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My surgery is October 30th and Im starting to have...

My surgery is October 30th and Im starting to have pre surgery nerves, I am 5'2" 120 pounds and I am a saggy big B right now. I am getting a lift with implants I have 300cc silicone moderate profile implants picked out and now I am starting to think I want to go bigger if anyone has a similar situation please give me advice! Thanks

One week till preop!!!!

Still super nervous and haven't decided on size, I want a lot of upper fullness since I'm young but I don't want to go to big. But I'm worried that I won't get the results I want if I don't go bigger. Still thinking about going up to 325ccs, not sure where that will put me size wise. If anyone has any advice that'd be great.

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Had my preop!

My preop went pretty well I tried on implants again and went up to 325cc moderate plus profile I think I'm going to be very happy!! Now just counting down till the surgery I would love any advice for recovery! Thanks!

2 days!!!!

Can't believe I'm only 2 days away! I'm excited but I'm still having second thoughts on size I'm debating about going up to 350 cc but I'm afraid they might look too big because I'm petite and already have some breast tissue but I keep hearing girls say they wish they would've gone bigger! Well I better figure it out soon! Already have all my prescriptions and clothes ready!!

Surgery day!! Pretty upset

I left the surgical room and immediately started crying. The surgery went well but my boobs are nothing like a wanted. Even swollen they are so small :/ they aren't even riding high at all. If I could give advice to anyone go bigger then you want or you will really regret it. Been home since 12 ish and can't stop crying. I don't know where do go from here, just wondering if he'd charge me to go bigger :( this was my biggest fear. Sorry bout all the negativity. Just thought I'd share what happened but I'm not nausea and Minimal pain barely any.

Here Are the post op pictures :(

More pictures still upset about them being so low :(

Really hoping they do not drop I explained how badly I wanted a lot of upper pole fullness and they don't! :( does anyone know if PSs do free revisions? And I don't even think I'm swollen? Idk I'm calling him tomorrow to see what I should do.

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