38 Yo, 2 Kids. 390 cc Mentor Teardrop

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Well I can't post a review yet, but I might as...

Well I can't post a review yet, but I might as well start a record! I am checking this board more and more now that my date is locked in (12/19/16) and can't wait to compare experiences. I'm attaching before pics, with and without bra.

I have 2 kids, combined I breastfed for 4 years! My boobs are actually a little better now than pre kids, seems I got to keep some of that volume.

Hoping for a subtle and natural look, similar to my now with bra size but without the padding and under wires. Trying to decide on size and round vs teardrop.


I had my pre-op today and paid my balance, so I feel like this is finally official. I was still a little undecided on size so I checked out a couple sets for sizing. My PS originally recommended 390cc, but I also took home a smaller set for trying on. My husband really enjoyed this exercise ;)

Since all of my bras are padded I had a little trouble finding one to test them with, but I finally found a soft stretchy sports bra. I think I'm going to go with the 390cc. Here are photos wearing the 400cc.

These are rounds and I'm getting teardrops, so obviously the final outcome will be a little different.

I've been all over the place about whether to do round or teardrop. I really like the look and shape of the teardrops, because I'm going for a subtle and natural look. The nurse at the PS office actually had rounds taken out and replaced with teardrop, and she told me all about her reasons AND showed me all her photos. I thought that was really nice.

So here are some pics of me with the 400cc sizers. I wanted to wear them under a regular t-shirt to see what they look like with clothes. Gonna go try on Bras at a store too before I return them!

Talking to the kids?

I've spent lots of time on this forum hoping to learn what other people told their kids about their BA. It seems like nobody really talks about it?

Today I told my 5 year old daughter that I'm having surgery right before Christmas. She was a little concerned at first. The I told her the doctor is going to put pillows under my boobs to make them more fluffy, which she was very excited about. I'm getting a pain pump and am worried about the kids knocking it out, so I told her I might have "straws" for medicine (that what they called the IV when she was at Children's Hospital). The thing she was the most disappointed about was when I told her I won't be able to pick her up for a while. Last I told her that just like we don't talk about our privates to people, we keep mummy's secrets for our family. I'm still not sure if I handled that part right.

I also have a 7 year old son. I'm planning to talk to him separately.

2 days 20 hours 26 minutes... but who's counting?

I'm like a kid going to Disneyland. So so excited. I've got everything all ready. I bought one of those big pillow armchair things, new ice packs, I got my care kit from my dr with bromelain and arnica. I'm also all done Christmas shopping and presents are all wrapped. I've got my scar cream and all my meds. Just need it to be the day!

Things that are currently stressing me out:

(1) I work in sales and have a couple orders due this month. I'm worried that they are all going to need my attention while I'll all groggy and out of it. My boss knows what's going on, so he's got my back, but I'm still worried about it.

(2). One of my coworkers is stopping by my house on the day after my surgery because I'm watching her car while she moves. She is NOT one of the people I've told, and I'm worried about it being super obvious when she stops by.

(3). My PS used a pain pump. In all the reviews I've read, I haven't seen anyone else talk about this. It sounds great, because it's supposed to reduce your need for narcotics, but I guess it's a balloon that I carry around in a fanny pack, and I'm worried about it looking weird, being in the way, getting bumped by the kids, etc.

And (4). Speaking of the kids....mine are really cuddly and love to snuggle. I hate the idea of telling them no :(

What's the second and third day like? I work from home, so I'm hoping to be clear headed enough to at least catch up on emails and stuff by day 3. My kids are in day camp all week, since school is out, but I'm still going to have to be mom at night. My husband can only do so much.

Question from the husband...

I have been obsessed with counting down to surgery day, but my husband wants to know, "when do I get to play with them?".

It's a good question. How long does it take for your breasts to feel sexual again? I'm sure everyone is a little different...but anecdotal experiences?

Last round of before pics

Trying to get multiple angles so I can compare after!


