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I had my breast augmentation today! Meant to start...

I had my breast augmentation today! Meant to start my post weeks ago but just got around to it. So here are my stats I am 23, 5'3, weigh about 118lbs, and have one beautiful little girl who is 3.
I have been thinking about getting breast implants since I was a pre-teen! When most of the women in my family were blessed with big beautiful boobs, my girlfriends all have them and I still had itty bitty's! So last year I decided I am going to take things into my own hands. I have several girlfriends that have had the procedure done with great results so I decided to meet the the PS they went to. After meeting with several I really didn't feel like I found the one. After doing some research myself I discover Dr. Ben Lee. After meeting with him I realized he was the one for me! The entire staff was amazing; so professional and very knowledgable. I felt comfortable the minute I arrived! We decided on 375cc HP Mentor implants, incision at the breast fold, under the muscle. I am pretty petit so I didn't was a bimbo look. I did my pre-op on May 6th, we went over in detail the procedure, risks, and did sizers. On the next day I wasn't feeling well so went to my doctors and turns out I had strep throat! Felt terrible! So needless to say I was worried that I would have to postpone my BA scheduled on May 24th. Luckily the antibiotics worked perfectly and by the time I did my blood work on May 16th I was all good to go! So I filled my prescriptions and started taking the Arnica Montana on Tuesday (three days prior to surgery), started my antibiotic on yesterday (Thursday). My BA was at 12:45 pm so the fasting (no food or drinks after 12:00am on Thursday sucked I was sooo thirsty by the time I checked in. The staff again explained the details of the BA. I let them know just how terribly afraid I am of the IV so the were very considerate of my fear and completely made me feel comfortable and even held my hand! Then I woke up in recovery and was a little out of it. I made sure the nurse relayed all of the instructions to my friend because I knew I wouldn't recall what she said... Stopped by my moms house on the way home to see my baby girl and let everyone know that the surgery went petfect! Them we headed home and I started my medication. I passed right out! When I woke up I was extremely hot/ sweaty, cured that by opening some windows and turning on a fan. Took some more of the meds and feel fine. I can walk, sit up, hold small things, put my hair up in a pony (that strained me a little) but feel great. Took a look at the girls, the look great!!! Very swollen and riding high on my chest but I can picture the end result already!!! I am so excited, so grateful to have the opportunity to treat myself to do this, and happy to have the support of my loved ones! I will upload some pic's to show my progress! (most are taken myself so poor quality)

Post BA

Everything is going pretty smooth so far... Right breast is definitely more tender and still much higher than the left. I also have less strength in my right arm. Ive experienced several pretty painfull spasms in the right breast/ arm area.

I was / still am a little worried about the swelling on the left side of my stomach down by my hip. I called my PS; no answer so left a message yesterday with no word back then I called again today and talked to my PS. He really just brushed off my concerns and said everything was normal. That was upsetting I consider this to be a huge deal and apparently i was just another patient to him. Also disappointed in the size thus far; they're itty bitty. Hope to goodness a miracle happens when they drop and fluff! They need to get much bigger to even compare to my goal. I have been very lucky through the healing process compared to other reviewers I've read about here. I am winging myself off the pain medicine, I've been completely mobile and capable of doing pretty much everything I need to do. (Complete surprise to my and everyone around me)
I even went to a movie on Saturday! Lol pushing it a little I know. Anyway, fingers crossed these girls turn out how I expected them!!!!
Will keep you updated :)

Photo progress!


Sorry I didn't get thus posted yesterday, but did get a response from the nurse at my PS office. Of course the swelling subsided prior to her call so I was just freaking out all night. Lol. Since it went away I decided to just wait until my schedule post op appointment to be seen. She did however offer to schedule me in the same day which was reassuring.

