Late 30s with a 3.5 Yr Old Kid - Denver, CO

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Hi, I have set the date for next week, will be...

Hi, I have set the date for next week, will be going (if all goes as scheduled God bless) 375-475 range hp sub glandular, depending on sizers at surgery time and Doctor decision.
Currently asymmetrical 34-35 c left breast slightly bigger than right, looking for d-dd.

I'm 5'3ish 110lbs good shape overall just looking to add more to my top and frankly balance out the assymetry and slight tubular breast and sag

I work full time, taking a week of work , I'm just looking to hear people experiences on how the manage there stress levels during the post op first week especially with the male partners and Kids or family in your life, how are relations with your significant other intimately and emotionally etc., I appreciate everyone's great experiences and like this website for those updates throughout the day! Hopefully I can share too, I may be shy todo pictures of self, but verbal communication would be so helpful!! Thank you!!

Can someone please share there experience being s

Count down is on!

So I'm a professional, I'm at work and thank God not too many patients???? But enough time for me to still pray to God all goes well, and fantasize about the new and long awaited top chest me????

Any recommendations on??:

1. USA origin (cause I'm from the states) sports bra selection post surgery

2. Good stress management techniques for at home relaxation while I'm off work and hopefully my partner is ok taking my daughter to school for some days

3. Is coconut oil a good moisturizer for inframammary (below breast incision) healing or what else do you recommend ?

Any feedback on making for a more optimal experience during healing ?

Thank you in advance !!

Ugh, feel lazy even though cleaning on day off and trying to keep daughter entertained

Hey ladies good day,

Counting down 4 days left, I don't know if I'm scared anymore about the procedure as how much of a pseudobridezilla I may be with small daughter and male partner who keeps losing cool if I'm becoming pseudozilla but then recharges so I can get through this... What to do about not cleaning house for two weeks!? Maid service ?

Semisweet chocolate chips from trader joes...yum

For a stress relief tip if it doesn't catch up to my behind

Healing: ANy opinions on subglandular/ overs round smooth ultra high profiles?

Hello again ladies, just finished house hold chores still looking like a scrub (gotta get in that shower and do myself up pretty so I like what I see) please please can anyone share my questions above?

Tomorrow is op day !

Wish me luck please keep me in your prayers any last minute encouragement advice always welcome !!:)

Waiting in waiting room...waiting

We dropped my daughter off at daycare and now got to the hospital, were ahead of check in by 45 min,.,waiting excited,,waiting...went to bathroom this morning feel like I could go again lol

God bless made it to other side. :)

I'm moving Just a little dizzy with morphin and anesthesia

Boobs look great God bless with ace bandage ? Look like a genie in a bottle...will update shortly

Sleeping elevated 45 degrees

Hi ladies

The pain is tolerable just woke up st 330 am, partner and daughter are ticketed out

I will post more details on surgery here's a synopsis so far until post op tomorrow feb17 at noon

The breasts are firm tender swollen

Stats have yet to be confirmed by sweet plastic surgeon as theywere not written on body, but the aim of technique changed right before anesthesia and ps coming into talk with me and patient boyfriend

I believe still natrelles silicone subglandular/overs but j stead of inframammary incidision with arieola correction for tuberous bands in left tub I'm now both left and right breasteotn areola incisions only and corrected tuberous Breasts right and left :)

actually Have cleavage under ace bandage which is awesome because the top upper poles of Breasts touch! But no

I loved the ps remark after meeting with partner and In room, "because of your small frame , don't wish to go matronly on breast bit full and large appropriate for my figure, I was assured and ultimately just said to her please do what you deem safe correct and aesthetic ;) and I'm happy I did it instill dd fb more assuring but caution on ps part

All in all took 2.4 hour delay from surgery start time, but at the end it was worth it. I came to after anesthesia upon being rolled into recovery room, and was giving a scopolomine patch on back nneck to minimize naseau on left side of neck

No throwing up or naseau yet, eatinging modestly on and ls drinking plenty of fluids

Coconut water trader joes was great on ride home

If I try to get out of bed and elevate it does hurt like 7-8/10 ten being worst till I move arms and legs for 50 seconds it seems

I'm less delerious from morphine and general from Iv yesterday at hospital and hoping to stay hsppy and nice for partner

Took one Valium st 12;30 am today

Getting off bad harder to do but not bad

No swishy sounds but like pain on getting up last shorter duration have taken only one hydrocone at 3 am this morning

May take Tylenol only in an hour we will see, but no constipation yet God bless

3rd day post op!

Hello ladies

So third day is becoming easier, although I'm still taking Valium, God bless no constipation and the antibiotic I've been taking as well, the boobs are soar still but the pain killer helps, yesterday I tried being a cowgirl and limiting Valium 1 pill for whole day. However the band over my ace bandage just felt tighter and I was uncomfortable trying to sleep. I've also been given the go to take a shower so I will have to stop being lazy and apprehensive and just shower lol,
The boobs are big and docyor is encouraging me to keep cleavage apart as much as I can with strap, however they're still pushing together. Boobs look a little torpedo like because of my small frame, but going through areola to break apart the tuberous bands was the best way, dissolvable stitches :)

4 days post op!

I'm sorry I haven't added pictures of self, a personal decision I still need to work through, and it certainly won't stop me from expressing the insane delight over my new "set ".

The pain gets less and less each day and now I'll wear my first sports bra tomorrow with strap to go over my hp silicone overs,

The size of them is so ample, so full amazing upper pole fullness, and there's no such thing as assymetry anymore and my boobs must be measuring out to a DD now, atleast...I could not recommend this procedure more especially for those gals whom may suffer from tuberous breasts!

I'll update more as I get out of ace bandage tomorrow and continue to wear strap!

Have a great night!

Bending over, does anyone ever feel like the implant moves?

Hi ladies so the size and symmetry and fullness makes me feel great!

The other thing I've noticed is when I bend over to pick something that the right implant seems to move or there's a small wave like feeing, has anyone experienced this? This breasts is also the soarer and tighter one by chance ....thank you!

Six days and feeling optimistic :)

Can i just say I love this site?!?, I've never had or felt the need to stay connected to social media as I have and loved to during this process!
The medical doctor reviews and answers to questions that I'm sure we've all somehow come into contact with are such a relief and offer more insight.

Most of all I love staying in touch with other women going though this process !

Today feeling soar but looking great God bless

Wow !

So I decided to give my boobs a break from the bra strap (excuse is to wash it) and wow! Boobs feel and look great today God bless, not to mention I was telling my partner " what was I missing with this week off from work with a day of no band strap ;)

I'm actually going up return the Walmart sport bras with possible exception of one black front clasp Hanes brand, as I purchased two new whit front zippers from lord & taylor and wow on the shape and comfort

Also I resumed a little of my walking excersises, and feel great :)

My boobs still have that great upper to lower pole fullness I must be measuring out to be like a 34DD in most places but still have to get sized


Honestly I could be even bigger than the DD, the look that I'm so happy with is the fullness in ratio to the narrowness of my rib cage to the breasts! Love them !

Beth H I can't ?

I can't see any reviews of what people post since February, could you please let me know what may be getting in the way of accessing this, also any posts I've tried to reply to my messages are not going or coming back to me except for Doctor questions answered thanks In advance-me

Loving the breasts God bless!

Thank you to the wonderful ps doctor for the great results !


It's been about a month with subglandular silicone, results are awesome natural with a ton of fullness beat bra in recovery so far is thirst bra lightly lined Victoria secret 34DD
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