33 Years Old, 5'0", 99lbs, 2 Kids

I'm 33 years old with 2 kids and am looking at...

I'm 33 years old with 2 kids and am looking at getting a breast lift with implants. I just had my first consultation last week. They did the 3D imaging which was awesome. I know I want to get silicone but am still trying to decide whether to get tear drop or round. Here are some pics from the 3D imaging. The 1st round of pics, 1st pic, left is tear drop and other two are round. 2nd round 1st pic is before and other are round, last is before and tear drop. I'm looking at doing 310cc and going from a small b to a full c. I have 2 other consultations set up this month and I'm excited about starting this process!

Date is set!

After going to 3 different consultations I've finally picked a Dr. I've decided on Dr Rhee at Castle Rock plastic surgery. I have my pre-op this Friday and surgery on on December 27th. Merry Christmas to me! I haven't fully decided on size yet. I'm thinking 275cc-300cc though at the last consult I liked the look of the 250 the best. I'm super petite so I'm scared of going too big! Plus I already have some breast tissue. I'm pretty set on moderate plus profile though. I guess we'll see what my PS has to say on Friday! Here's some befores and sizers.

Wish pics (some are fellow RS girls????)

Dr Rhee

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