Body FX Was Very Painful and the Treated Areas Look Worse Now - Denver, CO

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In past for cellulite, I’ve done Endermologie a...

In past for cellulite, I’ve done Endermologie and Tri-Active. Tri-Active worked best. However, after I stopped monthly Tri-Active maintenance sessions, the cellulite came right back. These treatments only work if you keep doing them.

Body FX is supposed to remove fat permanently. I doubt that it’s nearly as good as cellulite-specific treatments for cellulite reduction alone, but it seemed to be a good all-around value, since I wanted all that it claimed: 1) cellulite reduction, 2) remove fat deposits, 3) skin tightening and contouring.

I treated the buttocks and upper back thighs. The buttocks are considered 1 treatment area, and the upper thighs are considered a 2nd treatment area. I bought six treatments for $1,750 at a discount (two treatment areas for the price of one), but I only ended up doing three, one each week. The practitioner said the best results are seen about 2.5 months AFTER the FINAL treatment. I paid half, $875, to start.

Treatment 1: Practitioner took pictures of my butt and thighs to benchmark progress. I lied on my stomach on the table and she ran the machine over my right side first. The treatment was much more painful than I anticipated. She said everyone is different, and individuals also vary greatly in their sensitivity from treatment to treatment. There are two pain factors: The heat of the device, and the “ping.” Let your practitioner know if one or both of these are intolerable and she will adjust the settings. Each time the device activates to “zap fat,” it heats up, followed by a ping, which feels like a sudden nerve spasm. The ping is the wild card, because sometimes, I barely felt it. Other times, over the same areas, it was so painful that I nearly jumped off the table. Later that day, I felt kind of weak, but nothing else. The first treatment didn’t create any noticeable changes.

Treatment 2: Same as the first – the heat got overbearing at times, but the “ping” really got me as the treatment progressed. The first couple of areas don’t hurt as much, but I came to expect and dread the ping, and my body seemed to become more sensitized to it, so it gets worse as the treatment went on. Again, there were enough pings that made me literally spasm with pain and it was very uncomfortable. Near the end, I was once again praying for time to go quickly so it would stop.

Treatment 3: She said the manufacturer sent her a new application head because maybe the first one had issues. She said other patients experienced pain, but mine seemed worse than most. She turned down the settings this time, and the procedure was tolerable. It still got a little more intense at the end, indicating that in fact, my body was becoming more sensitized as the treatment went on. Although tolerable, I was worried that I wouldn’t get good results on low ‘surface’ settings. She said I would. But she also said per the protocol, she also needed to do some of the sessions at higher settings, and she couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t be in as much pain as I was during the first two.

I decided to stop after three. I didn’t want to spend another $875, and endure the pain, and possibly not even get the results I expected for all the effort. Cutting my losses seemed smarter. I didn’t really expect results from three, but she said I would see slight results by 10 weeks after the last treatment.

It’s only been three weeks, but I’m very disappointed. My treated areas actually look WORSE. The fat seems looser…the cellulite looks even more accentuated. No weight loss. No tightening. Absolutely no positive effects – only negative. I’ll post again at 10 weeks to update if any positive changes from my three treatments.

The problem could have been that the device head used during my first two treatments was faulty (she used a new one during treatment 3, at a lower level). But because I didn’t go back, I’ll never know if it was a defect with the device that made it more painful than normal.

If you are highly sensitive like me, I suggest you ask the practitioner to start you at the highest settings recommended for your skin type, and agree to discount your first treatment, and not to obligate you to further sessions, if you find the first session too painful. In my opinion, you’ll want to be able to tolerate the highest settings because if you do all the treatments at lower settings, you’re wasting good money on reduced results. If you get any.

Carla was nice and very attentive at attempting to resolve my pain issues. She seemed knowledgeable about using the machine at the proper settings. She called the manufacturer to ask for advice about my pain, and even got them to send a new device head. She was open and asked questions about how I was doing to make adjustments. I have no issues with their practice. I think they're doing their best with a newer device that simply may not be as 'pain free' as advertised. It's a bummer for practices when they spend lots of money on new machines, only to discover that many patients find the treatment intolerable, although the manufacturers claim otherwise. I didn't seem to get any results, but I believe that's more likely to be the machine than the practitioner.

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