58yrs, 40J, 5'7", 220 Lbs - Dr. Gordon - Denver, CO

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Thank you to all who post here! Every newsletter...

Thank you to all who post here!
Every newsletter that comes to my email I go through completely. Reading all the posts has already helped me so much about what to expect, what products to use, everything.
Will post pics as soon as I start taking some.
Was always basically normal size, but on the fuller side i.e. 34B at 20yrs. Gradually grew with age. At 40 was a 38D or DD. Gained a lot of weight, like 40 lbs over a year and size finally went to a 44J. But, I was wearing 44-46DDD-H, depending on what size I could get and from where, i.e. Walmart DDD or online order G-I. Til got J. Would love to be able to buy bras at Walmart!
No date for surgery, yet. Have seen my PS about what to expect, measurements and his photos. They will call me for surgery date in about 4-6 months. I am a disabled veteran (invisible disabilities), so VA will cover $ and procedure. Thank GOD! No more back aches, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, rolling over on my boobs in the middle of the night and pinching my nipples(LOL. that's just for the ladies who know), no more having my boobs be in the way of my arms while I drive!, no more wearing blouses/tops that fit my boobs but the shoulder seams are 2-3 inches below each shoulder, no more people making snide remarks close enough to be sure I overhear but acting like they are not, no more looking deformed in a turtleneck (only wore once out in public once and later saw a picture of myself! HORRIBLE. So, only wore under other things afterward). No more yeast rashes under the breasts! No more deciding whether to overflow the top of my bras or the sides of my bras. Back to those comments...no more "overhearing" i.e. you know the commenters really want you to hear, "wonder what THOSE cost," "who would DO that to themselves," "are those real," "WOW." And the gigglers, and the hysterical laughers.
I will really look forward to being on here. You are all such wonderful, nice ladies who appreciate your bust, and even more so when they are smaller! YEAH!

Pictures 6.12.2014

I'm not very good at taking "selfies" in the mirror. But, I tried and this is what came out. So excited to get the BR. Oh, I don't have deep shoulder indents, because I have always worn bras with support in the bands, and I don't tighten straps up real super tight. And, it shows, i.e. gravity wins! It is so good reading all of your posts. I have learned so many things. Have great ideas for post surgery bras, healing, meds. Just about everything is on here. Thanks, as always.

BRA. Glamorise 42J

Forgot to add the bra pics. Have bought these bras from Woman Within for years now. They fit the best and are actually comfortable. I'm thinking about buying some new ones in my new size when I get it. It's a front hook and has shoulder support bands in the back. But, no rubbing or pulling on the arms. Tried to get a pic of the cup size. Just didn't work well. Can not wait to buy beautiful new bras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Breast Massage How To

Found this on YouTube.

Surgery videos

For all those without weak stomachs, or creeped out by live surgery, I happened across this site. It has all kinds of surgeries. Not just BR.
Well, that one is reconstruction. Close enough?

Feb. 2, 2015 I'M BACK!

Been offline for months. Put off BR. Have appointment to start over in March. Really missed some of you. Hope you are all doing well.

On the road, again....

...to getting my BR. Just saw my PS, again, the other day. We are now moving forward with everything. I just have to wait to hear from the office, and see what we do from there.


Unless something changes we're looking at July 8th. I am so excited. My doctor said I have "all the right reasons" for getting a BR. I tell everyone about this site. All the support and caring makes a huge difference in what to expect and what we might need.... I have loved it.

Have only met for info so far, but I think he is great! Found some online information about him, i.e. doctors, hospital info type websites. When doctors where surveyed about who they would want to perform surgery on them if needed, they chose Dr. Gordon. THAT does wonders for any questions. Will update as I go along. Or, after surgery.

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