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Hey ladies! I just had my pre admission testing...

Hey ladies!
I just had my pre admission testing today, Monday is memorial day so my surgery is set for Tuesday the 31st! Paid for my surgery in full last week, and I'm anxiously awaiting next week. Im beginning to feel nervous now the closer it gets to my date! Here are my before photos, I've been putting on weight for the last 3-4 months in preparation for this.

Feeling Nervous!

I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning by 730 am. I am def starting to feel nervous and have had butterflies is my stomach all day today. My boyfriend is going to be taking/picking me up/ taking care of me for my recovery. I have my post-op the day after my surgery, and from there I plan to go to my shore house to recover instead of staying in the hot city! Its a short hour car ride, my boyfriend is going to drive, and I will be laying in the back seat, so hopefully it will be okay.
I am getting liposuction on my stomach, flanks, and inner thighs and i gained 10 pounds for this surgery. Ive been feeling so fat lately, i can't wait to get all of this sucked out of me lol.
Also, i got my period today even though it wasn't due for a couple more day!! I think that stress and anxiety might have brought it on early... and my doctors office isn't open today because its memorial day, so I have to just talk to them about it tomorrow before my surgery. So embarrassing.
Anyway ladies, Ill keep you updated with how everything goes, and I will make sure to post a TON of pictures.

Wish pictures**


Okay ladies it's only been w couple hours since my surgery, I went in at 730am and was in surgery between 9-930, and woke about 2pm I can't remember exactly.
When I woke up I was shaking so bad because I was in excruciating pain, and freezing. Because I was shaking so hard it was making my pain worse. Also ladies I told the doctor that I did not pain any narcotic pain medication administered after surgery so they gave me tylonel through my IV. I was laying on my side and because they had the bed lifted, with rock hard hospital blankets underneath me I was extremely uncomfortable, my muscles felt like they were being stretched because of the position I was in, needless to say ... I was in a lot of pain, I wanted to get up but they wouldn't let me.. After a few minutes of this, I went against their advise and pushed myself up, kneeling on the bed and felt instant relief. The nurse was not pleased and said I could flip the bed, so she made me lay back in my side? Which caused the same pain, I told her I wanted to stand or kneel. I was then taken to a too room that had dialysis lounge chairs, again tried to lay on my side but it was even worse then the bed because my side dropped in the curve of the Chair and it felt like my muscle were being ripped. They kept telling me I had to stay on my side, and couldn't stand but I was unable to take the pain and I finally got, had my boyfriend slowly recline the chair and I had my knees on the seat with my body lounging over the back of the chair... RELEIF!!! I instantly felt 100x's better. I was coherent right when I woke up from thr anesthesia, so they just needed me to use the bathroom before I left, which I did, and I was out of the hospital about an hour, maybe an hour an a half after waking up.
I had put a comforter in the back seat of my suv and layed, belly down, for the 25 minute drive. It wasn't the best car ride of my life, but it was totally manageable. Upon getting home, I hobbled up my 3 cases of stairs (I live in a 4 story town home ????) I felt great since I got home, I've been walking around a lot because that's what feels the best for me, and laying on my belly. So far so good! It's really tuff to see my results because of my garments, and there is also massive gauze pads under the entire bodysuit, so I'm looking s little lumpy.
Tomorrow is my post-op and I'm really excited to set what it looks like! I will also take better pictures then.
So far so good ladies!

Post-Op appointment!

Hey ladies, feeling good today. I did get sick to my stomache last night and had pretty bad heart burn but it finally subsided. Sore today as expected but in good spirits. I just left my post-op.. The paper tape that was holding my dressing got really stuck to my skin and when he was taking it off I almost passed out and needed to have him give me a couple minutes, all my color left my face and my lips turned completely white. But everything looks amazing! My belly is the flattest it's ever been in my life and my butt looks huge! I hope it doesn't shrink! He said he put 500cc's in each cheek, which doesn't sound like a lot but I already had a plump butt I just needed my sides and top filled in. It looks amazing, I'm so happy that I took this chance and followed through with this surgery, it's 100% worth it! I will continue to update and show you guys what it looks like!

Feeling great!

Hey ladies, I'm feeling really good. I sat for the first time today on my booty buddy, this thing is a life saver! It puts all the weight in my thighs. It does stretch my butt but it feels so good, like all the muscles were so stiff and they finally feel some relief. Hopefully it's not messing up my results, Im conscious to keep my weight off my butt and only sit for 10-15 minutes at a time. Also, my incisions are almost totally healed and I don't have many bruises! My biggest problem is that laying on my belly all the time is killing my neck, and my arms constantly go numb because of the straps on my body suit. I was kneeling on a backwards chair, but my knees are killing me now. Besides that I'm doing really well, my walking has gotten a lot better also. I can't wait for my swelling to go down and my skin to not be so sensitive. I can't wait to go shopping and try on new clothes!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

He has been amazing at answering any and all of my questions, he spends as much time as you need with him, never rushes you, and is extremely in-tune with all of your wants, and desires. His office is also extremely responsive, and catering to my needs.

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