New Colorful Tattoo removal with Picoway

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This weekend I went in for a consultation with Dr....

This weekend I went in for a consultation with Dr. Chung @ Delete and I can say that she was very understanding and I felt no pressure. I explained to her my situation and began to get emotional during the consultation when I started talking to her about the tattoo before I had this cover up done. It had my children's names and clocks with their time of birth and after my brain surgery in August of this year I wasn't fully thinking and decided to go "add" on to it and make it bigger from a shop that was offering a deal. That ended up awful and I was so ashamed to have it showing Which then I was told I'd have to get a bigger more solid tattoo to cover it up. I went along with an artist that I trusted and 9 hours later I had a big colorful design on my thigh. I tried to get used to for a few weeks and though maybe its just a shock that there was so much color and something big that I'm not used to but just couldn't. That's when I looked into laser and started reading other people's stories. Dr. Chung told me since there was a lot of ink that its going to take quite a bit of time with treatments being 8 weeks apart we were looking at a year and a half. We came up with a couple different options and pricing for removal. If It was full removal she said about 9 treatments and if I wanted just the beading removed and lateral design on outer part of my thigh (Which are really parts that I hate) would be about 6 treatments. She told me that it wasn't an ugly tattoo and I should really sit down with my husband and think about what I want to do and then when I'm ready she will be there to help. I still feel like i'm being impulsive but I just want it gone and am ready to start this long journey. I'm ready to feel like myself again and enjoy working out and being motivated to do things and I feel like I can't right now.

Scheduled 1st treatment

I scheduled my first treatment for December 1st but my husband wants me to postpone it until after my Brain Mri on the 2nd to make sure I dont need another surgery. Hes really not happy about this whole thing and I feel horrible but I dont know what to do, its dragging me down. I dont want this stupid tattoo to cause problems between us but at the same time I want to be happy and move on. Hes ok with my having it done but not the price. I told him im sure I can find it cheaper but the laser may not be as good and more treatments will be involved. I guess today ill be checking around to see what other options I have for $2,500-$3,000.

1st Treatment- Cancelled

Well I decided to cancel my first treatment for Dec 1st due to medical issues. I hope to schedule for mid December is things go alright. However, I'm now rethinking things since receiving an email and phone call from Dr. Mundt yesterday. I sent her a picture of my tattoo since my consultation was with Dr. Chung, not her and she said that it's very possible the blue, pink and yellow inks will oxidize leaving a much darker area behind that will take more treatments. With that said she says we would be looking at 12-30 total treatments on that area instead of 9 and this is with the Picoway! Also the beading has a tiny dot of white in the center of the black and she said it will turn dark too. This really upsets me because the beading is the worst part of the tattoo in my eyes and at the very least I was hoping for that to be removed along with the black thing sticking out near the back side of the tattoo! I feel like at this point there is no hope and there is NOTHING I can do to remove or even fade this tattoo even with the "best" laser and paying top dollar.

Better Picture in lighting

Consultation with Dr. Mundt @ Delete Tattoo

I ended up meeting with Dr. Mundt at the same place for a 2nd consultation before I schedule so she could see it in person. She said the Pink/Teal/Purple areas will never go away with the picoway laser and if anything they will turn gray. The beading also has a small dot of white in each that she said we can try to avoid and just leave the white behind or if it does get hit will turn gray and won't be able to be removed. I'm just at lost for words because after all this research and following of other people's progress with colorful tattoos I can't believe the "best" laser can't remove these colors. Its like false advertising because it says it can remove ALL colors on ANY skin type. Anyways I scheduled for 12/7 for first treatment with Dr. Chung since Dr. Mundt won't be available that day. The plan is to remove all the beading (leaving white dot behind) and back towards the backside of the feather all the beading and swirly thing. Then the top of the feather all the way down until it meets the rest of the tattoo (Hopefully leaving just a complete circle left for the tattoo). She said this will take 9 treatments. Then in between those we are going to try 1-2 sessions on the black shaded areas in the feather and near the flower to lighten it a bit. I do workout 4-5 times a week, take my daily vitamin and eat healthy so hoping that all helps the process. Anyways wish me luck!

4 days after 1st treatment

First treatment wasnt that bad. I did get lidocaine injections to numb the area. Im pretty sure she used low settings this time to see how my skin would react. I was sore for the first 24 hours and just slightly red and swollen. I havent had any blistering or scabbing yet. The only areas treated are the first 4-5 inches at the top of the feather down and all beading plus the post lateral black lines. No real fading yet only slightly in the feather in the black and purple.

Ink breaking up more in feather Day 5

So I see the black ink breaking up more at the top of the feather but I see like a rusty brown color now. Anyone else had this experience?

