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I finally made the decision a couple of months ago...

I finally made the decision a couple of months ago to reverse the gravity changes of my breast. I'm really excited and Thursday is the day! At first hubby did not want me to do this, but I think he has finally warmed up to the idea. It's not my size that bothers me as I am a full C cup, but it's that after kids and just life, they don't "hold up" to what they used to. The doctor told me I will be a solid D when all said and done. I just had lipo on my abs and flanks on 2/22, and I am very happy with that, so getting this done will complete the areas that have been bothering me.

My mom passed away at the age of 58 from breast cancer, and she had had saline implants at the age of 38. She was diagnosed when she was 48, but because of the implants the tumor was only suspected at age 43 and she never followed up until age 48 when it was found that she had cancer. I do believe she would still be alive today had she taken care of the tumor right away. I am 52 and in my early years I said I would never get implants because of what happened to my mom, but now a days many more pictures are taken if a woman has implants and I am very faithful about having mammograms every year.

My husband forbids me to post any pictures so I can’t show my before and after photos, but I’ll update this post the day after my surgery or later depending on how I feel to share my experience. :-)

Tomorrow is the day! I'm very excited to finally...

Tomorrow is the day! I'm very excited to finally have this done, but very nervous too. I'm trying to make sure everything is in order at home before I go in tomorrow at 11:00. My doctor is excellent and I do trust him, but having surgery is not fun. Thank you to everyone for their reviews because it gives me a guide to what to expect. My husband is extremely supportive now and he will be with me the whole time.

I am now one day post op. It hurt like hell right...

I am now one day post op. It hurt like hell right after, but already today I am feeling better--but still have a ways to go for sure. The doctor also did a lift at the same time and I am happy about that. I did a sneak peek and just unfolded the flaps to see them, and hey they look really really good. I need to be careful because especially on the right side the incision strings if I move in a certain position. This is exciting and the doctor said I could just take the flaps down from the sports bra temporally just to show my husband.
I just took 1-1/2 Vicodin so it's nap time once again for me.

Well, three days post op. Definitely feel better...

Well, three days post op. Definitely feel better than day on but still have a ways to go. At times I can feel the stinging sensation of the incisions especially on my right breast. If I move a certain way, it's ouch! The bra is already bugging me as it itches from time to time as well. I am only supposed to take a sponge bath, but this morning I was able to tilt the shower head down and to the side so I could at least shower the lower half of my body. The bra got a little damp but not so bad as I used the blow drier to dry it off. I'm looking forward to feeling 100% again soon.

I am feeling better overall but today emotionally...

I am feeling better overall but today emotionally was a tough day, not sure why. I still have the stinging sensation in my right breast in the incision area but I did talk to my PS and he assured me that this was all part of the healing process. I am finally attaching a picture which is 4 days post op. I am pleased with the results even this early. It seems I am only a bit bigger in size, probably a D now, but the shape is much better as I have upper breast tissue now and lifted up for sure. I have some bruising and swelling as you can see in the picture, but very pleased so far. :-)

Today, doing much better. I was really out of...

Today, doing much better. I was really out of sorts the other day and everything just hurt like hell. I had my follow up with the doc on Friday and he is very pleased and assured me everything is progressing as normal. I am happier today because I actually got some stuff done around the house.
Excuse my last dreary post. I guess I was just in a funk that day. Feeling much better overall. I finally got out of that surgical bra! Yay!!! Looks like I will be a 34-36 D to DD when all the swelling is down. They do look pretty darn nice, I have to say. Hubby is very happy as well. :-)

So I am just about 3 weeks post op and I am...

So I am just about 3 weeks post op and I am feeling better with less pain thankfully. I still have a ways to go though and joined a golf league that starts May 8th, however, I'll end up starting probably around the 22nd or so depending.
I am very happy with the aesthetic appearance of my breasts now. When they feel all the way up to par again, I'll even be happier. But as the saying goes, "no pain no gain!"

It's been about five weeks shy of two days since...

It's been about five weeks shy of two days since my BA. Finally the pain is almost gone. They do look great though, but it's like trying to get used to a new figure as some tops I had no longer fit up top. Interesting that my 34 DD bras still do though. I had a very small implant put in to mainly focus on the upper part of my breasts, and I guess that with the lift just pulled everything out and up front. :-)

I have a couple friends who have had implants and I can talk to them just fine about things, but one woman who used to be a really good friend will not talk with me about it even when I mention it in an email. I guess some people do not agree. My husband said I am too critical of every little facet of my body and that I wanted it so he went along with it. We got into a big fight over this last night because he said the lipo and this are really not that big of a deal to him. He said I was just fine before. Too me I wasn't and I did not like the way things looked.

So that being said, I wonder why I even bothered and should have just left well enough alone. I have to say it does hurt because besides the cost, its painful and uncomfortable for quite a while. At least it has been for me. And then I think, wow, I'm older and I should just be who I am and leave my vanity aside for good. Overall, I am happy that I did it, I just can't talk to some friends about it because they'll think I am acting like a teenager getting this stuff done. Oh we'll, what's done is done. No turning back now. It's nice to not have to wear a bra around the house if I don't want to and to fit in a swim suit better, and to not have that little belly I was adopting. So yeah, I guess still worth it. Writing this on this forum is therapy for me today. I need it right now.

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