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Delhi Dental Center Dr Armit GoswamiI am writing this to warn foreigner who planed to get cheap implant in India who assume they would be getting the same quality compared to Their homeland and I have photo extra and out email history to proof itThey blocked me out after I leave a real negative experience comment on their FB.My gum are infected for the implant two were removed one is still In there abscess. 5 teeth were infected after root canal they were all shaking now 3 of them had to be remove but infection still eating up my bones ?now a few of my implant screw is lose and they were all bridge crown so I would now have to change all the crown for the problem and that cost a lot of money to replace them . Implant gave me endless infection and pain
Delhi dental center have sold me a dream of a beautiful smile but deliver nightmare ,we spend a lot of time emailing face book back and fore but the result was not what he have promised, all sweet talking on paper . I decided to have my treatment with them due so so many positive, painless, caring review and reference from the website. Now I think is all fake since they will delete and block out all negative reviews.At first I did wanted to remove all my teeth for implant due to bad metal crown,but I later change my mind and only wanted to change my metal crown into zirconia crown and only have the 2 shaking teeth for implant but the doc told me I need to extract 16 teeth because I have very little jaw bones left I went into panic and since I have only very little time in India I trusted him on he will only pull out my teeth because it is needed not because he trying to make money Everything he said sounds professional ,painless and high quality but why am I getting non stop infection ,pain and 3 fail implant??? And 5 infected root canal .Ever since my implant surgery 16 tooth were extracted it is irreversible now I have to live with pain for the rest of my live or remove all the implant for good and risk my facial bone collapse for losing jaw bone if there is no teeth the jaw bone will disappear .2013 Dec was told I have losing bone and gum disease needs to extract 16 teeth and 18 implant.
It was dreadfully pain like hell.Each Implant cost 40000 rupees x18 and crown 12500rupee each x 28 .2 implant was remove one was refund and the one that cause sinus infection they refuse to refund. Ever since my implant surgery not a single day went by with out problem .they are just taking turn abscess.gum are always sore.
I was under the impression that
I won't get tooth ache or infection from implant Dr armit told me I will not have infection with implant since there is not teeth but titanium. Now the wife is telling me implant are more prone to getting infection .If they have told me that in the first place I would never have extract 16 teeth for implant .why on earth would I be so foolish to do that ,If they have told me the truth .
They make sure they see the money first. They make me pay up all the full amount before they start anything
2014 June came back for 28 crown I have repeatedly requested for all individual crown and was told they will give me all single crown
But was given join crown that looks awful crown that attract stain Did 5 root canal for lower jaw no extra charge
Since then 5 root canal took turn with gum abscess .
Never ending pain day and night from that area.Went to U.S dentist for X-Ray and yes 5 root canal from DrAmit have infection with abscess but the U.S need to send me to Implants specialist
But without insurance it's will cost a bomb Show them my 2012 and 2013
X-Ray was told from the look of my x-Ray it didn't look like I have losing bone neither gum disease . Accept receding gum line due to metal crown and a cavity on my last tooth . I do have a couple of teeth shaking.2 Upper implant fail sinus infection since 2014 October till Jan after X-ray implant were remove money not refund
Green smelly mucus keep running in my nose smell really bad.The so call zirconia was not made well most of the lower jaw crown were fill with stain .
Bone graft material they used to fill up my gum was rejected from my gum swell with pus from most of 18 implant ,day after days week after weeks of sore in my mouth.After two surgery infection is back from root canal since 7 month ago again took one month unpaid vacation to have bad stain crown replace my time and money wasted in Delhi for one month .I'm back to having pain from various part of my Implant gum is sore was promised to give all bad stain crown replace for free that why I took long vacation but end up only two is given not as promised very disappointed. Not only bad crown was not replace my infection problem never resolve the surgery damage my crown and gum were badly tear off . After few round of crown polishing stain still seems to builded up on the same crown.Now that i think back it cost me more money and pain and stress having to travel so far to Delhi which is not a clean environment for medical care .its so dusty and dirty bad weather not a comfortable experience Now that I loss 16 of my teeth from extraction and out of 18 implant 3 have fail plus 5 infected root canal that never heal I have no choice but have to extract the 5 root canal teeth.
On top of that the rest of my implant is not well fixed . My gums are always having pain and sore but can't find what is wrong .Dr Goswami and his wife will only do the crown fitting
All the surgery is done by his cousin.His cousin is doing the surgery and he kept picking up his cell phone while his doing surgery for me.Only my 5 root canal was done by dr Goswami which left me with abscess till not even after his cousin reflexed down my gum and clean it. It was ok when I was taking anti biotic and pain killer . But after one month the abscess appear again . Now after two month back in Boston my root canal abscess is still there and gum did not grow back to cover my root and Implant abutment After the gum reflect surgery . It was shaking and have to be extracted since the crown and gum is no longer covering the root of the tooth and its expose to more food debris The only choice I have is to spend more money here to get it fix after so much time money and pain I went thru the doc have blocked me off His Facebook because I wrote a negative review on his clinic after giving me empty promises to fix the problem to makes thing right but I came home with only two crown was replace the rest is either cut or chips they would sweet talk and buy time and make me believed it's gonna be ok until I have no choice but to leave India and the same problem persist .not a single day I live by after getting treatment from them always sore in my mouth here and there live can't get worst then this.I am not able to Focus on my job due to the pain, infection, emotional stress and fear .
After all the pain and infection I went thru over amidst two years I finally have to extract all the 5 infected root canals and wear denture and 3!fail implant have to be remove since its infected too and two of the implant abutment have to be re screw since it was not properly install that will mean another $10k USD since all the crown are bridge together I would have to replace with new crown for everyone of them and there is no way to file complain anywhere or warn foreigner to stop them from being fool they are highly active attracting people like me online 2015 OCt : 3 upper right implant was infected and shaking. Have to remove it it's been in pain for a long time but he kept saying nothing is wrong . Turns out the implant screw was not screw properly . On the left upper implant have the same problem have to remover and re screw again and make new crown . 2016 Jan: 2 more surgery to remove the sleeping infected implant buy fail . The sleeping implant swim up to my sinus .All the implant have been infected that my upper jaw bones are soft and filled with mucus infected my sinuses 2016/ March Have to go for sinus surgery to clean up sinus and remove sleeping implant . It was so painful took me a month to recover . Sinuses surveys cost almost $40k lucky it's cover my insurance.All my dentist surgery is not cover tho . He told me if I don't pull out all my teeth and have dental implant I will lose all my teeth .Well now I am really losing all my teeth from implant infection .
The worst thing is it's gonna make me look much older quickly without jaw bone . Plus not a single day I have peace with my gum and my implant everyday I am struggle with the infection coming from random teeth .How can a doc pulled out someone healthy teeth to replace them with fake teeth just to make profit ?
It's like cutting off my arm and legs and replace with a prosthetic limps and telling me they are better then my real arms and legsI should have get a second opinion. But then he talk so well and assure I won't have any problem with implant I felt so stupid and depress why didn't I see another dentist I keep beating myself up for how stupid I am to let his pull out 16 teeth and clean up my bank account and pay for suffering
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Sweet talker, empty promises , infection , All he care is to get me pay up full . Lies !!

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