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Hump removal .... Been suffering the first few...

Hump removal .... Been suffering the first few days ... I hope ill be happy with the results. I am actually the last person to ever wanna perform any kind of surgical thingy especially my face , one day after my lipo the nurse came up to me and said " eev why dont u get that hump removed, im sure u will look better than ever". Thats is ... There goes my principle in life, ???? . I am here with a bruised face , i cant even look at myself in the mirror , all i see is this hamster's cheek stuffed with sunflower seeds ????????????????

3rd day post rhinoplasty

Its my 3rd day post op , i still have a bad flu , i hope its normal .. If i may ask is it normal tho? To have flu after a rhinoplasty op? Been having it since day one . As much as im learning to be happy with this 'new nose', it still looks horrible to me, more like a lifted pig nose , or is it to early to see the results? Oh please tell me im just being paranoid ????

And here comes a week

I feel like i look weirder than ever ... Like theres a button mushroom on my face ???? will it change in size? Shape? Arghhh.... I am sooo regretting this.
Dr cilla

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