Picoway Tattoo Removal on Large Multi Color Thigh Tattoo

This weekend I went in for a consultation with Dr....

This weekend I went in for a consultation with Dr. Chung @ Delete and I can say that she was very understanding and I felt no pressure. I explained to her my situation and began to get emotional during the consultation when I started talking to her about the tattoo before I had this cover up done. It had my children's names and clocks with their time of birth and after my brain surgery in August of this year I wasn't fully thinking and decided to go "add" on to it and make it bigger from a shop that was offering a deal. That ended up awful and I was so ashamed to have it showing Which then I was told I'd have to get a bigger more solid tattoo to cover it up. I went along with an artist that I trusted and 9 hours later I had a big colorful design on my thigh. I tried to get used to for a few weeks and though maybe its just a shock that there was so much color and something big that I'm not used to but just couldn't. That's when I looked into laser and started reading other people's stories. Dr. Chung told me since there was a lot of ink that its going to take quite a bit of time with treatments being 8 weeks apart we were looking at a year and a half. We came up with a couple different options and pricing for removal. If It was full removal she said about 9 treatments and if I wanted just the beading removed and lateral design on outer part of my thigh (Which are really parts that I hate) would be about 6 treatments. She told me that it wasn't an ugly tattoo and I should really sit down with my husband and think about what I want to do and then when I'm ready she will be there to help. I still feel like i'm being impulsive but I just want it gone and am ready to start this long journey. I'm ready to feel like myself again and enjoy working out and being motivated to do things and I feel like I can't right now.

Scheduled 1st treatment

I scheduled my first treatment for December 1st but my husband wants me to postpone it until after my Brain Mri on the 2nd to make sure I dont need another surgery. Hes really not happy about this whole thing and I feel horrible but I dont know what to do, its dragging me down. I dont want this stupid tattoo to cause problems between us but at the same time I want to be happy and move on. Hes ok with my having it done but not the price. I told him im sure I can find it cheaper but the laser may not be as good and more treatments will be involved. I guess today ill be checking around to see what other options I have for $2,500-$3,000.

1st Treatment- Cancelled

Well I decided to cancel my first treatment for Dec 1st due to medical issues. I hope to schedule for mid December is things go alright. However, I'm now rethinking things since receiving an email and phone call from Dr. Mundt yesterday. I sent her a picture of my tattoo since my consultation was with Dr. Chung, not her and she said that it's very possible the blue, pink and yellow inks will oxidize leaving a much darker area behind that will take more treatments. With that said she says we would be looking at 12-30 total treatments on that area instead of 9 and this is with the Picoway! Also the beading has a tiny dot of white in the center of the black and she said it will turn dark too. This really upsets me because the beading is the worst part of the tattoo in my eyes and at the very least I was hoping for that to be removed along with the black thing sticking out near the back side of the tattoo! I feel like at this point there is no hope and there is NOTHING I can do to remove or even fade this tattoo even with the "best" laser and paying top dollar.

Better Picture in lighting

Dr Chung, Delete

Jennifer Mundt will be doing my treatments.

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