I just got out of surgery, my husband is driving me home. Pretty sore, hoping the pain meds kick in soon. So far the hardest part of my day was the long stretch with no food...and no coffee!! I was scheduled for 12:30 but it was close to 1:30 when they started. My back is sore, my front is sore (kind of in the middle near my sternum). No nausea, but I took the med before we started driving just to be safe. My husband is taking the dr orders not to leave me unattended very seriously, so we are picking up the kids on the way home.

No pics yet. He wrapped me in a gauze like net and packed it with some bandages. The nurses were all excited and say they look great. Hopefully I'll get some pics tomorrow!


My ribs are SO sore in back, I think maybe one is out of place or maybe it's just a lot of pressure on them. NOT something I was anticipating, I got some pictures, kind of.

My kids were really excited to see my boobs.

Much better this morning!

Day one of boobs is done! The pain yesterday was much much worse than I expected. I woke up feeling pretty good today. This afternoon I have my first post op appointment and get a couple of bras to wear for the next six weeks.

Right now they kind of look and feel like newborn baby early breastfeeding boobs. The nurses were very excited and say they are going to be fabulous.

I took some Advil last night, it made a huge difference.

Much better on day 2

Last night I had a lot of pain and pressure in places I didn't expect, like the back of my ribs, plus my wrists and forearms ached. I was taking the full dose of muscle relaxers and pain meds and it was t helping :( Finally I took an ibuprofen and the pain finally went away. I actually got a decent night sleep, woke up once to take meds and pee.

I woke up feeling pretty good, and even got in a snuggle with my daughter. Coffee plus another round of drugs and I was a happy camper. I had my post op appointment #1, got rid of the gauze and had lunch with the husband. One of the hoses on my pain pump was kinked so the PS fixed that. I go back on Thursday to get the pump removed.

I took some progress pics. Can't wait for them to soften. I think I'm going to have my massage therapist friend come over this week to work through some of the lingering tightness in my back. She has a chair so I don't have to lay on the boobs.

For my comfort setup at home, I bought some soft pearl ice packs, two small rectangles that I'm putting under the breast, and some little round ones that I'm resting on top. Those plus a heating pad on my back feels pretty good. And I got one of those armchair pillows that I set up on the guest bed for sleeping. Finally, I downloaded a sleep meditation app that I've been using to help relax and fall asleep that is fantastic (it's called Calm).

Working. Kind of.

I'm lucky to have a great work from home job and a super cool boss who knows all my secrets, so I'm back to work today. I slept really good last night, took a Unisom with all my other meds. I woke up around 5 pretty uncomfortable, but that was mostly because my 5 year old AND my 20 pound cat were trying to snuggle me. Since I was awake I took a pain med and a Valium, then went back to bed.

I'm pretty groggy, but comfortable enough to hang out at my desk with my laptop. I'm not very productive though. I'm going to try switching from the Rx pain meds to Tylenol (my PS said to avoid ibuprofen).

Right now the boobs still look like hard tight breastfeeding boobs. The top is a little softer already, and if I rub them I can feel that squishy popping feeling that the dr said is normal fluids. I had my first moment of boob greed...my boobs have always pointed outwards, and I feel like the straight forward view doesn't look as big as I was imagining. But I think once they drop & fluff the underboob is going to be amazing,

I'm not so sure how much value I'm getting from this pain pump. It seems a little leaky, and it's a pain to carry around. Whoever makes and sells these things should sell a more functional and fashionable pouch for it to be carried in. Like, maybe a phone pocket, and a fun print or some bling to make it cute. I guess it's probably helping with pain, but I don't really know. Tomorrow I have my second post op and they are taking it out.

Pain pump: not impressed

I thought it was pretty cool to have the option for this pain pump, but I've got to say I don't know if I'd recommend it to someone else. First, it added two nasty little taped up spots that were tender to the sides of my breasts. Second, pushing the button for more relief seemed really inconsistent- sometimes I felt a little spritz of medicine on one side, sometimes the other, rarely both. It oozes, which they told me was normal, but I have this light pink goo accumulating at the tape site. My shirt was getting wet which made me think the hose was leaking.... and then this morning I woke up and one of the hoses had broken away completely.

