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I'm having my BA tomorrow. My PS said we are going...

I'm having my BA tomorrow. My PS said we are going to try 375cc-425cc's HP. I'm really torn between HP and Mod+. Has anyone preferred Mod+ but PS recommends HP? If so, what was your result, were you happy? I'm getting so excited and for some strange reason don't foresee me getting much sleep tonight. Hehe :P

Surgery day

I cannot believe how Incredible Dr. Sherman and his staff are. I completely felt comfortable. They were great!

My PS actually went with 450cc in my right and 475 in my left. When I was told this my jaw literally dropped but honestly, they don't look that huge. They look exactly how I wanted them to look. I also asked him if he thought I should do Mod+ and he said he would recommend high profile for me and so far, I love them. I'm pretty tired and will update tomorrow with a new pic.

One day post op

I'm in love. This overall experience has been a lot less difficult than I had originally anticipated. I don't have much pain (knock on wood) hehe. Here is a picture with out a bra, they look funny but I know it will take time for them to drop and settle.


I was able to shower today!!! It felt amazing. I've went from taking two Percocet's, down to one and a Tylenol. As far as pain, I'd dare to say, there hasn't been much. I'm still very sore and have limited mobility. Its finally setting in that I have boobies! Hehe I'm so excited. They seem to have got a little bigger looking, which makes me one happy camper lol

3 days post op

Still haven't been experiencing much pain. I'm going to attempt to just take Tylenol for the soreness today. I'm a little concerned about my bowel movenments? Actually, there lack of. Lol I hope this isn't inappropriate to say or ask but when were you guys able to use the restroom? I'm so uncomfortable and bloated but cannot go.

Day 3 post op

I think my boobies are getting bigger :D

Pics for previous post

Bigger + boobs= happy girl

I feel human again.

Somewhat. Lol I actually got ready today and was able to put a t-shirt and jeans on. Praise God! I have been off of my pain meds since yesterday and there isn't much pain. They do get very sore at times but nothing extreme. I did notice tho that the left side of my left boob gets numb. Is this normal? I will feel like I have an itch and when I go to rub it, I can't feel anything on my boob, I feel my fingertips touching my boob but I don't feel my boob being touched, does that make sense?


I'm paying the price for over doing it. I'm hurting tonight and on top of it, I'm dealing the the numbness around my boob and now through my shoulder and arm. I felt amazing this morning and decided to blow dry my hair and try a couple pull over shirts on and didn't rest once! DO NOT DO THIS! I'm not a happy girl right now lol. Tomorrow I'm going to take advantage of all the help I have and I'm going to take it easy.

Post op day 5

Today has been a lot better than yesterday. I took it way easy and took advantage of all the help I had and did very little with my arms(except my excersizes and messages). Feel 100 times better. My nipples are starting to hurt a tinsey bit. :/

I survived the first week!

Oh boy, I can't believe it's been a week since my surgery. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Pain was minimal and as long as I stayed on top of my pain meds and used my cold packs and frozen peas, I was a happy camper. I have noticed some feeling coming back to my boobs and not exactly a "good" feeling. I feel the scar now where as before I couldn't. It feels a little like it's burning and under my boobs have the same feeling. My left side of my left boob is still somewhat numb. On a not so happy note, sleeping has become challenging because my body wants to go on it's side (I'm a stomach sleeper) and it's hard to get comfy sitting up. Also, I hate that I feel fine but still have to take it easy. I forget sometimes that I can't do certain things, for example: I was lying down and I went to lift my self up and put all my weight on my hand to get up and oh boy, it hurt! I thought I broke my boob! Lol my husband was pretty upset with me but honestly, I just forgot that I wasn't supposed to do that. Hehe. My boobs are getting way softer!!! Especially the bottom, the top still feels tight and harder. I miss holding my 1 and a half year old so bad! She always comes to me and says "mama, boobie has owwie?" Haha. I can't wait until I can squeeze her again. That's the hardest part of this whole journey! Luckily my six year old understands and hugs me ever so gently. Overall, I'm still so happy I did this. My husband is so in love with the new girls and shows it! He stares all the time! Lol heck, I can't stop staring either! Lol


I have a stretch mark!!! Did any of you girls use anything that helped with these horrible things!!!!

My first Victoria's Secret trip

Measured 34DD

Naked boobies

I had my one week post op appointment yesterday. I seriously love my doctor and his staff so much! Technically, I was supposed to come in on Wednesday but couldn't because of other obligations and not being able to set up a babysitter. His staff worked with me and made me an appointment yesterday at 5pm, which was wonderful because my husband was able to be there. They are all so friendly and always make me feel so comfortable.

