Had my revision June 2nd - First BBL was 1/14/2016

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Hello RS Ladies, it's been about a year since I...

Hello RS Ladies, it's been about a year since I have been on here. I had a Tummy Tuck with Dr. Francis Johns in Monroeville, PA. I was so pleased with my tummy results that I am now stalking the site again because I just scheduled a Brazillian Butt Lift. The big day is January 14th 2016. I'm wondering what the post op recovery instructions for a BBL are. I have a tone of questions, what things do I need to pick up as far as medical supplies, compression garments, boppy pillow? How do you go the bathroom, how do you sleep, and how much time should you take off of work? I'll post some pictures that I have of me now. My PS is saying I'll need about 800-900cc per butt cheek. He is going to do aggressive lipo on my torso (my back fat thank god) abdomen and flanks, inner and outer thighs. Right now I am 5ft 3in and about 170lbs. If anyone give me any helpful tips that would be great!

pre op pix

My PS told me not to lose any weight before my BBL.

Pre op pix

53 days left!

48 days to go

More pre op pix

38 days left....and counting!

Im getting more and more excited just over a month left. I got all the paperwork last week to get my pre p testing. Since i have high blood pressure i need to get an EKG and bloodwork. I'm confident everything will be fine. Here's some more pre op photos.

Pre op testing done, money paid 20 days to go.

Boy time site is flying i can't believe less than 3 wks to go. All my bloodwork and ekg came back good, i paid the $6200 yesterday! Just a few more pre op pix to forget after i get my fabulousness! Lol

Can't believe it's 2 wks left

Countdown and wish pic

Day of surgery

Here are some pix the day of surgery

Doesn't hurt too bad

It's trying to get comfortable to sleep!

Pain isn't that bad

Here's some more pix 1 day post op

2 days post op

5 days post op

Lots of swelling and bruising but moving around ok. Sucks not being able to sleep through the night. Finally had a bowel movement after 5 days.

9 days post op

Still really swollen and bruised on day 9. It's getting easier to move around.

Some before and after photos

Hi ladies. Today marks 10 days post op. Here are some before and after photos

My garment is already too easy to put on

Im now 12 days post op. The swelling keeps going down. When i put my garment on after the shower it went on too easy. Thinking i need to order a smaller size. Im having mixed emotions today wishing my butt was bigger. I understand your body changes over the next few months but i already feel like it's smaller. Im loving my new waist and really starting to see the curves but i hope and pray my booty holds its size

Foot swelling

My feet really started to swell this morning has anyone else experienced this? I'm still wearing my compression socks and keeping then elevated as much as i can

Tried on a few dresses today, i like what i see so far

Definitely a big difference how i look in clothes. Haven't really tried on much yet except a few dresses. I go back to work in 5 days. I hope i can find something to wear.

Flat on one side?

Ladies please help! I noticed this morning my right butt cheek looks flatter than the left side. Is this normal? I haven't sat yet, im wondering if this is part of the healing process. I hope i don't need a revision. Did anyone else experience this? Will it drop and round out? On another note, i go back to work in 2 days, the struggle is real lol i have a donk! Can't get any pants on but i like it.

After shower pictures

Forgot to post today

3 weeks post op

Updated pictures 23 days post op today

Pix that didn't post

Something for valentine's day

For my man

Sitting at work

I finally started sitting at work on a boppy mainly on my thighs and only for 5 to 10 minutes a few times a day. Driving still sucks. I love how i can sit with no tummy fat showing and no back fat. I still have major swelling in my thighs and lower back especially after the end of the work day. Is anyone else extremely stiff when they wake up? Omg i can barely move!!! Seems to get better once I'm up an moving around. He are some pictures at work

1 month post op

Feeling better, still swollen but my waist is now 31inches it was 35 before surgery. I went shopping yesterday and pleased to say i now wear a size small shirt! Didn't buy any pants yet and still not wearing jeans or sleeping on my back. I don't sit at home at all my periodically at work. Here's some updated pix. My lower back is swell hell at the end of the day

5 1/2 wks post op pix

Didn't post

Revision scedhuled for June 2nd

Im almost 9.5 wks post op bbl. On my 6 wk check up dr said i will need a revision my lower back need more lipo and my right butt cheek has,a flat spot, ugh. He said i will b awake just numbed. Apparently for spot treatment its minimal downtime. Luckily it's ago being done free of charge

Almost 3 months

3 months post op

Can't wait until my revision June 2nd. Here are the pix of me 3 months after my bbl and what i hope to look like after my revision. Im a little disappointed in the results and trying to be hopeful.

Had revision June 2nd 4.5 months post op

Hi ladies i finally had my revision last night and couldn't be happier! My Dr. Added some more fat into each cheek and did a procedure called cellfina. cellfina is a procedure that cuts the fat bands to plump the skin and permanently reduce cellulite. My butt now looks so much fuller! Here are some updated pix

3 days post op revision im in love!

Little bruising and lower back pain but I'm in love. The revision is just what i wanted.

Alternative to sleeping on your tummy

This is a pic of the lounge chair i bought on amazon. I cut a hole in the seat for my butt so i can eat and sit up, watch tv or just lay on my back. Helps instead of always on your tummy

1 week post op revision and almost 5 months since BBL

Before and after revision

Loving my revision

10 days post op revision

3 wks post op revision

Me before the first bbl in January and today

My transformation

The first picture is 1.5 years ago, the second is after a tummy tuck the third is after the first BBL and the last picture is now. Im disgusted how i looked before bit loving my new body

1 month post op revision today

Just another pic

Just another pic

7 weeks post op revision

Still happy with the results of my revision.

Just more pix

Greensburg Plastic Surgeon

I highly recommend Dr. John's for anyone in the Pittsburgh area, he's fantastic at what he does. My results were amazing and I just scheduled my 2nd surgery with him.

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