39, 5'2", 100 lbs, mom of 3, Finally got my Mommy Makeover - Denver, CO

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I'm 39 years old and will turn 40 this fall. I am...

I'm 39 years old and will turn 40 this fall. I am 5'2", 97 lbs. I have had 4 C-sections and breastfed for a total of 3 years. My youngest is 7 years old and I am finally ready to have a mommy makeover to fix all the damage having kids did to my petite body. I want to have a BL, BA and TT done. Before kids I was a perky 34C, and now they are very deflated and saggy. I'm currently wearing a 28D bra (trust me, it sounds bigger than it is) and because my right breast is smaller than my left, it barely fills the cup. My stomach also has a lot of extra skin and my belly button looks strange. I had a consultation last fall and wasn't sure the doctor could give me the results I wanted. He also wanted to do two surgeries instead of doing everything all at once. Feeling a little bummed and overwhelmed after that consultation, I put the MM on the back burner. Well a couple of my friends have recently had BA's and that lit a fire under my butt to start looking into more doctors and do more research. I'm fairly active and run half marathons, so I don't want huge breasts that don't look proportionate on my small frame. I'm considering 250-300 cc implants, but will have a better idea after my consultation. I'm hoping for lifted breasts with more upper fullness. It's also important to me that my TT scar be low and hidden in bikini bottoms. I haven't worn a bikini since 1999. I would be beyond thrilled to be able to wear a two piece bathing suit, without having to worry about my my "raisin tummy" as my kids call it. I have a consultation with Dr. Wolfe in Denver on April 27th. If I decide to go with him, surgery probably won't happen until August or September due to a half marathon and a lot of traveling I have planned May-early August. I guess I will have to practice patience. I've waited this long. Perhaps my MM will be my 40th birthday present, lol. I'm so grateful to everyone who shares their PS experience on RealSelf. It's so helpful to me!

Having fun with the rice trst

I'm trying to get an idea of what cc's I want before my consultation, so I decided to do the rice test. Not sure how accurate it is, but why not, lol. I put on an old 30D bra, that once upon a time used to fit me, and filled it with 240cc's sizers (1 cup of rice each). Holy moly! I filled out the bra! Pretty sure I wouldn't want to go any bigger unless I'm going to end up smaller because of the lift. I will also need a bigger implant in my right breast because it is smaller. Does this look too big for me? I have a 23" waist and 33" hips. Don't want to look top heavy.

My consultation

Yesterday was my consultation with Dr. Wolfe at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Morning rush hour traffic made the drive to Denver much longer, but I still got there with a few minutes to spare. Beautiful office and I was greeted warmly. Sat down with Dr. Wolfe and went over the procedures I want done (breast lift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck). He was very thorough and good at explaining my options and showing me examples of work he has done. After that I moved to another room to undress and he agreed that I do need the procedures I'm requesting. With tons of options for my breasts, the tummy tuck is more straight forward. He assured me that my tummy tuck scar would be very low (below my c-section scar) and hidden in my panties/swimsuit bottoms. He said I could even wear panties/swimsuit bottoms on the day of the surgery so they can mark the incision where it will be hidden. He also explained that he does not use drains for the tummy tuck and instead closes the incision with a quilt-like stitch that eliminates any fluid from forming at all, and therefore it eliminates the need for drains. My muscles with be tightened, and due to some thin skin above my belly button, I may end up with a small low vertical scar, but I'm fine with that. He used the Vectra machine to take a 3D image of my chest and then show me what it would look like when it is lifted and augmented. Unfortunately it doesn't do a great job of showing the lift results. I'm currently wearing a 34B bra (although the band is a little big on me) and he said he considered me more of an A cup. I'd like to be a full C after surgery, maybe a small D if I develop a little boob greed. I always hear most women wish they went bigger. I tried on some implants to determine what was too big and then moved down to other sizes. 375cc's was comical on me. Way too big! The 304cc Natrelle implants where plenty big to me. He explained that my breasts will become smaller with the lift, and that the implants will appear smaller when they are inside my breasts (vs sitting in a bra on top of my breasts), so he is suggesting using 325 cc implants for me. I took a few pictures of me wearing the 304cc implants and cant decide if I think they look too big or not. My best friend said they make me look like a Barbie doll (in a good way, lol), but I'm worried I'll be way too busty for my small frame and to exercise and run comfortably. I'll post some pics (hopefully they aren't sideways) and please feel free to give me your opinion on size. I will be traveling a lot May-July, so I scheduled surgery for August 19th, exactly one month before I turn the big 4-0. The will give me about 4 months of healing time before I need to travel again. My pre-op appointment with the nurse will be Aug. 4th. I have 3.5 months to decide on implant size, smooth or textured, and get my annual physical and mammogram done (not required, but for my own peace of mind). I'm excited and nervous, and know my surgery day will be here before I know it. I need to do my research on smooth vs textured silicone implants. Can anyone share their opinions/experience with this.