So, I did get my steri strips and tegaderm taken off my nipples yesterday. Yay! My boobs are completely naked. Hehe IT DID NOT HURT! I was nervous it was going to lol. My doctor used dissolvable stitches so I don't have to worry about getting them taken out. They do hurt a little this morning. Oddly enough, I'm happy they hurt because that means I have feeling!!!!!! CAN I GET AN AMEN?!? lol I don't have a pic right now but I will upload one later today. Also, my doctor did give me the ok to wear a normal bra but just not for long periods of time, mainly if I have a special occasion and no major push up bras and I must sleep in a sports bra. I'm more than likely going to stay in my sports bra for at least the first month and only wear a bra if hubby takes me in a date :D

Happy camper

Here they are in an actual bra. I only wore the bra for the purpose of this picture and returned right back to my sports bra:)

I'm going to stay in a sports bra for at least the first month even tho I got the ok to wear a normal bra. And honestly, my boobs feel better in a sports bra. When I was in the bra, I felt soreness that I don't feel when my boobs are nice and supported with my sports bra.

Just pics.

I took pics with my iPhone so I'm going to upload them from my phone and then I'm going to write an update from my iPad because it's a whole lot easier and quicker. I just don't want y'all to think I'm not going to update hehe.


Hahaha! I'm sorry, I pressed "save changes" instead of add photo. So here are my pics. Let's try this again....hehe

12 days post opt

Time is flying by, I cannot believe how fast this whole process is going. I honestly don't think it's entirely hit me that I have boobies in real life, that this is not a dream. Lol

I'm really sad I didn't have time to review the past couple days because I forgot some of the things I wanted to share. Most importantly, I'm feeling great. I figured out what I did to make this healing process so smooth, are you guys ready to know the secret? Ok, here it goes... I built everything up so much in my head that when it actually happened, it wasn't that bad. Lol I totally and completely psyched myself out!!! (I'm totally joking, I'm sure my amazing surgeon had a lot to do with the amazing healing process because he even told me at my pre op I shouldn't have any pain after surgery)

I still don't lift my daughter and it's killing me inside but I'm enjoying seeing her bond with her gramme and my friends and other family members. The most frustrating part now is I feel AMAZING and I do tend to do more than I should and majorly regret it later. For example, today, without thoroughly thinking it out, I went grocery shopping, ALONE! NOT A GOOD IDEA! Because it's such a natural thing for me I didn't see how I could hurt myself and believed I'd be fine. Well, that wasn't the case. I'm sure most of you know this, as did I but it didn't cross my mind until it was too late, when you push a grocery cart especially when you are turning it or moving out of someone's way, you use your chest muscles!!!! I haven't needed any pain meds or Tylenol for some time now but after that proceeding I took two Tylenol. LESSONED LEARNED!!

Overall, there isn't much to update on. My scars seem to be healing rather nicely, in my opinion. But then again, it could be that whole built up thing I do and I thought they'd look monstrous and scary! Lol They are getting itchy and during times of the day they do tend to be sore! OH YAY! I just remembered something I wanted to share that could maybe be helpful to someone. My nipples are so different right now, my left nipple is hypersensitive and it's almost painful just to barely touch and my right nipple doesn't have much feeling at all. I'm assuming this is normal. I've read about girls having one or the other and it being completely normal. I'm not freaking out or anything because I feel like there's nothing to really worry about. They are two different boobs and I'm just figuring they are healing differently. Do you guys think I should be worried or contact my doc? I don't want to be to nonchalant either.

Hmmmm, let's see, I'm trying to think if there's anything else you guys would find interesting or helpful.
Oh yeah, also my nipples are not even. As I'm sure you guys can see in the pictures. They are dropping at different speeds(I think the left one is dropping faster) so hopefully when they are finished my nipples will even out. Although, my before boobs had uneven nipples so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, lol. My left nipple is also bigger so it messes with me when I'm looking at my boobs. Lol but anyways, it's no biggie. I know I'm only 12 days post opt and I have to wait until 6 mons to a year for them to be completely done dropping, fluffing and for swelling to subside entirely.

Alrighty guys, sorry for the novel. I sure do hope that someone finds this helpful and not dreadful lol. I'm a Chatty Cathy! I apologize but on my defense, I have been locked up inside most of this healing process and I don't get to talk much until my husband gets home and he can only take so much. Haha. See there I go again! Did I mention I also have a hard time with goodbyes?! Lol ok, ok, I'm joking now. Seriously tho, if anyone has any specific questions or concerns please please, feel free to ask and/or express away!
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