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Same story as a lot of others. Had first child...

Same story as a lot of others. Had first child & still able to rock a bikini. Had second child 10 years later and now believe the saying "each pregnancy is different." My youngest is 4 yo and now I have the infamous jelly belly. I also breastfed the second time around which totally deflated my already itty bitties from a perky 34B to a sad sack 34A.

I'm what you would call skinny fat. 5'6", 145 lbs, lean and lanky. Most can't understand why I want this done. The hubby is afraid I will come back with rocket launchers on my chest. I just my old shape back (with a little extra added to the ta tas LOL). I'm tired if the football padding bras. You ladies that wear As & Bs know what I mean!

I have had two PS consult. They recommend FTT with muscle repair, BA under or over muscle, saline or silicone. Looking to have this done in November 2011.

Updated on 16 Sep 2011:
I think I'm through with obsessing about how safe the surgery is and will it make it out alive. I was sitting in the supermarket parking lot looking in my truck for my credit card, when all of a sudden, my entire truck shook! A lady hit me head-on while trying to park her car next to mine! Mind you my truck is huge & you can't miss it, even at night. My family has dubbed it "the Tank", just to give you an idea of the size. Anyway, why should I be worried about a planned surgical procedure by a trained surgeon if I'm getting hit in a parked car. Just food for thought.

I told my 13yo daughter about the surgery. She is my heart, so mature. She said "Do what makes you feel best, Mom". Such a doll! Although she can afford to be gracious as she already wears a 38C!

Updated on 20 Sep 2011:
Change of plans. Instead of doing the procedure at his surgicenter, I now have to have it at the hospital because my PS wants to play it safe with the umbilical hernia repair. It may be larger than it appears. Now my surgery date is dependent on the hospital's schedule. Either Nov 1 or two days before Thanksgiving!

Updated on 23 Sep 2011:
I've got a date. I'm so excited! My pre-op is in 3 weeks. I can't wait!!!

Updated on 3 Oct 2011:
So excited! Got a great deal on a next-to-new power recliner off the Internet. Cheaper than renting! Also, got my appt for a mammo. Haven't had one in forever, when I was 19 yo. Hopefully, I won't have to throw my whole body in the machine again, due to the lack of boobage (ha spell check that word cell phone). My sister says not to worry, the machines have come a long way since then. Funny thing is when I called to make an appt., if I didn't have insurance, I didn't need a script to get the mammo. Once I said I had insurance, the mammo center said I needed an order for the mammo. So, had to call my GYN (dare not put the OB in front of that, bad luck right now LOL) to get the order. When I called to get the order, GYN office caught the fact that I hadn't had my yearly & promptly scheduled me for this month. Oh well, another set of people looking at my hoo hah this year. Between the PS consults, mammo center, GYN, my hoo hah and lady lumps are getting more visitors than Grand Central Station! Whoever compared the mommy makeover to giving birth was so right. That's the only other times I felt like everyone was taking a peek!

Updated on 12 Oct 2011:
Had my first pre-op today. I too was questioning if trying the different size implants in a bra would work. To my surprise it did. I decided on 350 silicone mod plus and I will get 375 since I'm going under the muscle. My doc's office goes 25cc over what you choose. My breast measured at a 13 & the 375cc is a 12 which will give me the "natural" look I desire. My bloodwork was done today at my PS office instead of having to go to a lab. So convenient! I have posted some pics from my boob session below.

Updated on 19 Oct 2011:
Missed my mammo due to work. Had to reschedule. Ugh! Plus I had on deodorant, lotion, and perfume which are a definite no no. The center's assistant gave me a lecture about that. Made me feel like public enemy #1. I am rescheduled for next week...with another center! I think it might be easier to win the lottery than get a mammo in October!

Updated on 25 Oct 2011:
I was a busy little bee today.
7 am - Mammogram
9 am - PS
11 am - OB/GYN
2 pm - family Dr.
4 pm - Work

Mammo was quite an adventure. Squeezing the last bit of my life out of boobies. The tech thought I was hilarious as I tried to laid them between the two panes(or torture devices)
She advised me that my tissue was rather dense. Sure enough, she called me a few hours later and said the radiologist wants more pictures and an ultrasound of both breasts. I have to go back next week. Ugh.

I was running late for my PS appointment. I called and told them I was held up at the bank. After I heard the office assistant gasp for breath, I realized what I said and assured her I was delayed due to the large check I had, not a robbery!