Stupid fibrous breasts :/

I decided to have an annual exam because, quite honestly, I didn't bother getting one last year and want to make sure I'm completely healthy before having elective surgery. My blood work and pap came back normal, so that's good. I also asked for a referral to have a mammogram, even though they are not usually recommended until you are 40 (I'm 39). Both of my grandmother's had breast cancer, so I want to be extra cautious. Had a mammogram and they told me my breasts are very fibrous. I believe my mom has the same issue. Anyway, the doctors office called the next day to tell me I have "non-specific asymmetry" of my left breast. They are requesting further imaging and an ultrasound be done. Ugh! It's so hard not to worry. I'm so scared in going to end up with a breast cancer diagnosis and no mommy makeover. The fibrous tissue makes reading mammograms and finding masses more difficult. And my left breast was my big milk producer while I was breastfeeding and has always been bigger than my right. I've got my fingers crossed that once they do further imaging, they will be able to see everything more clearly and hopefully don't find cancer or any reason to do a biopsy. My mammogram and u/s are scheduled for May 25th, and I'll update when I know the results.

Other than that, my main issue is deciding on implant size. Dr. recommended 325 cc's, but I'm thinking that may be too big for me. I wear a XS in most clothes and if I go more than one cup size up, finding tops that fit my waist and larger breasts is going to be difficult. I don't care about having large breasts as much as I want them to be lifted and fuller on top. Good thing I have 3 months to obsess over this, lol.

3D mammogram and u/s

I went for my 3D mammogram and u/s of my left breast today. I had the 3D mammogram first, and was told the doctor would look over the images and determine if they would do an u/s or not. About a minute after sitting down in the waiting area, the power goes out. Lovely. Obviously they can't look at my images or do anything really without power, and no one could figure out when it would come back on. Eventually it did, and it took awhile for all the computers to get back online. I was called back to another room for the u/s. After that the u/s tech explained that non-specific asymmetry just means that they see something in one breast that isn't the same in the other breast. I have what appears to be a small cyst in my left breast that they have told me is benign. Because of my dense fibrous breasts, they are recommending that I have 3D mammograms from now on. They said I was all good and free to go. I thought I'd feel a sense of relief after getting the all clear, but I don't. I still worry that maybe they missed something, or that eventually my breasts will end up with cancer and it's just a matter of time. I know it's bad to think like that, but I grew up watching my grandma fight and lose to breast cancer and I just have always figured I would have to deal with it someday too. Going to have to stop thinking like that and try to be more positive as I look towards my surgery in August. On another note, I finally got to see and feel my friend's breasts after her augmentation in March. She was slightly smaller than me to begin with (breast size wise) and got 350 cc's. I think they are pretty huge and feel heavy. Considering I have a smaller frame and weight approx 15-20 less than her, I'm thinking 325 cc's will be too big for me. I really don't dislike my size so much as the sagging and deflated-ness (<-not a word, lol). I'm planning to go back to the doctor to try on some smaller implants. I still think 250-275 cc's might give me the look I want. So yes, I'm still struggling with the size issue. Nothing new there.