Not to mention having to carry it around!!! If someone is reading this who is crafty and has an Etsy shop, you should totally make a more decorative and stylish purse to carry these things in. It would be nice if it had a phone pocket, maybe room for lip gloss and some money...

It's hard to say how much pain relief it provided, although this morning after it broke I was pretty stiff. Another downside is that I had to take antibiotics because of it, which I usually go out of my way to avoid.

I have my second post opp today, where he's taking the pump out anyway. I'll post new pics once it's out of the way.

Pictures of pain pump

Just some photos of this pump thing to go with my last post

Pump is gone!

Very little bruising, annoying pump is gone. Feeling a little softer at the tops and sides. Still high of course, but I don't see the shelf like look that I was worried about from looking at other people's photos.

Before & After

First good side by side comparison

So Bloated!!

Right now, I've got so much belly bloat that my new boobs just make me look pregnant. I could definitely pass for being 5 months pregnant right now. Swollen boobs, big round belly.... how do I make the bloat go away? Is it a side effect of the drugs,

Also, the incisions themselves hurt a bit. Not constantly, but when I move in certain ways. That sucks too.

I'm glad that we are just staying home for Christmas and don't have any big plans. My energy level is still pretty low, I don't think I could handle being around family.

Stitches hurt!

I'm not sure if many people are reading these updates, but I know I read a ton of them over the last month so I'll keep updating, especially about the things that have been surprises for me.

My stitches have been hurting a lot. Not really constant pain, but definitely when I move certain ways. The bra feels like it puts pressure on them, going without the bra it feels like the weight of the breasts puts pressure on them. I've never had stitches so I don't really have a frame of reference for what's normal.

I'm posting a pic of the one that hurts most. It's the right side so I'm guessing since I am right handed, it's just getting over used. It doesn't hurt to touch, isn't hot or swollen anywhere around it, so I'm thinking it's just normal. I talked to a friend who had 2 c sections and she said it's pretty normal for deep stitches to ache.

I live in Colorado and don't have to work today (except my work as Mom), so I think I'm going to try some cannabis for the pain. I took Tylenol and Valium, but I think I need a little boost.


I delete all these pics from my phone, so I keep them here to have a good record.

Tummy Trouble... TMI warning

I debated not posting about this, because it's definitely over sharing, but I'm finding that recovery from BA has been a lot more than I expected so hopefully this helps other people know what they are in for.

My doctor and everything I read said make sure to take stool softeners, because narcotics pain meds stop you up. The pain med he gave me was hydromorphone. I diligently took Colace every single day with my morning and evening routine. I switched from the prescription pain meds to Tylenol yesterday, but was still taking the colace and have been fairly regular all week.

Well today, on Christmas, I headed to the bathroom for a normal BM and had the most traumatic poop experience ever!! I'll spare too many details, but will tell you that I googled it later and learned it was an "impacted stool". I did things I've never thought I'd do to my own behind!! I had to call my husband from the bathroom since I was in such a freak out (not sure what I thought he would do). Once it finally passed, I would compare the experience to birth -- and I've had two of those drug free. But then all the suppositories and laxitives I had to take to get unstuck sent me to the other end of the potty problem scale.

Totally ruined my Christmas. I spent my day in the bathroom, in bed, or curled up on the couch. We are going to do our Christmas dinner tomorrow :(

One Week Updates

Pain is manageable with just Tylenol and mostly in the stitches, lots of softening on the tops and sides. Morning boob feels a lot better if I sleep with a heating pad. My weight is back to pre-surgery. But most important, I think they look pretty damn good. Can't wait to get these nasty stitches out.

Side by Side: Day 7

Same Tank Top

I posted some before pics in the same top that I'm wearing today, so I thought I'd do some afters too. Yes, the picture on the shirt is a unicorn throwing up.

It's black so it's a little slimming. But still a super noticeable difference! Also including a pic of this comfy, unlined, no wire no padding bra that would have made me look like a guy if I'd worn it before!

