Painless, uncomfortable recovery, some results

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Today I had smartlipo on my chin and my jowls. My...

Today I had smartlipo on my chin and my jowls. My main purpose was to get a more defined, manlier jawline. One incision was made right under my chin, which is weird, because on my consultation my surgeon said he would make two more incisions behind my earlobes. I asked him about this after the procedure and he said he didn’t need to because he could reach everything from that one incision.

There’s a question here on realself about this and the doctors say they can get better results with three incisions, so I am a little concerned that my surgeon just wanted to finish quick and that’s why he didn’t make 3 incisions. The procedure was really quick and painless but I was scared to death seeing wha he was putting in me and then kinda agressively moving it around. Sometimes I could smell something burning too.

The lipo itself didn’t last longer than 15 minutes. The thing I was the most afraid of is nerve damage. The first thing I checked was if my smile was symetric and thank god it was. I’ve come home and immediately took the compression garment off just for a quick peek of what I look like now. I have little to no improvement. It does seem a tiny little better but it might be because sometimes I hold my head differently and than it looks better. I was secretly hoping for a miracle but it’s clearly not the case.

Well I’m hoping for the best and I hope it’ll look better. It’s starting to hurt a little and the compression garment is really uncomfortable, but I am far more worried about my final results than a little unconvenience.

It's been more than 24 hours since surgery. It's...

It's been more than 24 hours since surgery. It's amazing that I hardly had any pain. Both he surgery and the recovery are basicly painless. The neck strap is a pain in the neck (haha ^^), it's uncomfortable and I only go out for walks at night with a scarf and a hat but well, I knew what I signed up for.
Well I have serious doubts about the results. I read Eric's review on this site (I wish I had read it earlier) and I highly suspect my results won't solve my problem either, just like his lipo didn't give him great results. I didn't really have a ton of excess fat, it's just my neck muscle that has that shape. I might go for a neck lift too, although I am just 24 years old. I'm still hoping for the best anyway, but if things don't turn out the way I wish, I'll only have myself to blame.

It is day 3. I have no bruising from the lipo...

It is day 3. I have no bruising from the lipo whatsoever, I wonder if the tons of pineapple I ate had anything to do with it. The chin strap does hurt the lower part of my neck though and it's pretty red underneath. It also hurts a little when I swallow and it's itchy underneath, probably because of the beard growing. The doctor advised me to wear it for 4-5 days but I'll wear it till monday anyway. That's gonna be day 6. I can't wait to take it off.

It is day 5 and I took it off so I can wash my...

It is day 5 and I took it off so I can wash my face. It looks worse than before. It's all swollen and my face is puffier than ever. It scares me to death I hope it'll look better. :o

It has been almost three weeks. I only wear the...

It has been almost three weeks. I only wear the compression garment at night now. Ihave no to minimal improvement so far and no one has noticed any change, but that is not unexpected. I only had a little fat removed. It might take a little longer for the result to be visible. I feel a small lump under my chin and two more small lumps along my jawline. If I'll have some change in the contour of my jawline or chin, I will say doing this was worth it because I had not pain or bruising at all. The chinstrap was the worst part of the whole thing.

It's been two months. Sometimes I think there is a...

It's been two months. Sometimes I think there is a slight difference, sometimes I think there's no difference at all.
I cannot decide. One thing is for sure, it's not any worse.

3 years update

It has been three years. My neckline from the side looks good. I definitely think there has been some improvement, but my jawline is still not as defined as I would like it to be. This is however not because of fat, but because of how my muscles are structured, so I guess I will have to keep looking for other solutions.

It's been a couple of years

It's been a few years now and there definitely is improvement, so I say it was worth it. Although I have to say I have been doing a lot of neck exercises recently, maybe that also helped firm up the muscle a little.

To sum up the surgery: There was no pain but wearing the "headpiece" was a pain in the neck. Pun intended :)

The results did not show from one day to the other, but after a couple of months. (At the first few months, my double chin was bigger than ever. People though I had gained weight.)

I am still not happy with my jawline but that is not because of accumulated fat but because of the bone structure I'm stuck with. I am considering getting Radiesse to make it more prominent.

For those who are considering a neck lip nowadays: don't, go for Kybella instead. If that was available when I had the lipo done, I would have chosen it.
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