Close ups

3 weeks after 1st treatment

Only 3 weeks and it feels like 3 months! I catch myself checking every time I go to the bathroom to see if its faded lol. I haven't posted a picture yet but I will before my 2nd treatment January 28th. It's really messing with me because one day It looks like the black dots are lighter (Blurry) then the next day they look super dark again. The treated areas were the beading and up along the side and first couple inches of the feather only. I was really hoping I'd see the black shading in the feather fade more already especially from other reviews I've seen that's the first to go with the Picoway. Anyways, I'm a very healthy person to begin with from running and going to the gym 6 days a week to eating healthy. Since day 1 after treatment I've been drinking between 70-80 ounces of water a day, taking my multi vitamin and also pure encapsulation GI- Liver Detox pills that I bought from the doctor after treatment. She said she recommends them to help speed up the process and keep the liver strong. So my question to you all who have already gone through this process do you think 8 weeks is too long to wait between treatments, I feel like after the first week I was healed and ready for #2. I didn't blister or scab in any area just a little dry and flaky looking that first week. Do you think in the next few weeks I will see any fading or would it have already faded if it was going to this treatment? The next treatment I'm really thinking about treating the whole thing if they will do it. I'd like to see the colors fade and look more washed out vs the new and dark look it has. Would 3 sessions help achieve that faded look? The beading and up along the side of the feather + first couples inches of the feather, I already paid for in a package of 7 sessions to fully remove(Anything over 7 is half price per treatment).

6 Weeks Post 1st Treatment

Haven't noticed anymore changes over the past couple weeks. The picture shows before treatment and then now but the lighting makes it look lighter than it is I think. Remember I only had the part of the feather that is showing treated and the beading which I didn't take a picture of because they look the same. The first pink spot was a test spot which does look lighter and not as vibrant. I have my 2nd treatment on Jan 28th and this time we are treating the full tattoo. I'm hoping this time they turn the laser up a little more since I didn't experience any blisters or scabbing at all. Is it ok to ask what settings they had the laser on last time and what they are putting them on this time?

2nd treatment/full treatment

Today was #2 ill post pictures in a few days. The settings last time were: 1064 wavelength 6mm fluence 1.4j/cm2
532 wavelength 4mm fluence 0.8j/cm2. She said she turned it up this time.

#2 -24 hours after

Just redness and swelling today. I opted for no lidocaine injections and no numbing cream. The pain isnt really that bad. I think it hurt worse a few hours later than during. But I also have a very high pain tolerance.

Comparison from no full treatment to first full treatment

Day 5 update

I am still very sore today and the area is still swollen and red but no blisters or scabs. Is it normal to still be sore? I have been active and working out since 24 hours after maybe thats why?

6 Days Post- Red spots or blisters?

Ok so the swelling has gone down and is no longer painful, It actually is now starting to itch a little but I still see these darker brown and red spots though out the tattoo...They feel like little blood blisters but not really raised like a blister would be? Only are they really in the pink parts of the tattoo. Then in the yellow you can see darker circle spots where the laser hit. What is this??? Should I still use aquaphor or switch to lotion?

4 weeks later- Please help!

I haven't noticed much more fading but since december when I started this journey I've started to develop bad jawline cystic acne. I went to dermatologist and he prescribed 2 creams and spirolactone. I also went to my GYN who tested my hormones which were within normal limits. He wrote be a rx for ortho tri cyclen. I haven't started any of these medications because I'm scared it will get worse. I eat healthy and nothing has changed with diet or exercise. I don't use foundation on my face and I Only use a bar of soap to cleanse morning and night. Could this be due to all the toxins from the removal flowing through the body or stress? Any recommendations?

5 1/2 weeks since first full treatment

Close up and you can see the pink has faded so much more than the black. I will post update at 8wks before 2nd treatment.

2nd full treatment

This morning I had #2. No numbing. We used the picoway 532 wavelength for yellow pink and orange and 1064 for all black. Then the alexandrite Q switch for blue and green this time since they still havent received the new picoway wavelength for those colors. Its already forming small blisters so I'm just keeping it iced and using aloe vera. I hope for more fading this time. I think it was a good session this time????

5 Days later

Quite a few blisters this time around. Which I was expecting because she went deeper. Still pretty swollen but not painful. Since I drink lots of water I pee like every hour and when I'm pulling my pants down and up repeatedly I feel like the blisters are going to pop but so far so good. I'm ready to exercise again..5 days is wayy too long. Do you think I'd be ok to start again??

2wks after #2 comparison

Its been just about 2 weeks since treatment. Still have a few scabs from the blisters.

Only 1 scab left

Before vs 5 weeks after #2

Almost time for #3

Day after #3

2 wks after treatment #3 vs original

Another comparison

Well this saturday I go for my 4th treatment. I can already feel the pain but its totally worth it in my eyes so far. I also get my 2nd microneedle facial after my treatment so looking forward to that as well. They have been using the q switch on the greens and blues and picoway on everything else but finally got the wavelength with the picoway to treat those blues and greens yay! Ill post an update once healed.

Update: 2 days after #5

I'm really happy with the results so far hense being a super slow process. More of the darkness and blues have lightened up. 8 weeks and ill be going for #6. Excited to see the fading in the weeks to come. Hopefully I can say im halfway there at this point. I may start waiting 12 weeks between sessions after my next one to see if there is a difference.
Dr. Chung

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