On another note "the girls" are still not close to what I expected; very small, can't tell I have any with a shirt on. Still have my fingers crossed hoping for a miracle. Hate to waste my time, money, and body for Nothing.... Time will only tell


Ok I am officially unhappy. There is no way in heck I will result in a C cup. I made my goal very clear to my PS and I hate the results. I'd be lucky to fill a full B cup thus far. All of this for practically nothing? Sorry to be so negative but I am just overwhelmed with disappointment. Plenty of friends and family know that I decided to get BA so how embarrassing is it going to be to show them my NEW flat chest?!?!? I just want to cry.... There's no way I can afford a revision anytime soon I just can't believe what a waste this was. I have my first post-op appointment tomorrow and I'm positive they'll tell me "Every body is different" & "it's too soon to know your results"
I KNOW I did not get what I asked for. I'm in shock it's all over (BA) and this is it?

Words of encouragement anyone?? Did any of your results go from terrible to...???

I read over my previous posts and wow there are many errors; sorry about that!

7 Days post op!!!

Ok so doing real well so far! On day 1 & 2 I needed assistance taking a shower (washing hair/ drying/ dressing top half) day 3 I took a body shower didn't wash hair but was able to do everything else. By Tuesday I stopped taking the pain pills and only took a Valium before bed. I finished the antibiotics, arnica Montana pills all week, and Tylenol here and there for pain. My right and left side both have some strength back so I can pick up everyday essentials. Right breast was larger originally and the circle around nipple a big wider than the left breast so still see the difference. At my post op appt my PS asked me to massage the right breast six times a day (slightly higher on chest) and the left twice a day. Started using aquaphor on my incisions yesterday. Had the best night sleep of the past seven nights last night (Friday). Still unhappy with how small they are but anything is better then what I had so I'll wait for them to heal, D & F to determine if I want a revision. Overall an extremely smooth recovery thus far, first week was nothing like I thought it would be(in a positive way) flew by! Maybe it's my pain tolerance? Anywho here are some new pics!!

Thank you all for your comments and messages, you have really made me feel better about everything!


7 day post op

10 days post op / back to work

Today is a good day! For the most part feel completely normal :) work went well, the few I told about the BA commented but for the most part was very discreet and not uncomfortable at all.
So as far the healing.....
Incisions are doing good as far as I can tell keeping them clean and a thin layer of aquaphor twice a day. Continuing to do the massages my PS asked me to do. Only change I felt was both breasts were quite itchy today? Possibly due to my skin stretching?? Tons of dropping to do still.
Well all is good (besides size) and healing great! I will keep you posted :)

Two weeks post BA

Time flies by when you're having fun! Lol truly it did though. Everything is going well; the implants are slowly dropping and feeling much softer! Feels great to finally have breasts! I was confident with my appearance even with little pecks but I now love how much more flattering my body appears with both clothes on and off!
*Back to the important stuff...
Incision look better everyday; I'm still cleaning them twice a day(baby shampoo) and alternating aquaphor and bio (something) cream twice a day. I chose to get the steri no hurt stick bandages from my PS to continua to cover the incisions (keeps them clean/ prevents rubbing against clothes and bras/ peace of mind) I just cut the large bandage in half to use on each breast. I am still doing the massages my PS asked me to.
Last week I decided to find some more comfy bras so I didn't need to do laundry every other night. Went to target with no luck, then headed to Walmart. The selection was amazing! I left with 5! The Danskin bras have been mentioned by many other reviewers on this site and boy are they amazing/ so cheap! I bought a large (seems as though that brand of bra runs small)
I can carefully pick up my daughter now. I still try not to because it does strain me a bit. I plan to start working out my lower half again next week. All everyday tasks at home and work I can do without any trouble. I was sweeping yesterday and that felt weird but not bad; in only my right breast and I can't really describe the feeling any better than saying it was strange kind like my implant was moving slightly up and down? Idk but again it didn't hurt nor was I straining myself so not sure what was going on. Sleep gets better and better every night. Pretty much back to normal (side sleeper) but I do try to sleep on my back as much as possible. I'm not taking any pain medicine, I haven't since last weekend. All in all everything is going great!

*Thank you for your comments! You ladies have really made me feel better about the size and results thus far!

3 Weeks Post Op!!

Intended to update on Friday but didn't get around to it.

On Thursday was my second post op appt. went well. I'm healing good but still have plenty of dropping to do. I was cleared to do pretty much normal cardio and to wear sports bras and normal bras with no underwire. Definitely a different experience at the PS office after surgery was completed; pre BA they were so nice, took their time, answered every question i had. this appt i had plenty of questions but felt like I was just being rushed through the appt and I didn't have time to ask them all. Really bothers me to be treated like just a number.

