Dental Treatment in Hungary

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Since I have not seen anything about dental care...

Since I have not seen anything about dental care in Hungary, I figured I'd write a little.

So far all I have gotten done is full mouth extractions and temporary dentures. I already had a vacation planned in Europe and was starting to research All-on-4/All-On-6 in the US. Like so many, there was a lot of sticker shock. I found on Medigo that Hungary was actually a bustling place for dental tourism so I started to look into it. The savings are shocking compared to US dentists.

After trying to figure out what would work in with my time in Europe, I ended up settling on Dr. Toka Dentalklinic in Sopron, Hungary after the original clinic I was looking at ended up being booked full.

On the day of the work I took a train from Vienna, Austria to Sopron and walked to the clinic. You must be willing to walk, but no problem. The clinic was fabulously clean and welcoming. Their English was not perfect, but they are in Hungary and it was certainly sufficient. The appointment was on time, preliminary x-rays and exams done in a flash and before I knew it I was being numbed up.

The dentist did a great job with the extractions. I was shocked at how quickly the work was finished and that even though it certainly wasn't pleasant, it was tolerable. In addition to the extractions (3 surgical, 18 simple), I needed a cystectomy.

Seeing as how I was staying in Vienna and then traveling west, I set things up so that I hopefully would not have to return to the clinic. I came back the day after the initial work to get the temporary dentures and the dentist gave me a brief exam to make sure things were going well.

The temporary dentures certainly aren't perfect by any means. The tops are a bit lopsided and I took a file to the bottoms to help with some sore spots but they are working as well as such things do I suppose. Knowing that they are temporary is helpful!

Following surgery, except for when the local anaesthetics wore off the pain has been strikingly minor. The stitches are taking a lot longer to dissolve than I anticipated but that is a minor thing.

So...the cost. For all the extractions, cystectomy, temporary dentures and all associated extras it came in at about 900 dollars. The final cost was actually lower than the price given to me on the treatment plan.

I am sure that if I had been able to stay in the area and gone back a few days later, the temporary dentures would have been made to fit much better as they are fully equipped to do the lab work at the clinic and seem to be remarkably efficient.

And, personally, I find Hungary to be a wonderful place.

I am in the healing process now before I start with the rest of the process. I am currently unsure if I will be going back to Dr. Toka's clinic or another as 1) Budapest might be a lot easier 2) The treatment plan they gave me is for overdentures rather than a fixed bridge. The temporary dentures have convinced me in a hurry that I would much rather opt for a fixed bridge.

All in all, though, I am extremely satisfied with the work that they did, their professionalism and their bed side and office comfort. Considering the dramatic savings and the fact that in no way did I feel that I was receiving cut rate treatment, my decision to get the work done in Hungary has paid off in a major way.

As a side note, having looked into flights a little bit...the cost of flying to Hungary rather than Mexico or Costa Rica is really not much more so long as you are willing to get yourself to a major airport. Lodging, transportation and food (and any shopping you may like to do) are also extremely reasonable.

For anyone who feels that they are stuck looking at South America as your only options for dental tourism, I encourage you to consider adding Hungary to your list...and I suspect that Poland is an equally acceptable alternative.
Dr. Vincze Mate Andras

Absolutely no complaints. He did a great job...English is a little problematical but only for conversation, perfectly sufficient for the clinical situation.

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