noticed a thing. Not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

Day 2: I can feel the little bumps on my face. The...

Day 2: I can feel the little bumps on my face. The sensitivity is gone and I am back to using my typical products which consists of Trentin X products proscribed by my dermatologist for adult acne and Arbonne day and night creams. The creases in my face seem to be much less noticeable around my mouth and my skin looks almost as if I have cover up on.
I followed up on a co-worker who spent quite a bit of time talking with me in close proximity yesterday. I asked him if I looked any different, his response was that my face looks a little tanner but, nothing else.
So far, I personally am pleased with the results.

Also, if anyone decides to visit their local...

Also, if anyone decides to visit their local American Laser Center, please keep me in mind as they offer a small kickback for referrals:) Also, if they know you are being referred they are more likely to give you a cheaper rate and throw in some free stuff for you as well!

Completed treatment #2 on 7/28/11. Increased the...

Completed treatment #2 on 7/28/11. Increased the strength to a medium B on my face and remained at the 15A on my neck. The actual procedure was just as uncomfortable as the first time...yes I was more prepared, but, it still was not fun at all! The recovery time increased to 3 days out versus just 1 day. You can see in the pictures scabbing and the matrix dots.

Completed treatment #3 on 8/31/11. Again increased...

Completed treatment #3 on 8/31/11. Again increased the strength to a C on area's of my face and totally skipped my neck this time. This treatment was better than the first 2, maybe because I skipped my neck. I still had scabbing but by varying the strengths on my face between the B and C, the recovery time was only 2 days. Results are more present now and my husband can see a more fresh look! This procedure was worth it.

October 5 was my 4th treatment. We went over the...

October 5 was my 4th treatment. We went over the entire face with an "A" setting first, and then went over it again with a "C". The technician said that the two levels both target different layers and I will get the best results. I must admit, it was much easier this time...maybe because I knew what to expect or maybe because my face was getting used to it? I dont know. But, after this treatment I can definitly notice a shine and my acne is temporarily cleared up (temporarily because it is hormon driven). Yes, my face was still crazy red, yes I had brown scabs, yes it felt sunburned. But, today 5 days later, it looks amazing. No clue if it is permanent.

I asked about follow up treatments every 3 months and I was told that I had to buy another package of 4 for $1800 again...so I declined.

Given my horrible results from the Vella Shape treatment, I will no longer be purchasing anything else from American Laser Skincare and do not reccomend anyone else fall into this web.
American Laser Center

If you are interested in treatments for laser hair removal, e-matrix, or anything. I do not reccomend going to American Laser Skincare for any of these. I fell victim to a web of up-sale techniques and learned the hard way that this is all about meeting their sale's goals and not of customer relations. As I did eventually benefit from the E-matrix procedures, the laser hair procedures are very slow to gain benefits, and the Vella Shape procedures are extreamly dangerous...see my other review.

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