PS went over TT incision(realy low, yes!), implant placement and size with me again. We decided on 400 cc left, 375 cc right. He absolutely refuses to go any bigger. He does not want me to end up with saggy boobs. He's looking out for me! He's letting me decide on nipple or fold incision. Which one to choose??

OB had PA student with him. She had fun hearing me tell about my upcoming makeover. Might as well entertain while they're all getting a peek.

Family doc thinks I will do fine with procedures, she is so cool. Says I'm the picture of health. Wanting to know how I feel about my PS retiring soon(news travels fast in small states). I said I will be one of his last great masterpieces!

Updated on 3 Nov 2011:
Well, had my repeat mammo w/ ultrasound of both breasts yesterday. Talk abt compression. I don't think my bitties can take any squeezing! After the ultrasound was completed, I asked the tech "Is it a girl or a boy" & she cracked up laughing!

Updated on 7 Nov 2011:
Well,I guess this is my last pre-op update. I have to be at the hospital @ 6 AM. I just had my last meal (before surgery). Hubby said I am being morbid. Really, I am just thinking about how hard it is not to eat when you can't!I took my four Peri-Colace (combination laxative/stool softener) pills last night per my PS instructions. So I guess I will be up all night tonight either way! I still need to decide where the implant incision should be, my PS left that up to me, is he crazy? I told my sisters abt it, they're supportive. They want to get work done themselves, so I guess I'm the family guinea pig. Look for me soon, I'll be the fabulous guinea pig with new knockers with a bikini on!

Peaches, Klewis06, Gramma Patty I know its your time too. Sending good thoughts your way in case I'm too out of it to do that later on.

WTE, Boogz,and my Real Self soros, I promise to update soon as possible. Since I'm going to the hospital and not his surgery center, I don't know how soon I will have pics but I will get them asap! Keep the well wishes coming, I appreciate them!

Updated on 8 Nov 2011:
Surgery completed! I am settled into my room. Will write an update in a few.

Updated on 9 Nov 2011:
First night pretty much uneventful. Mostly getting up going to the bathroom. IV is inside right wrist which is making it a little difficult to maneuver. Getting potassium chloride in dextrose sodium chloride solution by IV. Have pain pump with Dilaudid also (will not be going home with one). Breasts are engorged, very tight and full, riding high. Tummy is flat, even wit h binder on stuffed with gauze. Wait a minute, breast engorged, tummy flat. Did I just have a baby or makeover. I feel like any second now the nurse will come in with a baby! LOL. Still shallow breathing, can't really move the spirometer as high as I should but nurse says that is okay because my oxygen level is @ 100% on room air. Mouth is really dry, eating ice chips. Will update again when PS comes in. I keep checking my breasts to see if they are still there. Too funny!

Updated on 9 Nov 2011:
Let me back up first. Checked in @ 620 yesterday, in my pre-op room @ 630, taken up to surgical prep @ 7, IV @ 715, PS came to draw on me @735, in OR at 8, then la la land, woke in recovery @ 145.

Post-op yeah!
My PS has already has already been in to see me. He says everything went well. No lipo needed, no hernia(just loose skin), no vertical scar! I am so happy! Muscle repair is tight. Pain pump dc'd, now on Oxycodone 5 mg. Ate a pancake & some pineapple. Ttyl

Updated on 10 Nov 2011:
I came home from the hospital last night. At first they wanted to keep me and give me additional IV fluids because my blood pressure dropped. However, once my binder was readjusted, and sat up in bed and drank fluids, I was fine. It took me about 45 minutes to get in the house and get settled in my recliner. I love my recliner, can't say enough abt it! It was too early to get another pain med before I left the hospital, but of course by the time I got home the pain med had wore off. Plus at the hospital, when my pump was dc'd and before my doc got there with a new order, I was without pain meds. So I can honestly say I have felt pain at least twice! Doing well with pain meds. The only real pain I feel is a burning type sensation around the incision site when the pain meds begin to wear off. Oh, and I prefer for people not to help me move because I feel like I'm being ripped in half. No BM yet, but a lot of gas. Breast full, not really bothering me. Wearing my 40D bra, but plenty of room in it. Nipples still pretty numb. Ps states I don't need to do any massage, just leave them alone. So far, so good. Can't wait til my page is fixed so I can post pics! Appetite is so so but I'm making sure I eat to help the healing process.

