33 Yo Mother of 4 Wanting a BBL and Possible Tummy Tuck - Denver, CO

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I have been watching stories on realself for over...

I have been watching stories on realself for over a year now. I had originally wanted just a BBL but once I met with the Dr., he suggested doing a tummy tuck because he said lipo would leave loose skin and I would not be happy with it. I am still undecided as to whether that huge scar is worth it. I really would like to wear a bikini again though, because I haven't since I was 16!!

Surgery Scheduled

I finally made up my mind and scheduled my surgery for June 7th with Dr. Slenkovich! I paid the deposit which was 10% and the rest is due May 23rd at my pre op appt! Excited and nervous!

12 more days !!!!

I had my pre op appt on Monday and paid for the surgery! Yikes that's a lot of money but I think you get what you pay for and I hope my brand new body is worth it!!

Surgery is in 36 hours!!

I haven't updated as much as I have wanted to but the days have passed so fast! I had two weeks to go what felt like a few days ago! I am nervous and excited and ready to fast forward a few weeks to see how I make out! I have a few people really excited for me and a few really scared begging me not to do it! I want this for me and I have for a long time. I have been single for about 6 months and even before that I wanted this! I want to feel confident when I put on clothes or a dress and not get asked several times a month when I am due :( My youngest is going to be 10 in June 23rd and I have exercised and lost weight everywhere but my belly. I have four children. Two boys 17 and 14 and two girls, almost 10 and 13 this month. My youngest says she will cook for me and help which is really sweet ! They will be with their dad though and my best friend will be with me the 1st two days around the clock! I sure hope all of this is worth it!!

A few more pics

36 hours pre op

About 36 hours post op

My surgery started at noon on Tuesday. I had wanted to keep doing updates as I was preparing to go into surgery but my phone was dying and I have been extremely exhausted. I arrived at the surgery center at 915 am. My surgery was scheduled at 1130. I was the 1st case here at this office to have my entire procedure from start to finish snap chatted.

My bbl

I felt like I had done 1000 squats after surgery, my butt was very hard. Once I was able to get up and look at it though it doesn't look very big. He put 1000 ccs in each cheek. I sure hope that after the swelling goes down, my but will be rounder at the bottom. When I cough, I feel like my incisions are going to rip open and It feels like warm liquid squirts out.

Pic of butter post op

He put 1000 ccs in each cheek. I can't wait to see if it pops out after the swelling and hardness go away. It definitely felt like 1000 squats when I woke up from surgery!!

Very tired today

3 days po and I feel drained. Today my back hurts more and I have a numb but stinging feeling right at the very top of my right thigh by the crease in my leg. I rubbed cure on there because it honestly felt like the few stretch marks there were ripping my skin. Hopefully this pain subsides. I'm pretty itchy under my binder and my stomach feels extra tight today. Coughing is the absolute worst feeling. Especially when you aren't ready. I was told to hold a pillow over my tummy really tight if I could but most of the time a pillow isn't available.

I took my first shower yesterday.

I'm so grateful for my best friend who has been taking care of me! My Shower was nice but I feel like I'm so dry!

3 days po and I am so emotional

I know it's only 3 days after surgery but I am so disappointed with my buttons that I want to cry and I can't because it hurts. I feel like it is longer than before but flatter . I hope this changes. My Bbl was the entire reason for my whole surgery. I didn't want a tummy tuck when I initially went in for my consultation but because my liposuction would have left skin. Wouldn't like on my belly, I agreed to do the tummy tuck just to get the button I always wanted. Most of the girls I see on here are swollen 3 days after but still have a great shape.

10 days post op

Sorry for the delay of updating. I have been super lazy and for a few days I was feeling a bit depressed. I had a friend taking care of me the first 4 days and then she left to go out of town so I was on my own after that. I have four older kids 17,14,12 and 9 but they are not always home and the 2 younger ones stayed with their dad for the first week. I had my 1st drain taken out yesterday and holy burn!!! Thank goodness it only lasted a minute or so. Today I got the 2nd drain out and the bandages over my tummy incision taken off. I am happy with the result of the tummy tuck so far even if it wasn't my biggest concern. I wanted the nice round but and that is what started my on this crazy journey. My butt is still pretty swollen and bruised and is somewhat rounding out..ish.. when I saw the doc today, he put foam in my binder to compress the bottom of my back /top of my butt. It looks like the 1000 ccs per cheek spread everywhere..like lower back..hips..etc. hoping it starts to soften and fluff like other say it will. I'm off of my pain med already and if I need to, I only take ibuprofen. I still get exhausted from standing to long or walking to much. I start to sweat when I stand too long. My tummy is still swollen and somewhat numb in places but I think I'm doing alright for 10 days out. I was very discouraged for a few days though because it's a very tough recovery. Especially if your doing it mostly on your own. It is doable though and I'm not regretting it even if I can't fit into anything but maxi dresses yet and have a jungle growing on my legs because I can't stay in the shower to long or sit on my sit bones too long.. oh well ..all in all I'm doing good. Thank you to the ladies checking up on me :) I may not respond as fast as I should, but I appreciate your support !


More pics of bruised butt only 5 days po

I forgot to mention that my pubic area all the way to my butt Crack were/are bruised black and blue and very hard which I guess is normal, but a little painful.

3 weeks post op

So not a lot has changed since my last post. My butt is a little softer now without many bruises but still hard in spots. It is definitely wider than before my surgery. I tried on a romper yesterday because I have wanted one so bad but they always looked horrible with my tummy sticking out and now they look good but my butt is really wide. Im hoping the more it softens up, the more puffy it gets in the center too. My back is still very sensitive to touch from the lipo and my tummy is still mostly numb. I can't sleep in my bed yet because I wake up with my hips hurting really bad and it is still hard to get up from a flat position. I'm suppose to go back to work next week and my job is very physical so I am hoping I do alright. I wake up several times in the night because of being uncomfortable in the futon now. I love that my shirts fit better but I can only fit into really big jeans. The ones that were to big for me before my surgery fit me right now so I must still be swollen. Being limited to 1000mg a day of sodium sucks to when you have 4 kids that are always hungry and you make burgers etc and swell when you eat them.


Here are a few pics from last week on 6/24/2016

Pics 5 weeks po

I am still swollen and have had a rough time going back to work after being off for 6 weeks almost. I don't sleep very well and my skin all the way around my torso and butt is still very sensitive to touch. Almost like a bad sunburn. It's a hard feeling to explain. I love the way I fit into dresses though.

My but 5 weeks po

My but is filling out more now but the dimples are back. Trying to sleep in my garment still and sometimes adding padding inside.

7 months post op

So I am happy with my results but my tummy is still pretty numb and I feel like I it doesn't look natural in a swim suit but I do love the way I look in dresses so I wear them a lot more than I did before! My butt gets a lot of attention even though I don't feel it's that big.
Dr.Nick Slenkovich

I had my consultation with Dr. Slenkovich about a month ago and he was very nice and attentive and informative! His staff has been wonderful in answering my questions and getting back to me promtly.

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