Pre Op Appointment Today

Had my pre-op appointment today. Felt like I was closing on a house with all the paperwork I had to initial and sign, lol. I was given 5 prescriptions to get filled before surgery. OxyContin, Percocet, Valium, Zofran and Emend. I couldn't get the nausea patch because I weigh under 110, so they offered me the Emend instead, and I will take this 3 hours before surgery. I dealt with a lot of nausea and vomiting during and after my c-sections, and pretty much all narcotics make me sick, so I'll try anything. I am also receiving Exparel numbing injections in my abdomen.
My surgery is scheduled for 7am, and I need to be there at 6am, which means I will have to leave my house at 5am. Ugh, I'm so not a morning person, especially without coffee.

After we went over all the pre and post operation instructions, they took my before photos.

The last order of business was to try on implants again and decide on size. Back in April I decided to go with 325cc's, but after looking at my pics, I started to think this would be too big for my taste. Today I tried on 305cc's and 285cc's (both moderate profile). Everything seems huge to me. I really don't want to be huge, just lifted and filled out, especially on top. The implants in the bra look so much larger than the Vectra images, which makes things even more confusing. I want to have the upper fullness, so I chose 305cc's, but I have till one week before my surgery to change my mind. Aaaaaahh! This is going to drive me nuts. I know most people wish they had gone bigger, but I'm afraid I'll be the opposite and wish I had gone smaller. I just want to get this right the first (and hopefully only) time around.
I didn't take pics of the implants in the bra, but here are the Vectra images. They don't accurately reflect the lift results.

Paid in full and now the countdown begins . . . 15 days to go.

Surgery is today!!

Surgery will begin in about 2 hours! I've freaked out so much the last couple days, that I'm actually kinda calm this morning. I even got some sleep last night, lol. Woke up at 4am, took my nausea meds, showered and I'm ready to go. Period is due tomorrow, and even though it almost always comes early, it hasn't shown up yet. Really wish I could drink some coffee right now. Oh well.

My recovery area on the recliner is all set up, and as you can see, my cat approves :)

I'll try to update as soon as possible, but I expect to be pretty out of it for a day or two. Fingers crossed everything goes well!

1st Day Post Op, I'm alive, barely

Surgery went well, took about 5 hours. My Dr. told hubby he was impressed with my abs and could tell I work out my core. Hopefully that means I might actually be able to see some abs someday now that the extra skin is gone:) I'm so so glad I decided to get the Exparel numbing injections in my abdomen. I'm only sore there when I stand up to use the bathroom. My chest is incredibly sore and tight. Feels like someone standing on my chest and I can't use my arms much either. As far as nausea, I didn't have any at the surgery center, but it hit me when I got up to use the bathroom at home. The OxyContin and Valium seem to work best for me. I'm pretty comfortable in my recliner, but need help to get up and move around. Pretty hunched over right now. Good news is that I haven't had any nausea yet today and have been able to eat. They sent me home with this breathing contraption, not sure what it's called, but I need to practice breathing in till I'm at the 2500 level.

I haven't really been able to get a good look at my incisions yet. So here's a pic of me in my recliner all wrapped up.

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent their well wishes and checked up on me. I truly appreciate it!

I day post op pics

Finally got up the nerve to take off my binder and bra.

6 Days Post Op Appointment

Had my 1 week post op appt. today. The nurse removed the clear tape (from surgery) and replaced it with steri strips. Those will stay on for a week. I will need to continue to wear the binder for a few more weeks. Everything looks good and is healing well. A little swelling and implants are still high and tight, just need to be patient but I'm already really happy with my results. I finally got to see my belly button too! I've been off narcotics for a few days now. Hardest part is remembering to take it easy. My husband has been a champ taking over all the kid duties, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc and has been an amazing nurse to me. Here are some pics from today (6 days post op)

2 Weeks Post Op

Recovery has been going pretty good . . . Until I came down with the cold from hell at one week post op. Sneezing after a tummy tuck is super painful and all I could do is brace my stomach with my hands. Ugh. Otherwise, I am 2 weeks post op today and doing well. I was allowed to remove my steri strips yesterday and see how my incisions look. Started wearing ScarAway silicone scar treatment strips today. Breasts are still high and very firm. Stomach is flat and numb where my abs are, and tends to swell later in the day. I know I have lots of healing left to do, just trying to be patient. So far hubby and I are enjoying my new body ;)

These pics are from yesterday (13 days post op) right after I removed the steri strips.
Dr. Andrew Wolfe

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