Having A Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift Without Implants On 3-31-11 - Delaware

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I will be getting a tt with mr & a bl. In one...

I will be getting a tt with mr & a bl. In one way I can't wait to get this done & over with because I am so tired of it being constantly on my mind & thinking I had back labor I can do this. Then in another way never having any surgery before & not knowing how I am going to handle this pain, am I going to be like some of these people on here that say it's not as bad as I thought just like I did a lot of crunches or am I going to be like not sure if the pain is really worth it? Ugh !

However my main concern is this. I am hair dresser who does not get paid while not working. But I will still be getting the bills in the mail so I am hoping to go back as soon as I can. I work 3 days a week & if I am really busy & may have to stand for the whole 5 hours being there with some possible few minutes in between customers to sit down. I know everybody heals & takes pain differently but can people on here who had what I am getting done give me an idea as to when they think they would be able to return back to a 5 hour standing job after having their stomach muscle sutured back together? Thank you !

Going in next Thursday for surgery. Just want to...

Going in next Thursday for surgery. Just want to get this over with so I can stop obsessing over it. One moment I'm like I can handle this it won't be that bad, then the next minute I'm like oh no I'm so scared of the pain I will have & wanna back out. I just really hoping that the pain will never be so bad that I regret doing it. I am so afraid of the muscle tightening that I even forget that I am also getting a boobie lift.
Sometimes I wonder will all this pain be worth it because if you see me in clothes you would never know I have all this extra skin. My belly is pretty flat looking.I don't think the dr. is doing any lipo, he said I don't have any fat.So I guess that's a plus for recovery.Just want to get all this extra skin off of me , it repulses me to look at it.
I know I won't back out because I have spent WAY to much time researching & buying things to try to make recovery easier. Too much time & $ has been invested in this to back out know.I even bought the VitaMedica Surgery Program. Don't really know if it was a waste of $ & if it actually works but even if it is a mind thing, thinking that this has prepared me is enough.
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