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I booked my appointment this morning to have my 12...

I booked my appointment this morning to have my 12 year, saline implants removed and not replaced. I anticipate great relief. My pockets are under the muscle and are too far under my arms causing a great deal of movement. I have been uncomfortable for quite some time and really dont like the way I look anymore, I feel it has made me look very wide! My husband is very sad. I am worried about him and that he wont be attracted to me, yet I fell so burdened by these stupid implants, I keep praying for trust in myself that my relief and joy will be sexy to him. I have read so many of the testimonials on this website that it is comforting to know there are so many women out there with very similar stories. Thanks, I'll keep you posted

Freaking out!

Hi all, I keep waking up in a panic, I am 1 week out before my surgery to have my implants taken out. I think I am scared to be flat chested and I am worried about the $ I am spending, not to mention that my hubby still is not on board. mmmmm

tomorrow is the day

I go tomorrow for a 4 oclock appointment. My ride bailed on me and Ive had the worst neck ache/ back ache for about a week. I already rescheduled my appointment because of work, and now I am questioning my timing. but I am hell bent on doing it anyway. I feel like I am living a dream. Wish me luck tomorrow. I'll update it my status asap


I have never had such an immediate sense of relief, but the second that the dr took out the implant its was like pop, pop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is! ha ha. couldnt be happier. I am increadably flat chested, just like I was 12 years ago, but my neck doesnt hurt. The incisions are sore and the pockets keep making sloshing sounds. The skin is pretty wrinkly, and I am 44 so that may take longer that if I was 20 something. I am worried (and excited)about having to buy all new shirts, I have to work all week and dont know how that is going to go. Oh well, I did it!!! Yipee

feeling amazing

I read everyone's posts for after explanting, but am happy to say that now I have experienced the lighter side! I have also realized that I had finally gotten to a place of self love in order to go through with this procedure. How amazing! I believe only good can come from an action that is driven by self love!
Good day girls!

Loving Life without plastic

Hi ladies! I am 3 weeks out for my explant surgery, I was crazy busy right afterwards. My family went on a lake trip to minnesota the day after my stitches came out. I had an allergic reaction to the steri strips, which sucked because the incision site was still so tender. I loved being able to paddle my canoe with strength and no crazy implant moving under my armpit and clicking with every stroke. I lost about 3 pounds with the explant! I feel amazing. My husband was very angry for a while, but I think he's okay now and the first time he saw me naked he just said I was beautiful. whew! No-one has really even noticed. My close freinds and sisters just say I look lean. I couldn't be happier!!!

5 months plastic free

Englewood Plastic Surgeon

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