34 Year Old W/ 3 GirlZ in Desperate Need of a Body Look! - Denver, CO

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Wanting to change my body form for so long. I want...

Wanting to change my body form for so long. I want to flatten my belly, BBL, and also want my legs done. For so long I've lived with nicknames like; flamingo, pink panther........ I know want and desire the body I want. So excited! I have a consultation Aug. 5, 2016. I've been doing research and hope Dr. Broadway in Denver, Co is the right doctor for and my sister! Double date consulting! Does any one know of a great doctor in the Denver, Co area?

Current Body Picture

Here are some current (horrible) pictures of how I look now. I'm really looking forward in taking before and after pictures!
Just a bit scared on the whole surgery, never been put a sleep or hospitalized. Very nervous and terrified on the pain!

First Doctor Visit

My first consultation went great. My sister and I went together as she wanted work done on as well. Dr. Broadway was very kind and seemed very honest. He was bold and blunt with what my sister needed to do and he wasn't trying to get her to skip her options and getting her in the Operation room to get money. He suggested to see another doctor, which was great. On me I am good to go and he is able to do the Lipo in all my back, love handles and lower and upper tummy. I am also getting a BBL! And we threw in neck Lipo!
Dr Broadway has had some good reviews, and just today I read a bad review on him. This is making me think twice on moving forward with Dr Broadway.
I need help deciding what doctor to proceed with. PlZzzzzz
Also, it was very pricy! ???? $15,500????

Not liking what I see........

I am still in the hunt for a great surgeon in Denver,CO area. Every time I see my self I just wish I can look and feel good about myself. It's been too long of a wait.

Bummed Out.......

So I went online to see if I qualify for a loan to get my surgery and was not accepted! Dang, it sad that I have to wait more time now until I am eligible for the loan I need! My oldest daughter is in her senior year, and really want to be looking fine on her graduation in May. I hope I am able to pull it off! I am currently working with a company to help me increase my FICA Score! Ugh..... W/O credit here you struggle more! Keeping my mind positive and having Faith all will go as planned!

Wish PicZ - Definitely a fan of JLo????

I don't have big thighs or legs, so not sure if having a huge BBL is for me!
What do you think of skinny legs and a big butt????
Maybe need to get fat transfer in my legs as well?!?!?

Desperate! In a Change!

Hate the way I look! My stomach is out! My legs are so skinny! SMH
I am on a hold, I don't have 15 grand to pay up front, and I don't have the credit I need for the loan! I just hope I get it done in time to look great for my 18th daughters High School Graduation!!!!!! This is a huge thing for my family! Sad and very happy to say she is the first to graduate in our family. So Proud! So I want to look stunning as well......... I am also praying my results are what I want!

Dr Alvarez in Miami......

So I have been doing quit some following and research. Initially I didn't want to travel to have my BBL and chin lipo, but it is so damn expensive here in Denver to do it! So I was researching Spectrum Aesthetics. There and many fine dolls that come out of there with all three doctors.
I want to go with Dr Alvarez or Dr Ghurani or Dr Ortega. I've seen a lot of there work here. I'm just indecisive.
I at time think if I still want to do this, but then when I see a nice piece of booty! I'm like hell yeah I'm doing this! Lol
So Spectrum called emailed I have taped to them twice and sent over my brief info and my pictures. They called today to set up the date, pay deposit and go from there!!!!!!!
It all went to fast! So I Locked in the date for
JANUARY 26th!!!!! That gives me time to recover and my body to be at its best in May for my daughters graduation!!

Current Body

Here are some pictures of my current curves! Lol Not a good sight to see!

I have been in touch with New Life for several months now and have decided to go to Miami with Dr Llorente! I have put my deposit down and have my date for March 2017! God Willing!! I'm so Scared but really want to look better! I have researched so many Doctors and there are a lot of really good Doctors with great before and after pictures and there are bad ones with horrible reviews. But every time I was in touch with Mew Life it brought me Peace.
And new this was the Doctor that brought peace, comfort, and trust. I Pray when the day comes all goes very well!


So I tried measuring myself and I really didn't know where or how.
But underneath my breast around is 36 inches right under my belly button is 38 inches (oh my) and around my butt and hips is 42 inches (never complained) but it would be nice to have it shaped and a bit Bigger! Lol

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