38 Yo, 2 Kids, Well Deserved Boobs!

Well I can't post a review yet, but I might as...

Well I can't post a review yet, but I might as well start a record! I am checking this board more and more now that my date is locked in (12/19/16) and can't wait to compare experiences. I'm attaching before pics, with and without bra.

I have 2 kids, combined I breastfed for 4 years! My boobs are actually a little better now than pre kids, seems I got to keep some of that volume.

Hoping for a subtle and natural look, similar to my now with bra size but without the padding and under wires. Trying to decide on size and round vs teardrop.


I had my pre-op today and paid my balance, so I feel like this is finally official. I was still a little undecided on size so I checked out a couple sets for sizing. My PS originally recommended 390cc, but I also took home a smaller set for trying on. My husband really enjoyed this exercise ;)

Since all of my bras are padded I had a little trouble finding one to test them with, but I finally found a soft stretchy sports bra. I think I'm going to go with the 390cc. Here are photos wearing the 400cc.

These are rounds and I'm getting teardrops, so obviously the final outcome will be a little different.

I've been all over the place about whether to do round or teardrop. I really like the look and shape of the teardrops, because I'm going for a subtle and natural look. The nurse at the PS office actually had rounds taken out and replaced with teardrop, and she told me all about her reasons AND showed me all her photos. I thought that was really nice.

So here are some pics of me with the 400cc sizers. I wanted to wear them under a regular t-shirt to see what they look like with clothes. Gonna go try on Bras at a store too before I return them!

Talking to the kids?

I've spent lots of time on this forum hoping to learn what other people told their kids about their BA. It seems like nobody really talks about it?

Today I told my 5 year old daughter that I'm having surgery right before Christmas. She was a little concerned at first. The I told her the doctor is going to put pillows under my boobs to make them more fluffy, which she was very excited about. I'm getting a pain pump and am worried about the kids knocking it out, so I told her I might have "straws" for medicine (that what they called the IV when she was at Children's Hospital). The thing she was the most disappointed about was when I told her I won't be able to pick her up for a while. Last I told her that just like we don't talk about our privates to people, we keep mummy's secrets for our family. I'm still not sure if I handled that part right.

I also have a 7 year old son. I'm planning to talk to him separately.
Dr Paul Zweibel

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