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Hello all, I'm having my Clear Choice surgery on...

Hello all, I'm having my Clear Choice surgery on November 30th. Originally I balked at the cost, I had read it compares to purchasing a luxury car, but still didn't expect that!
I'm feeling frightened, reading reviews here I see I signed on for something I'm not prepared for. Yes, the staff explained things to me, but don't "emphasize" the after effects of this surgery. Reading here, someone finally having feeling return to their lips months afterwards? That's scary!
Also, I'm a mailman and the timing couldn't be worse, the holliday season. My job reluctantly gave me six days off (day 1 being the surgery day), but sounds like I won't be able to work the 14 hr days ahead, ugh!
I've always had dental pain to a lesser or greater degree, usually worse in the cold months. Now that my remaining teeth will be yanked in less then two weeks, they absurdly feel just fine. If Clear Choice were to offer me my money back right now, I'd take it as I feel my life can't handle the disruption this will cause for a long time. But like the saying, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Surgery Day!

I made it through! As someone with a very sensitive mouth who dreads any dental procedures, I survived! It was quite grueling, but the Denver Clear Choice staff did their utmost to make me as comfortable as possible. First was the removal of remaining teeth and implant placing. Then I was taken back to my recovery room. Then back in to have more molds taken for my temp implants. Then after some hours, the new implants were installed. This was followed by many bite tests and adjustments. This pic is me an hour ago, the swelling has gone down quite a bit, and the temp implants also act as a cover to the surgical area. I'm very pleased with how they look!

Day 3 after surgery

I'm quite swollen, but bleeding has stopped and the pain isn't unbearable. I've developed a bullfrog looking double chin. I called the clinic and they said this is part of the swelling.
I went to a mall yesterday with my daughter, but became very exhausted and felt painfully achey rather quickly. So no more outings like that until this heals a lot more. All in all, the post surgery isn't as terrible as I expected. Side note: my mouth, which tasted stinky to me in one area where I had a bridge for years, isn't like that anymore!

Back at work, and swelling is almost gone....

30 days post surgery!

It is now a month since I went thru the surgery and got my temporary implants put in. After my facial swelling went down, my temp implants started feeling too tight, I think because my gums weren't done healing under them. That sensation only lasted a few days thankfully. I'm not quite used to them yet, mainly because the implants don't provide sensory input. Overall though I am pain free! My natural teeth seemed to act up more in winter, and that is now in the past. When I went back for my 10 day follow up, I got the Water Pik. Never having had one I'm sure they gave me a basic model, but it works great! It gets out all kinds of food specks that get under the implants. I look forward to getting the real implants next March! I've tried my best to stick to foods that can be cut with a fork so no damage occurs to the temps. It'll be a relief to not have to constantly make sure I don't put any eating strain on the temps!
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