60 Years Old Birthday Gift. Neck Lift, Silicone Lips, PRP

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I am scheduled to have a Neck lift, One vial of...

I am scheduled to have a Neck lift, One vial of Silicone for both lips and PRP with Dr. Tzikas on Halloween (quite appropriate lol)
The staff have been wonderful and have made me feel comfortable about any questions or concerns that I have had. Dr. Tzikas has made time to meet with me and answer all my questions on several occasions.
I am a little nervous about some of the things that I have read regarding silicone movement after time but I did have a small amount put in a few years ago by him and no problems so far. Just doing a little bit again to counteract any thinning of my lips with age. Also nervous about the tightness in my neck after giving me claustrophobia
I just wanted to post here with my before pics in the meanwhile so that I can update later and hopefully help other people like so many wonderful people have helped me with their information by posting on this site.
I am very nervous but also excited and anxious to get it over with.

Day of Surgery. Hoping for a good experience!

My husband took me in at 7am. Met with the nurse, surgeon and nurse anesthetist who explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. Surgery was completed at 11.30am and really can’t remember anything from that day. My husband waited around pretty much until the end of the day but I didn’t know he was there and don’t remember seeing or talking to him at all.
Stayed overnight with night nurse in office recovery room She took care of all the cleaning of sutures and meds. She was very attentive and called my husband to give him an update at about 8.30pm

Tuesday - One day post

Dr T came to check on everything in the morning. Said everything had gone really well and he was pleased but also said I had very thin skin and applied nitro to 3 areas of concern – under my chin where it joins the neck and at the opening of each ear. I had some applesauce and juice there and went home with my hubby who helped with all the meds and cleaned and dressed all the stitches and emptied the drains
Took Tylenol Extra Strength and iced religiously 20 minutes out of every hour all day and evening. I only iced my face area and was told not to ice the neck area because it could restrict the blood flow which I assume is a concern due to the thin stretched skin there. Tuesday night I was in an out and quite uncomfortable. My neck felt like it had a noose around it and was very tight.
I am sleeping on my back on a wedge pillow plus some large and small pillows on top.

Wednesday - 2 days post Drains come out

Wednesday the doc removed drains. Big relief. Neck is stiff and tight as they said it would be. Still feels like a noose around my neck and my ears are completely numb I have a scary looking white circle of stretched skin under my chin where my skin is very thin. I have posted a pic of this. Treating it with nitroglycerine cream to increase blood flow to the area. It really is concerning me because I haven’t seen anyone else on here with that problem and I am worried about tearing or infection

Wednesday night (night 3) was terrible. I had a pounding heart and matching pounding severe headache. I was putting frozen pea packs on my head to try and ease the pain but didn’t sleep at all.

Thursday - Pounding headache and heartbeat - Just hoping to get some sleep

Spoke to the nurse and apparently the pounding headache and heartbeat can be caused by the nitroglycerine which had been applied 3x on Wednesday. Now doing 2x daily and resolved the issue. Took Vicodin in the afternoon to get rid of headache and get some sleep and that really helped.
Took another Vicodin at bedtime but didn’t sleep because my throat was hurting really badly when I swallowed.

Friday - 4 days post

Called the nurse and she asked the doc who said the sore throat is normal and would resolve. In the meantime I should just suck on some lozenges and take pain pills as needed. Its feeling a lot better tonight after lozenges so holding thumbs. No pain meds today so far. Neck swelling seems worse today. Cleaning the sutures is much less painful today. Hubby has been amazing and cleaning them for me. Says they are looking much less inflamed. See the pic.

Sunday - 6 Days Post - Best Day!

Feels like a big turnaround today. I took a Unisom OTC and had the most wonderful nights sleep! The prescription meds just haven't worked for me so I gave it a try. Bruising is not pretty (right??) but the neck feels slightly less uncomfortable and tight today. Swelling seems to be improving in my face. Stitches out tomorrow hopefully!
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