Anyway... My body feels more normal everyday, sleeping on my sides again, and im able to do all everyday tasks myself. I am still cleaning the incisions twice a day with baby shampoo, applying aquarphor in the morning and the bio scar at night, and covering the incisions with the steri no hurt adhesive bandages. I wash my hair by flipping it over to the front and rinse that way too( to prevent the shampoo, oils, or hair product suds from dripping on the incision site) probably overly cautious but I'd rather be very safe then sorry(infection).
My left breast is progressing quicker then my right(dropping, incision site) still a noticable size difference in the circle around my nipple, and size difference between the right and left breast itself.
All in all still doing great and healing correctly
* I waited until I felt pretty comfortable to be intimate with my bf. I'm glad I did! Even with being 3 weeks post op I was so worried about messing something up, squishing them, streching to much, or straining my muscles. It was still great but very different! Definitely felt very confident with my new girls! He loves them! Lol
My right breast had a couple very uncomfortable spasms. Besides that everything went smoothly :)

Thank you all again for answering my questions and being so supportive!

More 3 week post op pics

4 weeks post op!!!

Doing well!
Feel normal, healing good, sleeping like normal, lifting normal. Life is good!
The girls are getting softer and looking more natural everyday. The size difference is not that apparent, although the circle around the nipple seems to be getting more and more noticeable/ bothersome. I wish my PS would've listened to me in the first place and just corrected the difference like I asked. I think they would look 10x better if the nips matched! Really upsetting. The left incision has really flattened out and become fairly smooth, the right is still protruding and very noticeable. Implants still have some dropping to do. For only being a month I feel like I've had these a lot longer, they look great in clothing/swimsuits, and are already a comfortable part of me!
Very excited for my vaca coming up; heading to Vegas for the 4th of July! Lots of cute dresses and swimsuits to wear! Hope I get cleared to start wearing normal bras by the time I go!

Pics for 4 weeks


Pics at 4 weeks

7 weeks!!!

Time has flown by; I can't believe I'm already 7 weeks post op!!!!
Everything is going great, the girls look and feel much more natural. I can do all physical activities like normal. At my 5 1/2 week appt I got the all clear to go swimming and wear any bra I feel comfortable in. I went to Vegas for the 4th and boy was it fun to have boobies!!! Looked great in my dresses and swim suits! Had such a blast :)
I got measured at VS as a 34 D, which I definitely think is too large of a cup so I'll get measured again at Nordstrom sometime soon. I'm wearing all C bra's with the exception of a couple D strapless (all from VS) and as for swim tops I am wearing a M or 34 C. Also with the exception of one top I need to exchange that is far too small size 34C. I honestly don't feel like a C cup but I suppose as right now I am! Lol. Overall everything seems to be healing according to plan and my incisions are getting much smoother and less visible every week. ( they look much worse in the photos then in person) I am completely back to normal working out; I feel comfortable the whole time although I haven't tried push ups or upper body weights I stick to cardio and legs/butt!

More post op pics

A few more mixture of 6 and 7 week pic

Oops? Don't know why photos didn't load

Try again

12 weeks post op!!!

Wow I can't believe how much time has passed since my BA!
I feel great and I am healing great!
My incisions are very smooth now and not visible unless I lift my breast up, the breasts themselves are very soft and feel pretty natural, no physical restrictions(all activities feel normal) and I am very normal bras!
Next app is in the first week of September so I'm excited to share my progress. Still unsatisfied with the asymmetry and nipple difference that I asked to fix but it was never addressed. Just wonder how much more ill have to spend to be completely satisfied with the results. On a positive note my breast have definitely appear to be larger now that they have started to d&f , so you all are right about that one! Lol
Attached are various progress photos from 7 weeks until now


10 months post op

Still love them!!
It's been 10 months since the BA and everything is going well. Doing rigorous workout with no problem, scars are hiden in the crease of my breast, the girls are always nice and soft :) all in all everything is going well!

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