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Started my 30 tray upper and lower Invisaline...

Started my 30 tray upper and lower Invisaline treatment this morning at 10am. It is now 8:30 pm and I'm ALREADY tired of this feeling on my teeth! UNCOMFORTABLE. Intense pressure and these rubber bands, I have to wear are making it 10 times worse. There is a cut out in the plastic aligner to attach the bands, and it is sharp! It's cutting the heck out the inside of my upper lip. The part that has me most worried is, from everything I've read, day 2 is twice as bad! I hope I can make it for 18 months!

Day 2

Well, it's day two and surprisingly the discomfort (although still there), is not worse. Im hoping that a day will xome when you don't even notice it in your mouth. Kinda like how your eyes get used to contacts. Because at this point I'm feeling like regular braces gotta be less intrusive. At least worth those they don't cover your teeth entirely. Having this plastic over your teeth feels like having those plastic Halloween vampire teeth in. Lol

Day 3

plugging away, I'm not sure I'm going to last for 18-20 months though, these things are horrible to wear. It's just too much plastic in your mouth. Just wearing one tray is fine, but two trays with elastic is just too much. Plus I really hate feeling the back of the trays against my tongue. I think I should have gotten clear braces, at least they fit on just the front of your teeth.

tray 2

just put my second tray in last night. I decided to do it at night due to everyone else suggesting this is the best time so you can sleep through the initial pain. Well upon waking up this morning I am happy to say, not much pain at all. In fact I'm nervous because there's no pain at all! Only a slight amount of pressure! I sure hope it's working.....

Tray 6

Well, turns out, the process does get easier. You never fully get used to them in your mouth when you have rubber bands (as I do), but without the bands it's not bad at all. You almost wonder if they're working. I go next week to get my next 6 trays, My ortho is considering letting me switch every week instead of every two weeks. I don't want to mess things up and have to go back some trays so I'm going to recommend an every 10 day switch. I'll keep you posted and I'll post pics soon, (although, I don't see much difference yet)
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