Dents and Bulges After Sclerotherapy.

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I had about 6 Sclerotherapy sessions a 7 months...

I had about 6 Sclerotherapy sessions a 7 months ago . The veins appeared to vanish for a few weeks then they came back with a vengeance and new ones...many new ones.

It took over 15 years for me to develop the few that I had. Then after Sclerotherapy I suddenly had legs covered in ugly veins. Now this is the devastating part. I used to have beautiful firm looking legs otherwise now just 7 months later my veins are riddled with dents and dimples that look like really bad cellulite and only where the injections were. Also I now have bulging varicose veins....

I am devastated. I am wondering how I can repair damage I believe to be caused by sclerotherapy. I had nice legs except for a small amount of spider veins seven months ago. I am thin and very active. After injections into reticular thigh veins I have developed bulging varicose veins and severe cellulite where I got the thigh injections. It took years to develop the few spiders and they came on very gradual now my legs are covered and this is just seven months later. Is there any help for?

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The doctor complimented me the day before treatment began on how nice my legs looked after the damage was done he told me he couldn't give me 18 year old legs and that he wouldn't be treating me further. ? I never said anything to imply I wanted perfection I just wanted the few spiders I had gone.He simply didn't want to except responsibility for what he did to me.

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