21 Years Old 5"7 Wanting Small B Cup - Denver, CO

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I have been so flat chested all Of my life. All...

I have been so flat chested all Of my life. All my friends grew up and grew boobs. As I got into high school it didn't bother me too much. I just viewed that time as being patient. I would look online and hear stories of girls who were 19 or 20 that all of a sudden grew boobs. Well I'm done waiting. I just want to view myself as beautiful. I don't despite huge playboy boobs, I just want natural looking small breasts. I'm about a 32a or 34aa.

Had second consultation

So I went in by myself fort first consultation. Found a doctor I felt comfortable with that works about ten minutes away from my house. He is awesome. Tried on sizes. He measured me and said 275-375 ccs would balance out my figure. I wanted a more athletic look so I picked 200cc.
I went back this pasty week with my mom. She agreed she likes 200cc. I will still look athletic and have petite breasts.
I 100% want to get breast augmentation surgery now! I found out I need knee surgery so I have to get that done first and then u can schedule my breast augmentation about 2 months after:). Now I must wait.

Knee surgery comes first:(

So it looks like my breast augmentation is postponed until probably this winter/spring. I am planning on having more consultations with some other doctors just to see what they would use.
I liked my ps I went to before but am concerned with the suggested implant he wants use. I'm concerned it will create a big gap that isn't natural to my anatomy.
So for now I'm afraid that all I can post are some more dream boob pictures . I will keep updated and let u guys know if between the doctors there is a big difference in decision concerning implant size and profile.

My leg needs Muscle:)

Hey it's been a while. I am still in recovery from knee surgery. But I went to another PS consultation with a different doctor.
I am very comfortable with him he has been doing this for many many years and is highly recommended. We went over types, sizes, profiles etc.
he measured my bwd as 12-13 cm. I told him I want to remain small and said that the 200cc sizers I've tried on is what I like. He recommended 250cc moderate plus mentor profile smooth round.
So I tried them on... They were nice but just felt too big. Unfortunately they had no moderate (or low profile according to other brands) to try on at the office. He said though the smallest with the moderate profile I could go would be 215cc. That way they wouldn't be too far apart and look strange. The 215cc is about 11.6 cm width and 2.8 projection.
I have to make sure and get the time off of work, but then after that I am hoping to schedule it at the end of May!

Booked for the end of May:)

215cc vs padded bra

I'm a wimp

So I started getting freaked out and cancelled. I got so stressed about the whole thing. Are they gonna be to big, what would I tell any potential boyfriends? Omg my dad knows I'm getting it! What if they just look super fake!
So I'm supposed to be a week post op and instead i am still flat chested as ever. Have any of you guys felt this way? I would wake up in the morning feeling so guilty. I'm feeling better now, but I'm regretting not going through with it.
I think I kind of forgot why I was wanting it in the first place. And so I was so stressed out I persuaded myself out of it.
And now of course I'm regretting it. I would like to get it done but I'm afraid I'm going to book it again and then flake out again:(. No boobs this summer


Ok so when I cancelled my last surgery date I felt relieved, I'm not gonna lie. The uncertainty of the whole thing made me feel uneasy. But I'm getting the itch again, and by itch I mean the itch I get from all my padded bras and silicone fillets. I don't want to do this. As counterintuitive as this sounds, implants will make me feel more natural. I won't be afraid of taking all those layers of to only reveal... Nothing!!! My target is February.
I realize that I trust my doctor and he does amazing work! I don't take risks often, but this is one that will make me feel so much better and I know I will regret it more if I didn't go for the procedure.
I'm gonna ask for two weeks off in February:). Once approved I will schedule!

Done! Stats

235cc sientra allergen low profile silicone implants.
Almost 5"8
Weigh around 135 pounds
My breast width is 13-12 cm
Before my breast measured 30 inches inder breast, and 33 inches at breast.
After (1 day post op) I measure 30 under bust and 35 over bust.

Day of surgery!

Anesthesia was great. No nausea at all (unlike my last surgery where I was sick everyday).
I have been keeping up on all my pills and ice, so pain has been very minimal. I basically feel like I did a hundred push ups this morning. I have been sleeping off and on all day. I will keep you posted tomarrow.

Doc post op appointment

This took a vey short time. The nurse came and helped show me how to massage. She said the implant will look very flat at first, and will fill out over time. I got dissolvable stitches (thank goodness). And the doctor came I saying everything looks great. I've been taking all my pills, so I have been sleeping a lot of the time.
Other than that, after the appointment I went shopping with my mom, and had a great (exhausting) afternoon.
I will probably post picks who when I am ready too take of the sports bra and put a bikini on.

3 days post op

The past few days have been awesome. This morning I definatley started feeling sick of the pills. Just trying to pace myself,
I have frankenboon for sure and morning Boob, but feel great. They are gonna be. Perfect size

Pics! 6 days post op

Definatley still swollen, my ribs kinda ache. I'm still bloated. Here's a pic of me in my compression bra and my unlined vs underwire bra in a 34b

Scars 5 weeks post op

Before and after

Mental and Emotional Struggle.

5 weeks post op and I don't really think about my boobs (except to remember to massage them and apply scar gel).
I was soooo stressed out before surgery. About every aspect of it. As long as you stick with your gut on size, take of the appropriate time off of work and talked it over with someone you are close with and have their support (or half of their support), stop stressing.
I do not regret my desiocion to get this done at all. Most of the stress I had was pre op.


After 5 weeks, I don't wake up with morning boob at all. I definatley know it was due to how small my implant was, and how great my doctor is at his profession. I have no problem picking up most things. I feel completely back to normal.
They have been dropping very nicely and hope they continue to.

Confirming Why I Got the Procedure

I don't have huge breasts now. I fit into a 34B. At Victoria's Secret. It feels so good not to wear super padded bras and swimsuit tops. I am now able to wear unpadded bras, and feel comfortable in all my clothes. I don't have bras that make my boobs look a weird shape, and my boob size stays the same everyday now, because I don't have to wear different padded bras. I feel free!
What hasn't changed? My self esteem, my self confidence on a daily basis. On the other hand sexually I feel that my self confidence has heightened because I'm no longer afraid of someone taking my padded bra off to find nothing.
My point. I didn't do this to fix myself. I was fine the way before and worthy of happiness. My life after is the same as before without the padded bra:)
Do what feels right for you! Be happy before you change yourself and you will be happy after:)


A few weeks post op I was 35 inches over bust. I am now 36 inches over bust because they have dropped and have flattened on the top and become fuller towards the bottom giving them a natural appearance.
Dr Squires

My experience with Dr. Squires and his staff have been amazing! His Assistant Pamela is awesome and was very informative during consultation for the pre op appointment. I felt very safe and well taken care of by Dr. Squires. They gave me their input of what range of implants would fit me, and worked around the size I wanted that still would fit my chest wall dimension. Can't wait until I am fully recoverd and can rock my new petite assets!

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