Unicorn Shirt Side by Side

Boob update

I guess it's about 10 days post op now, and the swelling has gone way down. Today for the first time I noticed that I can feel the movement of the silicone when I shift my weight. I don't think it's really the implants moving in the pocket (at least I hope not, since I got textured and shaped). I think it's just the volume moving around. But it feels foreign and kind of uncomfortable. Sleeping in particular was pretty bad last night. Back doesn't feel right, side laying i feel that movement. Last night I finally went for the hug a pillow move. A body pillow might have been a better investment than the armchair thing.

They are pretty soft now on the tops and outside and feel like what I think boobs should feel like . Still really firm on the bottoms and inside. Not at all squishy, no way I could push them together for cleavage yet. The crease area where the stitches are is pretty uncomfortable too, but the stabbing pains seem to have gone away.

I know everyone says not to invest in bras yet but I couldn't help myself. I bought a few braletts from VS that were on sale for $15 each, then I splurged and bought a couple from Journelle, which is a pretty expensive store but I've been lusting for their bras for months and I couldn't resist the year end sale. I'll post new pics when the new bras come. The VS ones should have come in today's mail but they didn't :(

15 days

I was supposed to have my 2 week post op today, and was super excited to get the steri tape off, but my car wouldn't start (dead battery). I'm going on a business trip this week -- first since surgery, so now I have to wait until Friday.

I was also supposed to go to a coat fitting. The lady asked me to measure and send her pics instead. Then I found one of my old bras that I decided to try on just for fun.

I noticed in these pics that I have some swelling in my ribs under the bra strap. They look like a bulge. Not sure what that's about. I

Side by side

34B padded underwire bra from VS

I donated all but this one, forgot it was in a suit case!

Updated Pic

Sad to still have the steri strips, but I think this is a good pic so I though I'd post it

Side by side Day 16

Tape off, first peek at scars

We had horrible weather and I had a work trip this week, so my 2 week appointment was closer to 3.

She took off the Steritape and I got my first look at the incisions. One of them already looks barely there, but the nurse told me scar healing takes about 18 months and sometimes they get worse before they get better. She said 6 months tends to be the worst. They gave me a scar therapy cream that I'm supposed to apply twice a week. And that's it!

Still no underwire bras, push up or push flat bras (like tight sports bras), and no core or upper body exercise til the 6 week mark. But low/no impact cardio is ok. I can't wait to get back to my bike in the basement.

My breasts feel so much softer and more normal now. I really like the curve of the side boob. I can comfortably side lie and even found myself sleeping on my belly the other day. My nurse said whatever is comfortable is ok and to listen to my body. Right now reaching and stretching is about all that feels wrong.

Fresh pics attached including the scar cream I'm going to be using.

18 Days - Side by Side

Sexy Bras!

Never would have been able to wear these lacy, unlined, wireless bras before. So sexy!

You can see in the pic of the purple bra though that I still have that lower rib swelling.

One Month!

Wow one month went fast. I can't wait to be clear to do full workouts.

Right now, the right is softer than the left. The scars also look much better on the right. I can lay on my stomach but I'm paranoid about it so when I notice it I switch to side. No numbness or hyper sensation. Sometimes I get a twitch in my sides or ribs that I'm still taking an occasional Valium for. My skin is pretty itchy.

I'm using the BC+ scar cream twice a day, and the rest of my boobs are getting oiled with a Vitamin C & E and Rosehip oil that I got from a friend.

In these pics it looks like I have bruising, but its actually from my bra which bled a lot of die after I washed it yesterday.

Squishy Video

Just a video showing how much softness and movement I have at 4 weeks

Updating profile to add specs

Making it easier to search for others shopping for similar size and type


I went to a lingerie store in Houston with a friend this week and got measured. They put me at a 34DD! Seems like such a huge size, but I really don't feel like they are that big.

2 Month Update

It's been about 2 months. I've definitely reached the point where the new boobs "feel like part of me", which includes a little bit of boob greed! I'm super happy with the results. They are soft, squishy, and natural looking. I'm very glad I went with the teardrop shape.

One thing that I am disappointed by is the fact that bra shopping is still a pain. I've probably spent $200 on bras I don't like. Even if I try them on in the store and they feel good there, after a whole day of wear they are still uncomfortable. Half the reason I did this was to never need underwrites and padding, but apparently the bra industry thinks we must torture ourselves with these devices.

