BA/BL Jan 11, 2016 - 5'8" 135# - 375HP textured round Mentors

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I'm still v happy with the BL by Dr. Vath but also...

I'm still v happy with the BL by Dr. Vath but also still struggling with scars. And after losing another 10# the girls are still sunny side up (thx Dr. V!) But definitely on the smaller side. I have always been a 34D but those are big now.

Went for a consult with Dr. Grossman and Dr. V. Very different approaches. Dr. V. Requires that you pick the exact implant before surgery. Dr. G. says to give him a photo and he'll pick. They both prefer Sientra textured so at least that part is set.

Both think another BL is in order. I know what I'd like to look like, just no idea how to get there? Curious HP versus Mod+. Thinking probably 385-440cc range?

The problem is that not knowing my size I look like a B / small C cup but according to bra manufacturers I'm a C /D.

Do rice sizers really work? How do you make final decision regards profile?

Any advice v much appreciated :-)

Sientra Manufacturing plant destroyed, going with Mentors now - Tall girl sizing question?

Rec'd a call that the plant was destroyed so will size on Monday with textured round Mentors instead. Really want to avoid flat/wide so thinking HP. Also reviewing posts on here and really leaning towards larger instead of smaller. I wear a 34D but look like a B because it's all relative...

Would love some comments re size choices you guys have made?

Pre-op Sizing done! Round textured 375HP Mentors

The challenge is that I had something on mammogram so going in for diagnostic follow-up this afternoon. Fingers crossed is nothing and BA/BL can happen as planned! So stoked ????

Vectra pic, bumped to 400HPs... BA/BL Surgery in 11 days!

I have been reading a ton and worrying about making the wrong decision. And it's even tougher when more than half of the doc answers to questions re fine-tuning size choice is "that's your surgeon's decision, usually intra-operatively". Dr. V and his team are fantastic, but Dr. V hasn't been involved in the sizing at all, and the decision has to be made no later than 3 biz days before surgery so they can order the implants.

Recd Vectra pic and the side view looks good but not so much change from the front (will post

* Reviewed the Mentor sizing chart and the difference between 375 and 400cc HP is .2cm width and .2cm projection.

* Some doc put out the stat that 80% of patients wish they had gone a bit larger

* Other reading notes all talk about losing 10-15% when go under the muscle (which I am)

* 375cc on a 5'8" woman doesn't seem like much, have seen a ton of posts for taller girls going well over 500ccs. Now I'm not starting from flat, but still...

So - just sent off an email to Kari requesting 400HPs instead.

Egads, the pressure...

Today's the day!

A little bummed because requested morning but got pushed to 1p, then 2p, then 4p (ugh!) But, almost there :-)

Posting before photos...

Dr. V is a magician! Day of BA/BL surgery-

It's late so a little rambling ahead...

A little more background - 5'8" 135#. Chose 375HP textured round Mentors at pre-op but then read a bunch on here and thought 400 might be better. Sent email to that effect. Kari (with a K) called back within hours and did NOT say, "umm, based on what I know of you that would a disastrous mistake." Lol! What she DID say was," how about if I organise to send you home with sizes to wear over the weekend to help you make your decisIon." And thank goodness. Decided to stick with 375HP

Spent morning clearing deck for tomorrow afternoon, mistakenly read about 24 recovery and thought might be able? Short answer = no. Lol!

Showed up on time, taken back to prep 20 min later. Talked through everything with Miriam (sp? Pre-op nurse) then Dr V marked up, then met with Brian (anesthesiologist) then back to Ashlee (surg nurse). Everything same pre-op, didn't remember being wheeled into or.

Note- this is how much time/care Dr. V goes to. I mention the Embrace scar system and he literally immediately went to look it up, then came back to discuss. I defy you to find another doc that would be bothered to do so. Just an incredible PS. So grateful.

Woke up thirsty/ hungry, nauseous and *hurting*. Ashlee was wonderful starting to get me sorted out. Parents here (mom is RN). Headed home, made my recliner pallet, sorted food/drink, scheduled meds and pre-filled pill pack so wouldn't have to wake them up. Dr. V called to check in. Zonked pretty quick with pain still at 5/6. Finally down to a dull roar when woke up at 11p. Took photos, rubbed in arnica gel (significantly swollen/bloated) and added anti-nausea pill then crashed again.

These girls are gonna be fun! And thinking no worries re boob greed. Of note- v thankful went with HP, still look "wide".