Updated on 11 Nov 2011:
Post op day #3
Too myself off the narcotic pain meds. Went to just xs Tylenol. If I need the Oxy I will take one. Have 7 more days of Lovenox shots to give myself to prevent blood counts. Appetite coming song slowly. I have plenty of protein shakes, fruit, yogurt, and juices on hand thanks to hubby. Had my first BM today, I was celebrating like a preschooler! Took some M.O.M yesterday, must have helped! Walking a little more upright, still look like a caveman. I am able to laugh, cough, clear my throat without difficulty. Only hurts when I lean too far back and pull away from incision line too quickly. Have been giving myself sponge baths. Able to wipe and clean myself from day one without assistance. Incision is covered with surgical glue. Only sutures I need removed are the ones in my belly button. Happy healing everyone!

Updated on 12 Nov 2011:
Day 4 post-op
Up early, another good night in my recliner. My son crawled in with me sometime during the night. Lucky I learned from another RealSelfer to put my baby Boppy pillow around me to protect my abdomen. Funny thing is he knows mommy has ouchies and slept perfectly still next to me. Had to have hubby move him so I could go to the bathroom this morning. Recovery going well, minimal swelling at recovery site. Love the progressive tension method, no drains! Thought my doc didn't check on me but they kept calling the hospital room when I was there, phone was too far away for me to answer. Hospital also called my doc and gave updates on my care.

