Ruptured Silicone Implant - Denver, CO

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In 2006, I had my first breast augmentation. Prior...

In 2006, I had my first breast augmentation. Prior to having children, I was a small c-cup. I breast fed my children an accumulative 25 months. I participated in a competition that motivated me to lose quite a bit of weight - leaving my sagging breasts pretty empty and sad looking. After discovering a friend had implants (her breasts looked so natural) I quickly scheduled a consultation with her recommended doctor. I wish I would have gone to a couple other doctors, but I was so excited, I moved a little too quickly. I actually took the doctor's advice to allow him to choose the size for me. He chose 450 cc (placed under the muscle and my incisions were under my armpits) and I knew immediately after surgery, my breasts were way too large. Six months post-surgery, I started presenting with capsular contracture in my left breast. I was devastated! At about 1-year post op, I followed up with my surgeon to talk about plans on revising and replacing. At that consult, the doctor admitted I should have received a lift at the time of my surgery and he agreed with me that a smaller new set would be more flattering. I asked him about liposuction around my hip area and he proceeded to fish around with a proposal of "helping me out with costs" and that he "liked to fool around." Hearing his indecent proposal/offer, I quickly left his office and never looked back I never reported him to the board, and only when I heard he had retired a few years later, was I able to forgive myself for not speaking up about him.
My second surgery took place in 2007. I received a lift around the areola and received 400cc silicone implants. My doctor recommended a textured implant that would not require massage and would have less risk for contracture. Unfortunately, the lift was not symmetrical and my right breast ended up with a slight contracture. With all the money spent and all the attention I needed with the two surgeries, I decided I would just live with the results. I told myself, nothing ever is perfect. I learned to stand slightly off posture, so the breasts would look symmetrical. I even tighten one of my bra straps higher than the other so they look ok.
Fast forward to Oct. 1, 2013 - the day I found lumps under my left arm pit. I am not diligent at breast exams, I credit Breast Cancer Awareness for my decision to even feel around that night. The next morning, I immediately scheduled an appointment with my women's health practitioner. At the visit, I learned I was a very healthy woman of 39 yrs old. My doctor said I was below the average weight (loved hearing that, as I was in the middle of the Fast Metabolism Diet) and all that she saw excluding the lumps in my armpit, pointed to me being quite healthy. She recommended I have a mammogram and ultrasound done quickly, to put my concerns to rest.
At my mammogram and ultrasound appointment, I learned my lymph nodes were filled with silicone. My immediate suspicion was that my current implant(s) had ruptured, as my second plastic surgeon never noted my first implants being ruptured.
I obtained post operative surgery notes from my second BA and my suspicions were confirmed - at removal both implants were intact.
I couldn't rationalize allowing my current implants to remain, knowing they are leaking. I scheduled an appointment with a highly recommended restorative surgeon and I am now scheduled for explantation and mastopexy for 11/12. My doctor says I will most likely be a small b-cup, and she was a little surprised to learn my current size was 34F (european, 34DDDD US). I myself do not feel I look that big, but I assure you, I was professionally sized and I do fill out the bra perfectly. *I will do my best to show pictures pre-op.
I have been pre-shopping or window shopping for b-cup bras and I am encouraged. I am excited to turn heads for other reasons than my large breasts! I look forward to not worrying about whether or not my husband notices my drooping right breast while he and I are intimate together. My husband has been absolutely supportive through all of these surgeries and he says he looks forward to revisiting what I looked like when we first got together - we have been together 23 years, married for 21 in January.

I'm concerned about the drains, as I've never needed them before. I'm frustrated my dog chewed the wiring on my tempurpedic that moves like a hospital bed, having that feature would have come in handy after surgery. Other than that, I'm ready to get explanted. I'm almost 40 years old. I have three healthy and beautiful children. My marriage is beyond amazing. There is a freedom I have found at this stage in my life - my implants were appreciated for their worth and it's now time for them to go. I'm choosing health. As I mentioned earlier - I participated in the Fast Metabolism Diet and for almost 45 days, I have been caffeine and dairy free! Having the silicone implants removed goes hand in hand with my new lifestyle and mental realization- being content with who I am.

I'll do my best to share my preparations going in to surgery and results post surgery.

Thanks for listening to my story.

A week before surgery.

Done and Home

I got home a few hrs ago. Relaxing in bed and feeling great.
In three days I shower and will snap a picture for you all.
My rupture was confirmed! Even though I had proof via the postoperative notes from my last BA, I think many were doubtful. The seam in back was leaking- I feel so relieved to be implant free. I cannot wait to see whats underneath all the wraps, bandages, and bra. Wait I must :) Healthy recovery wishes to those who have recently undergone and will soon.

One Day post op.

Hello All,
I'm feeling really good today. I have taken a few peeks at the my wrapped torso. I do not have the nerve to look under the wrapping. Tomorrow I can take a shower - looking forward to that. I'll share a pic of the wrapping with you though. Good luck to all going in.

With my mastopexy procedure following the removal and clean up of the silicone - I am feeling pretty tender. I stay on top of the meds in order to stay ahead of the pain.

Thanks for visiting and listening to my story.

My wrapped natural breasts

I apologize if this is sideways...
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