Many many thanks to folks here, entire team at Dr V's practice, and my family. xoxoxo

PS decision made - will use this week to start/ catch up on Game of Thrones so can watch with BF when on the other side ?

Day 4/5 post-op, advice for bloating? *ugh*

Boobs look great, very hard/ stiff but I know that's temporary. Also know that there's now 2# of implant, but being that I haven't eaten properly in 4 days that leaves 8# of bloat - eek!

Overdid it a bit earlier this week so back to work (from home) but plan to stay put today.

My advice!!. Rest, rest, rest!

Surgery was Late Monday, essentially I'm exactly four 24-days from when I came home. I hate how my body reacts to narcotics, so today I was not Superwoman, ran one minimal errand and have rested/slept all day, *narcotic free*. Gonna sleep properly here in 10.

Just because you *can* handle a task/chore doesn't mean you should. As working moms (in and out of the home) we don't understand the concept of being sedentary when we can clearly see tasks to be done that will only take a moment to knock out but will immensely relieve our minds. I'm here to say Let It Go! And am hoping to have less bloated / more relaxed photos to show for it tomorrow. Good night lovely ladies.

Pics- pre-op, 1 day after, 5 days later

5#of bloat gone, another 3-5# to go... Happy with boobs and still a long way to go :-)

1 week later - first post op appointment

* Happy and grateful to Dr.V and team!

* No pain meds for days, no narcotics since day 4. Have always had hypersensitive nipples (debilitatingly painful when cold!) so numbness while healing not a bad thing in my book at all...

* Bloat - gone! Scale up 3#-ish but I've got 2# of implants in body now and haven't exercised in a week so not fretting. Can start exercise again in a week -

* Muscle spasm/ability to sleep - one swollen transverse muscle between cleavage - looks a little weird but will subside. Feel most discomfort (not enough to say pain but enough to not be able to sleep) around side/back of ribs. I'm normally a tummy sleeper sans pillow so sleeping on back propped up between bolstered pillows in reclining sofa is a challenge on a good day. Game of Thrones binge-ing gets me to sleep but not enough for through the night. Up the last three nights sometime between 2a-5a to take a valium for spasm/sleep. Works like a charm.

* Scars - the initial raison d'etre for this entire exercise. Tape already starting to discolour/lift so have been trimming replacing with skinny steri strips along the way. Not staying too well. RN Joyce removed most from around areola and replaced it (suture line thin and lovely), and provided some wider flesh coloured steri strips to replace the longer mastopexy lines when they lift. Does not recommend taping for more than a total of 2 weeks due to issues with reactions to tape, recommends silicone sheeting as soon as suture lines definitely closed.

This is the biggest difference between Dr. V and Dr. G's advice from initial consult. Dr. G recommends taping for a good 3 months. I've ordered the embrace scar kit (and apparently it's on its way) but couldn't use for another week no matter what. It's essentially taped silicone sheets that stay on for a week at a time. Best of both worlds other than that nothing for around areola (which is a challenge area for me). So, plan for areola is to continue with steri strip tape until/unless see a reaction, then take breaks to just slather with coconut oil and try silicone donuts (I've got them from last time).

Will also start with Vitamin E regime but have to wait one more week.

* Swelling/boob greed - hmm. So I started as a 34D (looking like a B relatively because I'm tall) but pretty narrow rib cage. Chose 375cc HP silicone Mentors. Which means I've got essentially an additional 1.5 cups (think rice) per breast going on. Think about carrying *3 cups* of rice in a sports bra - it's not an insignificant amount!)

But with the mastopexy and HP I don't look dramatically different. Augmented, yep. Definitely some clothes in closet that were snug that will *never* fit again no matter what. But wearing a sort of boxy formal business jacket today and if nobody knew they wouldn't know. Breasts definitely still swollen (a little warm/red/firm but not scary streaking hot/hard) and RN confirmed they would definitely soften. I put on form fitting t-shirts last night and looked completely naturally buxom. I really hope when the swelling subsides I'm not one of that 80% that wishes they had gone bigger :-(

So. Back to bullet #1:
* Happy and grateful to Dr.V and team!

Going to hold off on photos, space a little further apart so can see differences better.

Lol!!! I know it's early days but holy smokes - 32/GG/H?!

So I have had some angst re sizing. *shock just like every other woman here* Started 32DD/34D (Less full on skinny days). Beloved S.O. kept saying, oh you're gonna end up maybe a full 36D, maybe DD. I disagreed but got unnerved/uncertain enough that invested in 36DD VS lounge bra for post op. Yeah that was a total waste. It's 4" too big around the rib cage. Got sized at lingerie store yesterday (12 days post) as 32GG/H. And my understanding is there is more fluff to come.....