Gave myself a blood thinner shot already, going to eat something, then rest again. Hoping to make it downstairs today. Have been off narcotic pain meds for 24 hours and still doing well.Updated on 13 Nov 2011:Post-op day 5
Went downstairs yesterday, wishing I had a ranch house right now. Too many steps! My little one was had his hand on my back while I was walking down the steps. I guess he was gonna catch me if I fell LOL. Appetite is still healthy as a horse. No constipation, taking XS Tylenol when I got up and will take before going to bed. Have post op visit #2 tomorrow afternoon. Still feel shaky without binder so I don't take it off. Bra was baggy but now filled out as breasts are dropping down. Slight swelling near incision line, no pain. Loving the Dermabond glue the incision is covered with. Makes the line look very thin. Didn't get to wax before surgery, had to shave. Hope I don't have too much itching when it grows back.Updated on 14 Nov 2011:Post-op visit #2
Saw my PS today. He told me I should be walking much straighter by now. When I got in the chair & he began to recline me back, I was like Ouch, no. Stop. My poor sister looked like she was ready to rescue me and pull me out the chair. My PS was like you have to start stretching out, dont you lay back to sleep. I was like uuuuh (which means no LOL). When I finally laid back it felt like my BB was being pulled out. He said that's just the sutures. Oh yeah, talk that to my body! But guess what, when he stood me back up I was much straighter! He was right! He told me yes, I've been doing this for some time now, with a smile. My marching orders were to burn the binder ( Well he said throw away, assistant said burn it!), put on next stage garment, and stand up STRAIGHT! My next post op appt is on Thursday. Hopefully BB stitches and tape over breasts will be removed.Updated on 14 Nov 2011:Forgot to mention I went to breakfast with my sister and then to the DMV to get a replacement license. Everyone was staring at me like I was the hunchback of Notre Dame. Wait til they see me this summer!Updated on 18 Nov 2011:Post op visit#3 was yesterday. My PS was proud that I was abe to recline all the way back without trying to jump off the chair lol. My breast sutures were moved, a little ouch but it hurt worse when he took the tape off that was covering the nipples. Felt like a wax to the nipples. Yikes!My PS saw the swelling below my belly button. He tapped the area, palpated, even took a syringe to try and aspirate but nothing there, just swelling. He will continue to monitor as will I. Breast incisions now covered with steri strips, hopefully belly button sutures will be removed next week. I will be so happy when this swelling goes down. Oh, and I drove a little bit yesterday. Was not bad at all. Added new pics! Smooches!Updated on 22 Nov 2011:Post op visit #4 - 2 weeks post-op
Visit went great today. PS removed my belly button stitches. I love the way it looks. Plus, no more weird pulling feeling around that area when I lean back or lay down. He says no baths for at least another two weeks in case I have any stitches that time up to the surface or any splits in my incision. I really want to take a bath but have to follow orders. The surgical glue over the incision is still in place. Areolar incisions are completely closed and healing nicely, they are barely noticeable. Than goodness for my large, dark nipples! I can stop wearing the surgical bra and buy regular ones, don't need to sleep in a bra any longer. He told me to buy a different compression garment as the one I have is too loose and contributing to my swelling. I went and purchased a Flexee garment in small, but now think I need an XS. For now I will be wearing the surgical bras as I don't have any other 36D bras to wear LOL. He says I don't need to be seen again until next month and I should be cleared to return to all activities at six weeks post-op. I don't know who is happier with my results, me or my doc LOL! I haven't really let my husband see me since the surgery but I texted him the bikini pic & now he is going crazy! I told him to forget it, we have four more weeks to go!Updated on 22 Nov 2011:Went to an office meeting today for a couple of hours. Going to another meeting tomorrow, then off until Monday! Good thing I can fit into my old clothes, and I look much better in them (WINK)Updated on 26 Nov 2011:The joy of eating Thanksgiving dinner at someone else's house- not being able to overindulge on leftovers for days afterwards. Well, I call it joy, the hubby calls it a pain not to have any leftovers. So I went out for a few minutes on Black Friday. Didn't knock anyone over or get knocked over! Just couldn't wait any longer to get into Vicky's Secret. Especially since my PS said I could come out the surgical bras. Well, I measured at a 36C, however, I did tell the salesgirl that I had implants (of which she became fascinated about and told me she wants them after she graduates college). I usually get push-up and padded bras , but they were pushing up and out the bras! I could have put somebody's eye out! And besides, I paid for implants, not to have to buy padded bras any more. Then she brought back 34D, non-push up bras. Now we're on the right track! They worked out much better. I still may have to check out some other brands that seem to cater more to implants,like L' Mystere and B'Tempted. But I'm a Vicky's girl so what to do? On another note, I was eating breakfast the other day and missed my mouth and get what..the bacon was laying on my boob! I never had that problem before, it usually just falls straight down to the floor lol. I guess I can also start holding money in my bra? Hilarious! I posted some new scar pics below and my new Dream Angels demi bra - 34D baby! Happy healing everyone!Updated on 26 Nov 2011:Just wanted to talk about the selection process briefly. I know a lot of us feel guilty about price shopping when it comes to plastic surgery. And, there are others that say go for the highest priced surgeon because you'll get the best results. Delaware is a small state, however has quite a few plastic surgeons. I consulted with 3 here and one in PA. Two of them were within $50 of each other and the other wasn't much higher than than. The one from PA wanted $7K for the breast alone and was going to do smart lipo for $5600 instead of the tummy tuck. The doc I chose have over 25 years of experience, used up-to-date technology such as no-scar belly button, surgical glue, and no drain, progressive tension method. He includes lipo of the flanks with tummy tuck bc if you need it, he will go ahead and do what needs to be done, without you worrying about additional money. I also like his manner and attention to detail. And guess what, he is double board certified and was not the highest priced consult. And I more than thrilled with my result so far! As I always say do what makes you feel happy becaue in the end it is your body! Just wanted to give my opinion. TtylUpdated on 6 Dec 2011:Hi dolls! I am 4 weeks post-op today! Did the time fly or what! I am still amazed by my results, still seeing changes everyday. I can sleep on my side, get up in the morning by sitting up instead of tuck and rolling to the side to get out of bed, on and off the toilet quick and easy. I can cough, sneeze, laugh without issues. Oh yeah, back to housework too, but who misses that lol? The boobs are dropping and getting softer and more natural feeling. The tiny incisions are healed, I can barely find them on my breasts. Still searching to find the perfect bra. My tt incision is flattening, healing nicely. Just using cocoa butter and Vitamin E on it right now, will go to something stronger maybe after 6 weeks check-up. I still have swelling but I must say I am guilty of not wearing a garment 24/7. So tired of the being constricted. Even with the swelling, I can't grab a handful of flab like I used to be able to, so I'll deal with the swelling. I'm back wearing my regular clothes. I have many sizes in my closet--6, 7, 8, 9, 10 small, medium. My belly is not numb, I think it may be due to I had the no drain method, I don't know. My appetite is healthy, only difference is I burp a lot now. What is that all about, I never did that before?! My husband looks at me crazy but if that's the side effect from having this body, he'll just have to live with that! Oh and sometimes I can hear the juice or water I'm drinking going down the digestive tract, weird or what? And speaking of the hubby, we're back to sexual activity. Held out as long as I could ladies, but acting like we just had a baby with no baby in the house and me looking so hot could only last so long lol. Still find myself needing naps and being tired quite easily. I went back to work full-time at 3 weeks. No one has said anything, a few people have said I look well rested and like I lost some weight (which I haven't). Oh well, at least they didn't say I looked like I gained weight! Oh and did I mention I love my boobs, just thought I would mention that again lol. Happy healing ladies! If you're early in the journey have patience,this too shall pass!Updated on 14 Dec 2011:5 weeks post-op already. I can't believe it! Everything is going great. Still have swelling below the belly button, boobs are settling into place. The girls have been outed, one of my colleagues finally noticed them! But she said my PS did such an excellent job that she wasn't sure if I had work done or not. Posted some new pics below, will have to go shopping soon as my clothes don't really fit like they should, but trying to wait until I lose more weight before I adding to a closet that has five different sizes already lol. I am still more than thrilled with my results. TTyl ladies!!!Updated on 22 Dec 2011:So my bra straps have been leaving marks in my shoulders and my boobs are popping out the top if my bras. I know, I know. I went from complaining about no boobs to big boob issues. U guess you just can't please some people LOL. Went to get fitted again, this time had the salesgirl come back and check the fit. Guess what - I needed a 34 DD! It feels better and provides better coverage. I went from a 34 A to 34 DD. Is that crazy or what!Updated on 22 Dec 2011:So my bra straps have been leaving marks in my shoulders and my boobs are popping out the top if my bras. I know, I know. I went from complaining about no boobs to big boob issues. U guess you just can't please some people LOL. Went to get fitted again, this time had the salesgirl come back and check the fit. Guess what - I needed a 34 DD! It feels better and provides better coverage. I went from a 34 A to 34 DD. Is that crazy or what!

