Hoping for a Chin Implant in Early 2016 - Delaware

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Hi everyone! I'm 26 years old and have finally...

Hi everyone! I'm 26 years old and have finally taken the steps to have chin augmentation done. I never knew I had a horrible chin until I started invisalign a few years ago. My orthodontist asked me if I had ever considered a chin implant. I was super offended at first and couldn't believe someone would say that to me (I actually found out that she has a chin implant). Then I really looked hard at my face and realized she was right. For years I've always hated the way my face looked in pictures, but I could never put my finger on what it was. I always had a double chin or it looked like my face and neck meshed together rather than being seperate entities. I've been considering an implant for years and I decided it was time, I can't stand to look like this any longer.

I've visited a total of 3 plastic surgeons. The first only inserts implants through the mouth-something I do not want to do. The second dr made me feel really bad about myself and actually kind of scared me. I asked him about doing twilight anesthesia and he tried to scare me out of it. He told me I needed a really big implant to make my face wider in the front, something that would look ridiculous on me because my face is very narrow. This dr was also the most expensive of the three. The third dr is the one I plan to go with. He was extremely helpful in explaining the process to me, did not make me feel self conscious at all and really put my mind at ease. He also offered the best price-$4,500 for the chin implant and neck liposuction. I wasn't crazy about the idea of neck lipo but he told me that it would make a great result even better. The second dr literally pulled the fat under my chin (yuck) and told me that I had a lot of fat under my chin :(

I've uploaded a picture from my dr showing my chin now and an altered version showing what it would look like with an implant. He said it will look much more realistic in real life.

I'm ready to book a surgery date, but I have to get financing in order first. I really wanted to go with Care Credit, however his office only does 6 months free financing. I can't pay it off that quickly so I am going to try to get a personal loan for 12 months through my credit union. As soon as I get that squared away I can put the $500 deposit down and book my surgery!!

I had my surgery on 1/28/16

I had my chin implant and neck liposuction on 1/28/16. The first couple of days were harder than I was expecting. My neck has been extremely stiff to the point that my head is tilted to the right and I can barely move it. I have only taken Tylenol since my procedure and I haven't taken any for the last 2 days. I'm in more pain from my neck being stiff than from the implant. I was very worried about my lower lip going numb and not being able to smile, however I was able to smile immediately after waking up from surgery and the feeling in my lower lip came back a few hours after surgery. I am very pleased about that. I am kind of upset about the front of my neck being completely numb though. Has anyone else experienced this? I know it has only been 4 days, but numbness really freaks me out. I texted my surgeon and he said it's normal and will go away, but I'm kind of leery. I get my stitches out tomorrow morning, it seems kind of soon but I'll trust my dr.
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