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I went to have my brows done at a highly respected...

I went to have my brows done at a highly respected artist. I thought that I had considered everything; I had read her reviews and seen the pictures and was determined that it would be OK. But it wasnt.
When I went, she barely listened and did not want to do the brows as I would like them. She told me that she always uses the golden ratio and thats the shape that will suit everyone. And that the customers were usually unhappy when she went with their way, but never when they listened to her.
I already had the time booked and had been looking forward to it, so I went with it and decided to trust her. I really wish I would have just listened to my gut, paid for the treatment and walked away.

The brows were too close together, too arched and too long. My face is long and narrow so this really gave me the "angry birds" look and not the soft look I was going for. The tattoo artist seemed very pleased with the result and I convinced myself that I was just shocked because of the dark color. This would fade, they told me.

But when I got home and really studied myself in the mirror, I was horrified. My soft, youthful expression was completely gone and I now have a permanently bitchy expression instead. On top of that, the brows are different shapes and it looks like I raise one eyebrow because it has been placed higher than the other. On the right brow, all of my natural hair has been plucked from the tail. On the other one, some of my natural hair is still there. So it is very obvious that she did them uneven and must have been aware of it. My friends and my boyfriend also noticed the assymetry.

When I decided to have the tattoo, I thought I would only get a soft color underneath my own brows, so it wouldnt be so bad if I did not want the tattoo anymore. But now I learnt that they always do the arch on top of your own. So my own hair will never be able to cover the tattoo if it doesnt disappear completely.

The next day I booked an appointment at another place to get the saline removal. It has been two weeks now and it looks like most of the color has vanished (thank god!!) except from on the arch of the right brow (damnit!). I had been told that the scab would only stay on for 5-7 days, so thats the amount of time I booked to be off work. When I had to get back to work after 8 days I pulled the rest of the scab off - very stupid, I know. Now I'm afraid I'll have a scar because one brow looks very red.

This has been an awful experience - I dont recommend it to anyone. Its your face and its a real tattoo. It cannot be easily removed and you might get scars on your face. Its not worth it!

Also, can anyone tell me about their experience with saline removal? How long before the redness disappears?

1 month past saline removal

So its been 1 month and I am hopeful. Redness is mostly gone on one brow and has faded some on the other. Some color has disappeared and it does not look like I have any scars so far. I'm having my second treatment on friday and after that I think I will try with laser. I think redness would be completely gone by 2 months.

Top pictures are the new ones. Bottom pics are a few weeks old.

Just to show how uneven my brows are

And this was done by one of the most respected artists.. Trust no one :(

Not really visible anymore

Just a quick update for everyone! Almost a year has passed and I'm happy to say that I hardly ever think about the stupid brow incident anymore. Sometimes the skin around the eyebrows gets a bit red but with makeup on there's nothing! So happy the nightmare had and ending and it didnt get any worse than that.

Just to say there's hope for all of you out there who are still struggling ????
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