Did the time fly or what?! Have a post-op visit...

Did the time fly or what?! Have a post-op visit coming. I have gained 5 lbs. Maybe two from breasts lol. Still have swelling. I know it will get better with time. No pain or numbness except when belly extremely full. Have to urinate more don't know why. Still loving the boobs and can't wait to start working out. I know we all fuss about not being really tight, but if you think about it all the swelling that we have to go through, it we are pulled real tight, we would be splitting all over the place. Definitely not a good look for the beach! Just my thoughts. Have a good day ladies!Smooches!

4 mos already? Where did I leave off last time. ...

4 mos already? Where did I leave off last time. Oh yeah, having issues with bras straps marks and tightness from the underwire - new issue from me, being from the itty bitty club. So I went for a fitting at Nordstrom on the advice of a Realself'er bestie and guess what - they put me in a 34DDD! It feels great, no more boob popping out, tightness or marks in the shoulders. VS has lost another customer. Sorry Vicky's. On to the tummy, its still swelling by the end of the day. I don't wear binder/cg at all. Adding more water into my diet to help with swelling. Drank more fluids fresh post op than I do now. Haven't worked on my scar too much, trying to get better with that. Trying to post new pics, having issues. RealSelf, please make this site more mobile friendly lol. Stay beautiful ladies inside and out!

Hi Ladies! Will put up a full post later. Miss...

Hi Ladies! Will put up a full post later. Miss everyone! See updated pics@

Hey ladies! I still can't believe a whole year has...

Hey ladies! I still can't believe a whole year has gone by! I am down 7 lbs thanks to Dr, Ian shred diet, Jillian Michaels shred exercise tapes, and most importantly Zumba, which I love! I should have took my Realself buddy FitDiva'sadvice when she first told me about it. So I went in this week to have my one year photos done (since I missed the six month ones) and for a new consult. I am not happy with my saddlebag area and would like those areas lipo'd. I didn't have any lipo with my original surgery and feel that I can use a little now. We also discussed the new Venus Freeze procedure, buts since it involves multiple treatments and won't really address the saddlebags, I decided to go with lipo. My original PS retired shortly after my surgery, so I will be using his partner. His partner still discounts for previous patients, whch is cool.

My boobs feel like I always had them, they are so natural looking and feeling. I recently told one of my friends who did not knw I ad the surgery and she immediately reached out and grabbed my boob like no way! Of coure the hubby is stil enjoying the new me lol and of course my confidence ladies if you know what I mean. I have high school reunion coming up( my 21st!) and I can't wait to show off!! Miss u ladies I have been busy with school and work but I'm back! Happy healing journey to all. Stay fab ladies. Pray for me as Thanksgiving comes since I will be able to gobble it all up this year lol.
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

Can't say enough good things about my doc and his staff, especially Dawn. They all stay well-informed about the patients and any one of them can assist you at any time. He helped make decisions, but also gave me autonomy whenever possible. He is straightforward, truthful, honest, and won't do things that don't make sense or that you don't need. Excellent with a capital E!

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