I'm measuring at a 34DD (not an easy size to find). Before I was a small B. I love my look with no bra, but it's taking a while to get comfortable to go out in public without a bra.

When I figure out how I posted a video before, I'll take another squishy video. They are much softer now.

The other thing that I'm not crazy about is the fact that on one side, I can feel the implant move around in the pocket. I'm hoping that will go away with time. It's not enough movement to make me think teardrop is rotating, just kind of a feeling like the friction of the implant against the muscle. But I'm hyper sensitive to lots of things and everyone I've asked (both my dr and here on RS) seems to think it's normal. My husband doesn't notice it.

Squishy Video - 2 months

Much softer now

3 month update

I spend a lot of time paranoid about the teardrop shaped implants rotating. I think they feel kind of heavy on the bottom. But I'm loving the look!

Bottoming Out

For the last few weeks, I've felt like my implants seemed low and heavy. Lately, I'm so uncomfortable without a bra that I even bought some to sleep in. I had an already scheduled checkup on the calendar for this week so I waited to see my dr until yesterday.

My concerns were: 1- seemed low & heavy, 2- right implant seems to move around a lot, and 3- right side has a funny contour when I flex my pec muscles.

My dr could tell just from looking what I was concerned about...my implants have "bottomed out" by about an inch. I have two procedure options to choose from to repair it. The first and more simple option is to tighten up the pocket, it is done under local anesthesia and my dr will waive his fee, so I guess I'll start with that. The second option involves implanting a graft that basically creates a built in bra, and that looks pricey.

Visually, I don't really SEE any difference. But I definitely feel it. The biggest bummer is having to go through that six week recovery process again. This time, he says I'll have a underwire bra to wear 24/7. Joy.

Posting pics I took today, you can see the funny shape when I flex in one of them. The creases are just from my sleep bra.

Revision this week

I'll take some pics before surgery. On Wednesday I am getting my revision to correct the bottoming out that has occurred with my implants. I'm pretty bummed out o go through the healing process again, and nervous because the surgery is NOT done under GA so I will be awake.

According to the surgeon's invoice, the procedure is a "capsulorraphy / capsuloplasty" and IMF repair. He is going to take the bottom of the pocket, fold it up, and restitch it in multiple layers to be more supportive. Post op he wants me to wear a underwire bra 24/7 for 6 weeks.

I did a little searching here on RS and found some doctors recommend the bra for 6 months including showering. I also found lots of references to "failed capsulorraphy" so let's hope this goes as planned.

8 months after BA / 2 days before revision

You can see the asymmetry a lot more if I raise my arms and/or flex my pecs

Revision Day

Still not clear headed.

Revision Day 3

Well, revision surgery was fast. Being awake was super weird. They strapped my arms and legs to a table (like a cross) and put up a drape between my face and the work area. The table rocked and pivoted so he could get a better angle, so good thing I was strapped down! They gave me a couple of shots, like at the dentist. I didn't feel him slice me open or stretch open the incision, but I could feel pressure as he poked around. A few fines I felt a sharp poking pain, and he'd quickly add more drugs to make it disappear. I was worried it would be traumatic but it wasn't.

He only did one side, which surprised me. I'm glad that I was awake because I was able to question that decision and talk about it before he stitched me up. They even let me get up and look in the mirror to see the symmetry and why he made that choice.

Afterward I felt great, so I made my husband take me out to brunch....where I fell asleep at the table and then threw up.

Recovery has been uncomfortable. The stitches hurt, standing up is difficult, I'm back to my pillow nest in the guest room. I worked from home both days and even a tiny bit on surgery day. I'm able to get by with just Tylenol so I can work productivity and drive my kids to school
(Saving the good drugs for bedtime). The 24:7 underwire bra part really sucks. Plus, I feel like I need compression, so I'm actually wearing TWO bras, one for the underwire anyone for support . There is something I never in my life thought I'd need!!

3 days Post Revision pics

I tried to get the same angles and poses as the before pics
Dr Paul Zweibel

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