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I had the chin cool mini for an hour. Gives you an...

I had the chin cool mini for an hour. Gives you an ice cream brain freeze headache that lasted for hours after. Weird feeling but not painful. I am not heavy (size 4) but I have always had fat deposits in strange places. I decided to get this for myself for the holidays. It wasn't cheap but I figured if it works it would be worth it. The nurse, Lee, was very nice and answered all my questions. I never met with the doctor she did the consultation. they basically determine if you're a good candidate or not for coolsculpting by seeing how much fat you have to lose. Can't be a lot but I can't be nothing either, has to be able to be sucked into the machine. The first thing I asked before this started was are we sure this is in skin just hanging instead of fat? I'm in my mid thirties and have maintain the same weight since high school however I have still aged.

There was no bruising just a little swollen and read the first few days. After that I knew I had to wait anywhere between 90-120 days to see any results. Look like it was getting better but then I realized the swelling was just going down and it looks just like my regular old chin. I called their office I asked him what can be done it told me I would have to wait after 120 days for the follow up which they will call me for in May. It is now June 17 and I haven't heard from anyone about a follow up or what else can be done for me. Would you just let a client who has expressed they feel no results just walk away and never follow up with them again? They were very nice people. But they weren't very receptive to my concerns.

I am now here 183 days later to say - I wasted $700.

What I suggest is actual lipo on your chin if you're looking for results. If you think that's too invasive and don't get anything because with this you're not gonna get any results and it's not free. I haven't tried kybella or anything else.
I have had cool sculpting and other places on my body with decent results. So I don't know if it's the chin, the place I got it done at or a mix of both

Chin Coolsculpting New Update - June 21 2016

Received a call from the office after speaking to them about atypical results. They said they would have to see me to determine if it is really 0%. However, I can see it. Everyone who knew I was having it done can see it. In fact it has made many people I have spoken to take a step back from thinking about trying it. While invasive surgery may be scary, so is being in the percentage of people it won't work for. I am going the 23rd to see what the office thinks. They have made it clear to me it's not their fault it didnt work out and I said I understood however it wasn't my fault either. Had I known I probably would have prepared my month for a different course of action like a submental lipo and a few days off work. I will update you with what is next if anything.

June 30th 2016 Follow Up

I went for a follow up and finally got to meet Dr. Westine. I also learned so much about what can or cannot happen with coolsculpting.
The protocol for the chin or any area really is 2 cycles and its up to 20%. Some people might have less even with two cycles. Lucky me.
I met with Dr. Westine to express my concern that there has been zero change and that while a 2nd cycle may result in a change, it also may result in something less satisfactory that what I had in mind. And yes some people's cells are resistant to coolsculpting at all particularly Asian decent. The bigger you are the more of a difference you will see. I'm not big anywhere. He said I can try the coolsculpting again at a discounted rate or if and when I have the time we can do a submental lipo under local anesthesia at a discounted rate to absorb the cost of the first non-responsive treatment.
I have to say am I sad that the first non invasive route didn't work? Yes. I wish I could've seen anything but hey that's life. However, I am super happy that he understood my concern and is willing to work with me to get close to what I am looking for and to have realistic expectations. He really took his time and explained what can happen, the actual amount of downtime and how it works. He didn't try to sell me a dream so for that I really respect him. I have seen and been operated on by a lot of surgeons and most of them are not that upfront with you.
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

I never met him I only met the nurse practitioner, Lee. Very nice lady and answered all of my questions. But not very receptive to hearing about my concerns thereafter. 6/30/16 Update: Finally got to see the Dr. which isn't necessary for coolsculpting at all. However, he is a reasonable guy and understands that its very possible it didnt work for me and that if we did a second round I will see a reduction but lots of factors go into that like genetics and uncontrollable things. Offered me a discount on another cycle or submental lipo. The lipo is what I should have gone for from the jump. I'm doing that as soon as I can figure out a time off.

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