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The pros. Yes it works but for the price it better...

The pros. Yes it works but for the price it better or this wouldn't be a widely known method for whitening teeth. The reality is the long term results are based on the current health of your teeth, your age and eating habits and the amount of preventive time you put into the health and look of your teeth. I'm 40 years old and I have never been to the denist EVER until yesterday. I actually went to 2 different dentists because I had Groupons to get my teeth whitened. The first dentist showed me pics of my teeth, in which they said mine were in very good condition with no cavities just plaque buildup. They recommended I get my teeth cleaned before whitening for best results but they couldn't do it that day so I rescheduled. I found another Groupon for a dentist near me that would clean my teeth same day. So I get there and they exam my teeth and note the same things as the other dentist however they inform me that I have a cavity forming on one of my teeth.

Just to let you know about me, I am a thinker 100% of the time. I will analyze grass before stepping on it lol. I love being prepared. So I told them that it was odd that they would find this cavity and the other dentist place didn't, but I saw the pic and not being a dental expert I said better safe than sorry. So since I was there I asked what did they suggest in the form of whitening my teeth after they clean them and they recommended Zoom. It was costly but I figured I've never blown a dime for my teeth because I've always taken care of them so it's cool, let me get everything done and I can go another 40 years doing what I do. The cleaning alone was a major difference. I didn't know I had that many spaces between my teeth and I have to tell you, my teeth were not bad where I could tell that the plaque buildup was that significant. I almost opted to just get them whitened without the cleaning, I'm glad I didn't.

Ok so now I'm almost excited about getting zoom now because my teeth feel great rubbing my tongue against them lol. So I go through the treatment. Most of the people here say they went through 3 intervals but mine was in 4 intervals. 1st interval fine. tingly. 3rd interval teeth pain sharp shooting pains uncomfortable. 4th interval...pissed! Ok so before I tell you my results I will say this. If you ever get this treatment, once it is over please inform everyone around you to not say a word, smile and nod in approval or anything because in the end you have to be happy with the results and most people tend to respond to positivity around them rather than judge 100% for themselves. To be safe just tell them before the treatment that once it's done you would like for them to clean you up, give you a mirror and leave the room for 5 minutes. This way you can purely judge for yourself and know what to expect in the days to come. My results were very noticeable, almost 4 shades difference. Yes certain areas had lighter spots and a few teeth had bright white lines where they seemed whiter than the other areas. Overall my smile was very nice. Was it 400 bucks nice? Given the results and the fact that I know how to take care of my teeth, yes.

Now as to why results won't last long? It's the same reason the white shirt you use to love is no longer bright white even though you bleach and clean it. You're bleaching a stain but the stain is still there, it's just chemically colored white but that will fade either slow or fast depending on the type of stain and the frequency that that substance comes in contact with your enamel. Coffee drinkers, soda drinkers, smokers and heavy red meat eaters beware. There's a reason you're teeth were stained to the point where you felt they needed whitening in the first place. I will say this, if you are 25 an under and your teeth are showing signs of dullness or discoloration, then you will most definitely have to make some serious hygiene changes after any kind of whitening treatment is undertaken. If you're mid 30s and up and you're noticing the dullness but you don't have a history of teeth issues like cavities, caps decay or disease then whitening and a little extra maintenance should yield long term positive results. For us older people though, the deeper the original stain, the more effort it will take to keep that white out of the zoom chair look.

Staining is not entirely from not brushing. It's from prolonged periods of staining substances lingering in the mouth before you brush which means most coffee drinkers and smokers should probably brush after every smoke or drink. Yes it sounds crazy but that's the facts and over time and with age we have lost a lot of protective enamel on our teeth that make them even more susceptible to staining quickly. So in closing, all teeth are not created equal. And just like trying to get in shape, results will vary based on the condition and amount of effort you're willing to continue to put into keep that nice new teeth look. You might have to give up some things in the process but you can weigh out the benefits and decide for yourself. But I'm good with it and now that the canvas is brighter, i'll try the at home kits and proactive maintenance to see how long my fabulous smile will last.... but I don't think I'll repeat Zoom again, that was too painful for me and advil didn't help! Hope this helps :)

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To me the dentist was doing their job. Nowadays everyone is a salesperson and I went in for a 40 buck cleaning and left out minus 700 bucks but satisfied overall knowing that my teeth are on the better side of the spectrum.

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