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I am so excited about coming to the flat side. ...

I am so excited about coming to the flat side. This is starting to get real now. I was having self doubts but after reading from y'all I am so ready. After losing 100 pounds and keeping off for 4 years I deserved to come to the flat side. BThank you for sharing your journey. I'm not alone. Here are so ugly pre surgery pics I took.

31 days and counting

I'm getting so excited. Reading all of the positive is getting me ready.

Count down

Today I have my pre-op. Super nervous about next steps. My blood pressure is elevated. Blood pressure Always normal. I think it is my nerves. Reading the postings from everyone brings me comfort knowing I'm making a good decision

This is getting real

4 days to go before I get to the flat side. I'm going to take about 6 weeks off for recovery time. I'm just dreading the first 2 weeks. Everyone I see on here is in slot of pain. I will keep pressing on and know that the pain will be worth it.

Today is the day

Today is the day that I go the the flat side. Please keep me in your prayers. I'll post as soon as I'm able to. Hopefully today.

Finally on the flat side

I had my surgery on Monday. Overall I'm doing great. I'm even walking straight. As long as I have my pain medicine I have little pain.

Finally Home

I almost did not make it home on Thursday because my temp was high (99.4). First it was my blood pressure that kept on tanking (80/45) then I was not producing enough urine even though I had a cath. So me being me I told the doc to remove the cath and take me off of the PCA (morphine). Well God would have it I began using the bathroom and my blood pressure went back to normal but still had a low grade fever. I still convince the doctor to send me home because I had been stuck in the hospital 4 days already. Overall I had a great experience. I am taking my meds around the clock and listening to my body. I am walking to the bathroom without any assistance. I writing this to say make sure you question the doctors about next steps. I have not looked at my stomach yet but my husband and daughter said it is flat like a pancake. Probably will post pics after my post-op visit

A long recovery

Good morning family
Well you have not seen me on in about 10 days thats because I was rushed back to the hospital with vomiting and uncontrolled pain on the 21st of December and have been here ever since. I had a complete bowel shut down to the narcotics was taken. I had so much gas in me that when I stood up I looked 10 months pregnant. Then I begin to swell all over. Thank God for my mom that is trained as a ER Tramua. At the end the of the day, I needed 1 unit of blood, TPN and a sleep aid to help me rest because I can no longer have the good stuff. Everyone says my tt look great. I will post some pics when I get out of the hosp.

23 post-op

I am still under Doctors care not to do anything but walk alittle. I'm still full of gas but it is working itself out. I still have an open wound on my belly but it's closing. I'm seeing my doctors once a week. I have lost 25 since this started and probably lose some more because of the strict diet I'm on due to the ileous. Just can't wait to take some pics. Thank you all for sharing your journey. It gives me hope.

Slow recovery

I'm still under doctors orders to do nothing. This is getting old. I'm ready to get in the gym but still have an open wound. I'm down 28 pounds so I'm happy about that. I've been trying on my old clothes and they fit great. Excited about how good I look in my skirts and dresses. Here are some pics.
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