Time lapse - pre-op to 13 dpo, amazed by dropping

Redid collage of side view. Nipple sensitivity returning. And follow doctor orders!

The 4th photo from yesterday had different arm position do it looked like I actually had slope. Not quite yet - lol!

But! All of a sudden:
* Nipples no longer 100% numb!
* Can smash breasts together so cleavage touches!

Must must Follow Doctor orders. Advised to not left our do anything strenuous with pecs for anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Blew it. Actually took narcotic rx plus muscle relaxant for pain today for 1st time since day 4... I feel so stupid having to ask for help with bag at airport/plane etc... But the pain I'm experiencing bc too proud in front of work colleagues has kicked my butt. Gonna really be protective for next week :-(

19 dpo - suture lines impeccable!!

Have been completely ocd about staying taped up and using coconut oil outside suture lines. Took all steri strips and tape off and everything is beautiful. Invested in embrace scar therapy system. Bummer is I thought I bought a 60 day embrace scar system but 2 medium boxes $200+ didn't even cover all the suture lines. Used paper tape.

I really like the silicone strips as compared to the more rubbery type that only stays on for a day or until you get sweaty. They're supposed to last 10 days so I have partial coverage for 3 weeks. Will invest in the long strip boxes for the inframammary lines and use the remaining short ones for the front vertical. Want to stay diligent for at least 2 months.

So grateful to Dr. V for his impeccable work.

Holy Mondors Chords and morning boob- lol!

Thankfully neither actually hurt, just uncomfortable.

(Almost) 4 weeks - just wow, happy

Started with months of RS stalking "wish boobs", then daily progress photos. Now settling into "let's make sure heal well bc I sure like the status quo" :-)

2 notes - 1) textured implants really Don't drop. And for originally saggy gals like me, what a blessing! I asked Dr. V about d&f, and he said nope, where they are the day after surgery is where they'll stay. The pics show is indeed the case...

2) relationship angst => lowest weight since junior HS. I could do without the heartache but love how skinny looks/feels physically. One impact I can see is on cleavage. Looks like may need to "train" the girls inwards. If even possible, if the implants don't drop, can't really migrate inwards either... Ah well, that's what bras are for...

7.5 wks post - New bras! Textured gals, really no "dropping"

* scars entering "angry red phase" but it's just colour, not hypertrophic, and will fade. So stoked!. Can't use Embrace inframammary, it just wrinkles and lifts, using silicone sticks (like deodorant) there, donut daily silicone for areolas and Embrace for vertical line

* Nordstroms for fitting, God bless Naomi - lol! My proper fit is still 32H (no change from 10 days post) but I want more cleavage/ "swell" over the top of the bra so we downsized the cups on a couple. No way would try to navigate a lingerie dept on my own...

* No real dropping (yay! Didn't get a lift so could end up droopy again!) but much much softer. Almost never notice baseball boob feeling when selling side or tummy any more :-)

* Nipples - still pretty numb but actually were responsive the other night. Will see what happens sensation-wise. Between hyper and hypo I'll take being a little numb honestly...

V happy :-)

7.5 wks photos

9mo - scars argh!

Love the shape. Side view is perfect. Very wide cleavage but I think perhaps that's just the way I'm made. Am thinking if had gone with mod plus instead of HP might have just ended up with even more in my armpit? Lol! Would love feedback/your thoughts? I almost wonder if UHP might have been better ...

Considering I started a D cup and am now G, am amazed don't look more buddy. Seems pretty generous but naturally proportional to me. Can understand boob greed...

Scars. Used embrace on vertical (including mole removal line). The front lines on the breasts are actually pretty flat, I think they'll be fine in time. Areola, grr. Mole removal line, grr. I guess only time will tell. Open to any words of wisdom please?

Front view - wide cleavage

Really big difference between 2 weeks and 9mo. Some of it would be post sx swelling and weight loss but. Read somewhere about maybe closing the pocket off on the sides to move closer together? Right now they flop to the side like natural breasts when I lay flat. Thoughts?
Dr. Steven Vath

See previous - Dr. V is still outstanding in terms of being professional, skilled, compassionate, artistic and honorable. His support team of nurses, anesthesiologist, patient coordinators and office staff are all absolutely top notch.

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