37 Yr Old Mother of 5, Desperately Wanting BBL - Delaware, DE

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For about 7 yrs I found myself fantasizing about a...

For about 7 yrs I found myself fantasizing about a shapely butt/hip area. I catch myself staring at girls with the flat stomachs and nice bottoms.

A little background on me. I'm 5'3" 174lbs and a mother of 5. I was a athlete in my younger years, n trained for the Olympics. So I've always been fit and have great muscle mass. The problem is I have never had "women curves". I've always been boxy shaped more like a teenage boy. I do have some what of a butt but not an appealing one. I'm not having any more children and I am in the gym 5 days a week but my stomach fat, love handles and bra fat are not going anywhere. I do lunges and squats but my butt is still a little saggy. I've just always disliked my look.

Today I went to see Dr. Jonathan Saunders in Delaware for my consultation. Well let's just say........I cannot wait. He and the staff made me feel so welcomed. He listened and gave great advice. We laughed and agreed on what my procedure will entail. I visited several other surgeons prior to him and felt uncomfortable easy and felt like they were only after money. Piling things on my surgery that I don't need. May 11th can't come soon enough!

Paperwork Arrived!

So today I received my paperwork! Yay! My surgery has been officially set in stone for 5/11/15. I can't wait. Trying to keep myself healthy for my blood work and preadmission testing. I am so excited, I just want these months to fly by. Hopefully DR. Saunders can give me the body I have been longing for! Fingers crossed

Wish Pic!

Since I was a teenager I've always wanted my body to have curves. These ladies have what I'm looking for.

Another Wish

Things needed?

Morning ladies, ever since my consult all I can do is dream about my procedure. The months feel like they are flying by and thats a good thing. I wanna start picking up everything I need for pre and post. Anyone have any insight on the things I should by I would greatly appreciate it.

So I started.............

So I started collecting things for my surgery. I'm getting a little nervous. The months seem to be flying by. I got some supplements that started taking not sure really what I'm supposed to have but figured multivitamins, iron, B12, Bcomplex were good ones.

Crunch Time!

It's crunch time dolls! 4 more weeks till I get bootylicious and I'm ready. My faja and other things should be in next week so I should be good. Now trying to play the waiting game is hard. When I get home tonight I'll post the dreadful pre-op pics.

The horrible truth....for now!

It took me so long to post these and seeing them myself makes me cringe. I can't wait for these next couple of weeks to fly by.

Pre admission

So I had my preop call and my blood work and everything are fine, my EKG looked lovely. Pre registration went very well. I have my preop appointment with Dr. Saunders on Monday 3 days from now and then surgery is a week and a half away. I'm so excited and scared all in one!

Final Pre-op visit before B-Day

So today was my pre-op visit before B-Day (booty day), I'm so excited now. Today I made my final payment, I got my final instructions, Dr.Saunders took my pictures and showed me what his plans are for me. I have 1 1/2 weeks left. I just pray I get the results I'm looking for and no complications.

Getting Close

So as of today I am 3 days away from my new body. I am super nervous and continue to think the worse. Most likely because I'm an over reactor.

The Day has come !

Its 5am and I'm sitting in the waiting area waiting to be taken to my prep room. All of a sudden I very nervous, one call to my mom and a pray makes me feel a little better. I'm signing off and when I post again it'll be the results of what I've been waiting for.

Post op day 3!

I will update photos later today when I take my first shower. I'll also go rep into details of how days 1&2 went.

Post op day 4

Sorry it took so long but everyday was a new setback. I've been in extreme pain and dillarious from lost of sleep. Everyone's healing process is different, this is just mine. I am filled with fluid which is uncomfortable. I don't know why he chose not to use drains but I will ask at my follow up in 2 days. I have Edema all over so my body is very achey. I think this is bc of the fluid still in my body. I'm very very tired. I get mad when I take my binder off bc I still see no curves or difference but all those places are also fluid filled. Everybody says u can definitely see the difference in my butt. I can't tell yet. The pooch of extra skin I have above my mons pubis area was a lot bigger a few days ago so that is what keeps me optimistic bc it has gone down a lot. Hopefully at week two I look drastically different.

A new day!

Today was sooooooo much better, day 6 is very positive. First off I had enough of the moaning, pain and just overall looking pitiful. I got up took everything off and the pain went away, I could breath, cough even sneeze without pain. My stomach is waaaaaay flatter today. Still full if fluid, but I definitely notice the flattness. My butt is still hard but dropping not so high in the air. I was so amazed with today's results. I washed n stayed in the shower for 30 min I did not care. I know you shouldn't go to long without your garments but I needed this for my sanity. I actually layer down while my stuff was washing n for the first time I slept, a long deep comfortable sleep. I got up did my hair and makeup but all my bandages and garments on and I feel so my better today

Sorry so long! 5 month update

OMG! Hi dolls its been a while today makes 5 months and I'm still seeing changes. My stomach is so much flatter. I still have a little pouch I did not opt for a tummy tuck, I may do it later on by its hardly noticeable. As for my assets after the swelling went down I was left with well a nice boot . Not to big not to small. He only put 375cc in each side. I was mad when I heard that but with my inches off my waist and the dip in my back my butt looks huge. I wear a size small shirt and large pants bc of my butt. The waist in all pants are too big. I go to the gym 5 days a week, I plank everyday, do squats, lunges all things to build up my glutes. I have a little dent in my left cheek but it was already there so I may do a round two. I'm sorry so long but I've had a lot going on. I will try to keep you more up to date!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Curteous, pleasant to talk to. Listened, offered advice. Great bedside manner. No awkward feelings. Great pricing

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