33 Years Old, 5'0", 99lbs, 2 Kids

I'm 33 years old with 2 kids and am looking at...

I'm 33 years old with 2 kids and am looking at getting a breast lift with implants. I just had my first consultation last week. They did the 3D imaging which was awesome. I know I want to get silicone but am still trying to decide whether to get tear drop or round. Here are some pics from the 3D imaging. The 1st round of pics, 1st pic, left is tear drop and other two are round. 2nd round 1st pic is before and other are round, last is before and tear drop. I'm looking at doing 310cc and going from a small b to a full c. I have 2 other consultations set up this month and I'm excited about starting this process!

Date is set!

After going to 3 different consultations I've finally picked a Dr. I've decided on Dr Rhee at Castle Rock plastic surgery. I have my pre-op this Friday and surgery on on December 27th. Merry Christmas to me! I haven't fully decided on size yet. I'm thinking 275cc-300cc though at the last consult I liked the look of the 250 the best. I'm super petite so I'm scared of going too big! Plus I already have some breast tissue. I'm pretty set on moderate plus profile though. I guess we'll see what my PS has to say on Friday! Here's some befores and sizers.

Wish pics (some are fellow RS girls????)

Made it to the other side!

I went into the hospital at 5:30am with surgery set for 7:30am. After doing all the necessary things they gave me a dose of versed to relax me. Last thing I remember was saying wow that kicks in fast and next thing I know is I'm in recovery. I had quite of bit of pain upon waking so they gave me 2 or 3 doses of dilaudid before discharging. They ended up doing a full anchor lift on my left brest and I think just a nipple lift with implant threw the fold on my right. Apparently there wasn't enough loose skin on the right to do the full lift. I ended up getting 275cc mentor round moderate plus profile on both sides. I feel like I have a ton of side boob so I hope that's swelling and will go down.

As far as today goes, all I've had is Tylenol and ibuprofen. Still sore and tight but not in enough pain to take the percocet. I even made it out to the outlets for a little bit today. Though that pretty much wiped me out and had to come home to nap haha. We'll see what the next few days bring. My mom and sister get into town tomorrow and I really don't want to sleep the whole day away!

Post op today

Had my post op today and got my first real look at them. Everything seems to be going well so far. Dr was surprised how symmetric they looked since only one had the full lift. Still no narcotics since day 1. Though I haven't had a bm yet and the Dr suggests I take an enema. Ugh.

Day 4 pics

1 week PO

Today makes 1 week in. Hard to believe at this time last week I was sleeping the whole day away. The pain is pretty much gone. Only a little in the morning. The pressure and tightness is so much better too. Today was also my 1st day back to work (I do in home daycare). It went pretty well but I was exausted by lunch time. I have my next post op appt this Friday to remove the sutures so I'll finally get to see the incisions. Now I just can't wait for them to drop! I'm ready to start shopping haha!

2nd post op

Got the sutures out today and no more steri strips. Still some bruising but otherwise they're looking pretty good! Got the ok to only wear the surgical bra 1/2 day and sleep flat or on my side. Yay!

2 weeks! Boob greed?

I had my 1st case of boob greed the other day. It's funny cause I wanted a natural look and didn't want it super noticeable that I had my boobs done. Don't get me wrong, they look great in a bra and naked but you can't tell at all with my clothes on that I had anything done. Will they'll get bigger as they drop?

More pics

It seems like all my winter clothes are baggy so maybe that's why I'm feeling so small.
Dr Rhee

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