34 Y.o. Mother of Three Scheduled for TT with Lipo and BA - Delmont, PA

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I am scheduled to undergo a TT with Lipo and...

I am scheduled to undergo a TT with Lipo and breast augmentation with saline implants on 5-21-2014. I am 34 years old and have 3 children. My youngest is 11 years old. I have wanted to do this for so many years. I am so excited to finally get scheduled and make this dream a reality. I had a breast reduction after my last child was born due to very large sagging breast, back and neck problems. No amount of exercise, physical therapy or chiropractor appointments helped. The breast reduction was a miracle cure at the time. (Best thing I ever did for myself) Unfortunatly, this procedure has left me with a sunken or hollow upper pole to my breast. I am hoping to correct this with a small implant. My doctor suggested a 280-300cc HP saline implant. As for my Abdomen, I have the same complaint as many other mothers post- pregnancy, sagging skin and muscle seperation. I am counting down each day. Cant wait!!!!!

30 day pre-op count down

Ok, so today marks 1 month till my surgery. I have many mixed feelings, some nerves and most total excitment. Trying to exercise hard and get my body it the best shape it can be in before surgery to help with the recovery process. I had my preop bloodwork done last week. I will need to take lovenox after my surgery for a week or two due to a history of pulmonary embolism s/p surgery a few years ago.( this is what gives me the nervous feeling) My doctors are all very comfortable with me having this procedure as long as I take the much needed precautions to prevent this condition from occuring again. I feel very confident in my doctors and have no doubt that I will have fabulous results and a safe recovery as long as I follow their instructions. I would love to talk to anyone out there that has had a similar medical experience and had a TT/BA done. Any words of wisdom would be helpful. Thanks

Before picture

Side view picture

Flat at the top

2 1/2 days to go!!! So excited

Surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday. Words can't even explain my excitement.... Picked up all my meds, got my medical supplies, and hopefully I'm ready to go!!! Finally brave enough to post a couple pictures for u guys. Hoping I feel a little more confident about this after my surgery. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is the big day

So, tomorrow is the big day! They called with my time (9:15) and went over the check list with me. I'm feeling very prepared at this point! Or at least I think I am! Lol.... 90% excitement and 10% scared.... I want this so bad, hope I'm prepared for the recovery. I guess I have learned in life that nothing comes easy. You have to work hard and you will succeed..... Hope this is true in this case also! Well.. Thank you ladies for all the reviews, pictures, and information. It's has all been so helpful. I appreciate this site and all the wonderful and courageous women on it... See you on the flat side????

Post op days 2 and 3 pics

So happy with my results

Day 3 post op and I'm so excited about my results! Even swelled and bruised I love it! So glad I had this done.

6 days post op

Lipo bruising

9 days post op

12 days post op

Really starting to feel better and move around like a normal person. My muscles still get really tired by the late afternoon and evening.

A little over a month post op

3 months post op

Couldn't be happier!

2 year update

Best descision I have made! Still loving my results and has boosted my confidence greatly! Going back in May for some touch up lipo on my hips, can't wait to see Dr. Johns work his magic.

2 Year Scar Update

It's been 2 years in May since I had my TT and breast augmentation. Still very happy I had this done. My scar looks great in my opinion. Going back to have some touch up Lipo under local and removal of some more lose skin I developed on my hips.

Touch Up Lipo and Removal of Additional Lose Skin

Since I'm a type A personality, I decide to see Dr. Johns once again for some touch up Lipo and removal of some buldging lose skin on my hips. I have a lot of stretch marks on my hips from pregnancy which made my skin less elastic. This procedure was done under just local anesthesia this time.
Greensburg Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Johns and his staff were wonderful! Dr. Johns explained everything in great detail and answered all my questions. ( I had a lot of them due to a complicated medical history) I never once felt rushed or pressured. His staff is always pleasant and helpful.

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